Valvoline Oil Change Prices 2022 ❤️

Your vehicle is like a family member and Valvoline Instant Oil Change is your general care provider. Your body and family value quality preventative maintenance.

Your car should also be treated with the same care. While human medical costs are rising, Valvoline Instant Oil Change prices can be competitive and often less expensive than the competition. However, they do not sacrifice quality. We collect Valvoline coupons for an oil change.

Valvoline Oil Change Prices

About Valvoline Instant Oil Change

Motor oil from Valvoline is one of the best-rated. Valvoline Instant oil change is a popular place to get an engine oil change. 

You don’t even have to leave your car with them for an oil change. You can simply drive-in, then get out with all your oil changed.

Valvoline Instant Oil Change franchise offers car services, including oil changes. The prices for Valvoline Instant Oil change are very competitive.

You can expect to save 20 to 50% compared with your regular dealer. This is a great deal considering the current state.

Although the main focus of the service is an oil change, it also offers other maintenance services such as battery replacement and replacement of light bulbs. Their services are cheap and can often be completed quickly without the need to leave your car.

Below are the most recent Valvoline Instant Oil Change Prices.

How Much Is an Oil Change at Valvoline?

Valvoline charges $42 to $85, depending on the oil service. Valvoline offers three types of oil change services. These are the prices

  • Standard or Conventional – $42
  • High Mileage/Synthetic Mix – $63
  • Full Synthetic – $85

You can get a Valvoline full-service oil change. This will include up to 5 quarts of Valvoline oil and a new filter. 

Based on the specifications provided by the manufacturer, the service crew will lubricate every component of your car’s chassis.

Many car owners have reported that their oil change services are reliable. They are affordable and your car will run well if you have regular oil changes.

Valvoline oil change services can be found anywhere. Valvoline is a great place to get an oil change if you are in need of it. 

They have very competitive oil change prices and are often even cheaper than the closest competitors, with no compromise on quality.

Valvoline Oil Change

Valvoline’s Instant Oil Change Rates

This kind of diagnostic makes Valvoline Instant Oil Change Prices almost seem like the customer is profiting from the company.

Type of Motor Oil Change Price
Premium Conventional Oil Change $39.99
Extra Quart Charge $4.99
NextGen Conventional Oil Change $44.99
Extra Quart Charge $4.99
Maxlife Synthetic Blend $59.99
Extra Oil Charge $5.99
NextGen Maxlife Full synthetic $89.99
Extra Quart Charge $8.99
Synpower Synthetic Oil Change $89.99
Extra Quart Charge $8.99

You might be thinking that this type of service, although affordable, may take longer than you would like. You would be wrong.

At Valvoline auto centers, the customer is their top priority. Customers can enjoy their unbeatable prices and preventive maintenance and the “Engine Guarantee” knowing that the service will be done correctly and in a timely fashion. The company uses the term fast. This is a company that promises fast service for automobiles.

Find a Valvoline Instant oil change near you if your car needs an oil change or you simply want to know what is missing from your company. 

Valvoline auto centers offer oil change prices that will make it affordable for you to care for your car.

Valvoline Service Prices

Repairing your vehicle can be difficult and expensive, especially if it breaks down in the middle of nowhere and you have to take your vehicle to the nearest mechanic. 

You can improve your chances of getting the job done by taking care to take care of both the major and minor details. 

You should visit your local Valvoline Service provider to avoid any unexpected and costly surprises. For $11.99, replace your light bulb or get a rotation of your tires for $21.99. Get your A/C serviced for $129.99 to ensure you stay cool in the summer and warm during winter.

Fixed Valvoline Service Prices will ensure that you are clear about what you’ll get for your money.


❤️ How long does Valvoline Full Synthetic oil last?

The life expectancy of Valvoline Full Synthetic oil is higher than that of conventional motor oils. It provides up to 20,000-mile protection from oil changes. However, this can vary depending on driving habits and vehicle.

Valvoline recommends that you change your oil every 5k miles or every 6 months, whichever comes first. 

If you use Valvoline Full synthetic oil in a high-performance vehicle, however, your oil may need to be changed more often.

❤️ HTML30_ HTML3_ HTML1_ HTML5w30 Can 5w30 Be Replaced With 5w20

It is fine that you use 5w30 oil in place of 5w20. 5w30 oil might be even better for your car, as it provides greater protection against wear. The downside is that 5w30 oil is more expensive than 5w20 oil.

❤️ Synthetic Oil Can Travel 10,000 Miles

It might surprise you to learn that synthetic oil can travel quite a lot. When using synthetic oil, most manufacturers recommend that you change your oil once every 7,500 miles. If you plan to travel long distances, your engine will be protected from wear and tear.

❤️ What Is The Cost of a Synthetic Oil Change at Valvoline?

A synthetic oil change costs $50-$70. It can also vary depending upon the oil type.

Valvoline also offers additional services that go along with an oil change, so the price of a synthetic oil replacement may be more expensive than at other stations.

❤️ How often should you change the oil if you don’t drive much?

This question is really dependent on several key points such as the oil type you use and the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Even if your car isn’t used a lot, there are other factors that can impact how often you have to change your oil.

If you live in a hot environment your oil will be less efficient than if it is in a cool climate. You might also need to change your oil more frequently if your car is used on long journeys.

Final Considerations

Valvoline Express Care is the best place to get an oil change. It’s easy for you to find one near you, as there are many locations across the country. 

Prices for oil changes at Valvoline Express Car can vary depending on what type of oil you use and the car you drive. 

Some locations offer discounts to seniors and military personnel. We appreciate your time and hope you found this article helpful.

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