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Victory Lane Quick Oil Change is a car repair business. They offer oil changes minor repairs, and small detailing. 

Their role is to determine the things that need to be improved and repair your vehicle as quickly as possible. 

Provide the information to the mechanics so that they can identify the root of the problem. Do not hesitate to questions.

Customers seem to like going to Victory Lane Quick Oil Change. 64 of them rated it 4.67. Read a few of the 88 reviews below to make sure that your experience will be pleasant. Victory Lane Quick Oil Change is located in Plymouth, MI 48170, 903 Ann Arbor Rd.

For more details about the place, visit To schedule an appointment, contact the number (734) 259-65-85 during business hours.

Company History

Victory Lane Quick Oil Change was established in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1980 under the name “Pit Stop Quick Oil Change.” 

It was the only quick lube facility located in Michigan in the early 1980s. Since then, we’ve increased to over 30 locations across 10 different states that have a well-known as well as a trademarked brand name.

We’ve always strived to focus on providing the best customer service, and are constantly expanding our offerings. 

Through our long history and constant expansion, we’re placed as the 19th most important quick-lube business within the U.S.

Parent Company
Victory Lane Quick Oil Change, Inc.
Leadership Derrick Oxender, CEO
Total Number of Units: 34
Franchised Units: 30
Year Established: 1980
Franchising Since: 1986

What Makes Victory Lane Unique?

Image and Branding

  • Victory Lane is one of the most renowned quick-lube franchises in the business. Our logo and trademarks with the distinctive checkered flag offer outstanding brand recognition.
  • We offer several designs of buildings, each with specific elements to welcome our customers and ensure consistent branding and images throughout the entire system.
  • We provide state-of-the-art environmental solutions such as zip-pit technology.
  • We use new construction techniques such as modular centers that can be moved, re-used, and more environmentally safe and offer you plenty of flexibility, as your company expands.

Business Model & Programs

  • We’re a nationwide franchise with a local aspect. We’re here to give you the owner an authentic control over your business and not just connect you with “corporate” driven programs.
  • Package Options:
    • The 3-Center package is our most sought-after option for franchisees. It provides a protected territory and offers scale with geographical visibility.
    • One-stop shopping options are offered in selected markets.
    • Options for Area Developers are offered for investors who are large on a case-by-case basis.
  • Buy Power – Our National Office negotiates agreements with the national government and prices with major suppliers to provide you with the greatest purchasing power, however, you are still able to select suppliers and vendors who are most compatible with yours.
  • Independent Victory Lane is not affiliated with any major oil company Our owners have freedom in pricing and services offered.

Victory Lane Oil Change Hours





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FAQ Victory Lane Oil Change

When was Victory Lane Quick Oil Change founded?

Victory Lane Quick Oil Change began offering franchises in the year 1986. Victory Lane Quick Oil Change was established in 1980, 42 years after the founding date.

We at Vetted Biz, recommend that franchises have at least 3-5 corporate offices and five years of experience before granting an opportunity to franchise. It is essential to prove the fact that their business plan has been proven to work and is scalable before offering the franchise to another!

How many Victory Lane Quick Oil Change locations are in the U.S.?

In 2021 in 2021, there were 13 locations in the U.S. There are 19 Corporate locations. A majority of Automotive franchises, such as Victory Lane Quick Oil Change have more franchised locations than corporate ones.

How many Victory Lane Quick Oil Change franchises opened over the past few years?

In the past three years that we have information on, Victory Lane Quick Oil Change has opened two locations across the U.S. Go to our Victory Lane Quick Oil Change metrics tab to see how these openings compare with similar Automotive franchises.

Is Victory Lane Quick Oil Change a franchise in the United States?

As per the SBA, Victory Lane Quick Oil Change is in compliance with what is required by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) definition of being a franchise. The FTC Franchise Rule requires franchisors to give prospective franchisees a disclosure document (FDD) that contains 23 information concerning the franchisor, their officers, and any other franchisees. Make sure that Victory Lane Quick Oil Change offers you an FDD when you are considering purchasing the Victory Lane Quick Oil Change.