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Valvoline Oil Change Prices: How much will it cost for an oil replacement at Valvoline? The answer will depend on several aspects, such as the type of oil you select as well as the size of your engine and if you are eligible for any discounts or special deals.

ūüõĘÔłŹ Oil that is conventionally produced can be considered the cheapest option starting at $39.99.


ūüü£Synthetic blend oil can be more expensive, however, it will allow your engine to last longer. Prices start at approximately $59.99.

ūüĒĶFully synthetic oils are the least expensive choice however it provides the greatest assurance for the protection of your vehicle. Prices start around $79.99.


ūüĒĪYou can also purchase a Valvoline oil change along with tire rotation for a small cost.

ūüíįMake certain to inquire with your regional Valvoline for the most current rates and promotions.

Valvoline Oil Change Prices

About Valvoline Instant Oil Change

Motor oil made by Valvoline is among the most highly rated.¬†Valvoline Instant Oil Change¬†is a well-known location to obtain an oil change.¬†An oil change doesn’t require leaving your car.¬†Enter, get your oil changed, and go home.

Valvoline Instant Oil Change franchise provides automobile services that include oil changes. The costs of instant Valvoline Oil changes are extremely affordable.

It is possible to cut down by 20 to 50% over the typical dealer. This is a huge saving in light of the current situation.

Although the main purpose of the company is the oil change, it provides other maintenance services like battery replacement or bulb replacement. They are inexpensive and are often done quickly and without having to take your car off the road.

Below are the most recent Valvoline Instant Oil Change Prices.

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How Much Is an Oil Change at Valvoline?

The price of the oil changes at Valvoline is dependent on the kind of filter and oil required for your car and also any other services you prefer to receive. Yet, Valvoline is generally considered to be among the less expensive oil change options that are available.

Here’s a brief overview of Valvoline oil prices that change:

  • Change of oil in a conventional manner:¬†$30-$40
  • Blend oil synthetic change:¬†$40-$50
  • Change of synthetic oils:¬†$50-$60

Valvoline also provides a range of additional services, including brake inspections, tire rotations or battery repair. You may get a better deal by combining these services with an oil change.

Valvoline Oil Change

Valvoline’s Instant Oil Change Rates

This kind of diagnostic makes Valvoline Instant Oil Change Prices almost seem like the customer is profiting from the company.

Type of Motor Oil ChangePrice
Premium Conventional Oil Change$39.99
Extra Quart Charge$4.99
NextGen Conventional Oil Change$44.99
Extra Quart Charge$4.99
Maxlife Synthetic Blend$59.99
Extra Oil Charge$5.99
NextGen Maxlife Full Synthetic$89.99
Extra Quart Charge$8.99
Synpower Synthetic Oil Change$89.99
Extra Quart Charge$8.99

Service Packages for Valvoline Oil Changes

Synthetic Blend, Conventional as well and Full Synthetic comprise 3 different types of oil-changing packages that Valvoline provides. This is a more in-depth overview of the different packages including:

  • The most cost-effective service by Valvoline is the standard oil change.¬†It comes with a brand-new oil filter as well as an 18-point maintenance check as well and up to 5 quarters of Valvoline Daily Protection motor oil.
  • An oil filter replacement as well as an 18-point check for maintenance as well and five quarts of Valvoline High Mileage MaxLife Technology Synthetic Blend Motor Oil are all included in this package.¬†This package is designed for vehicles that have over 75,000 miles.
  • Valvoline’s top service package – the Full Synthetic Change.¬†It comes with a brand new oil filter and an 18-point check for maintenance and up to 5 quarts Valvoline Full Synthetic with MaxLife Technology Motor Oil.¬†Vehicles with high performance are the primary customers for this product.

Valvoline Service Prices

You should visit your local Valvoline Service provider to avoid any unexpected and costly surprises. For $11.99, replace your light bulb or get a rotation of your tires for $21.99. Get your A/C serviced for $129.99 to ensure you stay cool in the summer and warm during winter.

Fixed Valvoline Service Prices will ensure that you are clear about what you’ll get for your money.

How Often should you change your oil at Valvoline?

Your vehicle’s most important maintenance task is changing your oil.¬†Depending on the oil type and manufacturer recommendations, oil needs will vary.

Valvoline recommends changing your oil at least every 5000 miles, or every six months, depending on which comes first. If you use synthetic oil, the interval can be extended to 7000 miles or every twelve months.

Important to remember that oil change frequency is only a guideline.¬†For specific manufacturer recommendations, you should consult your owner’s guide.

How to Find Valvoline Oil Change Coupons and Discounts

If you’re looking for a way to save on Valvoline oil change costs There are usually discounts and coupons available.

Valvoline frequently offers discounts, promotions, offers, and coupons on its website and through local ads.

Go to their official website, or calling the local Valvoline Service Center is an excellent method to locate the latest discounts and make use of savings opportunities.

Valvoline oil change near me

Final Considerations

Valvoline Express Care is the ideal place to go for an oil change.¬†It’s simple for you to locate one close to you because there are numerous locations across the nation.

The cost for oil changes in Valvoline Express Car can vary based on the kind of oil you choose to use as well as the vehicle you use.

Some places offer discounts to veterans and seniors. We thank you for your time and hope you find this article informative.

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FAQ Valvoline Oil Change Prices

How long does Valvoline Full Synthetic oil last?

The life expectancy of Valvoline Full Synthetic oil is higher than that of conventional motor oils. It provides up to 20,000-mile protection from oil changes. However, this can vary depending on driving habits and vehicle.
Valvoline recommends that you change your oil every 5k miles or every 6 months, whichever comes first.
If you use Valvoline Full synthetic oil in a high-performance vehicle, however, your oil may need to be changed more often.

HTML30_ HTML3_ HTML1_ HTML5w30 Can 5w30 Be Replaced With 5w20

You can substitute 5w30 oil for 5w20 without any problems. The extra wear protection offered by 5w30 oil may be preferable for your vehicle. Unfortunately, 5w30 oil is more costly than its cheaper counterpart, 5w20.

 Synthetic Oil Can Travel 10,000 Miles

It might surprise you to learn that synthetic oil can travel quite a lot. When using synthetic oil, most manufacturers recommend that you change your oil once every 7,500 miles. If you plan to travel long distances, your engine will be protected from wear and tear.

 What Is The Cost of a Synthetic Oil Change at Valvoline?

A synthetic oil change costs $50-$70. Oil type affects it too. Valvoline also offers additional services that go along with an oil change, so the price of a synthetic oil replacement may be more expensive than at other stations.

¬†How often should you change the oil if you don’t drive much?

This question is really dependent on several key points such as the oil type you use and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Even if your car isn’t used much, other factors can affect oil change frequency. Hot climates reduce oil efficiency. Long trips may require more oil changes.