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What kind of oil can you put in the Troy Bilt tb110? Answer All Troy-Bilt lawnmowers can use standard SAE-5W30 motor oil. It works in many different temperatures.


Before we go into the specifics of oil types, it’s crucial to comprehend why it’s important to choose the correct engine oil to run your Troy Bilt TB110 lawn mower.

If you use the wrong oil or use too little oil could result in engine damage, decreased performance, and a decrease in the efficiency of fuel.

On the other hand, the use of the correct oil can maintain proper lubrication, decrease wear on engines, and increase the lifespan that your lawnmowers.

Oil Capacity for Troy Bilt Lawn Mower

Do you want to know how many gallons of oil Troy-Bilt lawnmowers use? Oil capacity for the Troy Bilt lawn mower ranges from 0.47 2 qt to 0.47 qt. Actually, the oil’s capacity varies from model to model and kind to type.

Troy Bilt walk-behind lawn mowers have an oil capacity of 0.47 to 0.56 qt, or (15 up to 18 Oz ). No less frequently than every 50 minutes or once a year, whichever comes first, is recommended for oil changes.

However, Troy Bilt lawn mowers have an oil capacity of 1.5 to 2 quarts (48 up to 64 Oz). You must change the oil in this sort of mower every 100 hours or once a year, whichever comes first.

Make sure your lawn mower has the appropriate amount of fuel. Do not overfill your mower with oil when refueling.

Here are the specifics on the oil capacity for several Troy Bilt lawnmowers.

Troy Bilt Lawn Mower Model Oil Capacity (Qt) Oil Type
Troy-Bilt TB575 EC 0.09375 10W-30
Troy-Bilt Pony 13WN77KS011 1.5 10W-30
Troy-Bilt TB516 EC Edger 0.09375 10W-30
Troy-Bilt TB635EC 0.09375 10W-30
Troy-Bilt XP Super Bronco XP 50 Riding Lawn Mower 2 10W-30
Troy-Bilt 13WV78KS011 Riding Lawn Mower 1.5 10W-30
Troy-Bilt Pony 13WM77KS011 Riding Mower 1.5 10W-30
Troy-Bilt TB30R 1.5 10W-30
Troy-Bilt Mustang 50 Zero Turn Lawn Mower 2 10W-30
Troy-Bilt Bronco 42 Riding Lawn Mower 1.5 10W-30
Troy-Bilt Mustang 54 Zero Turn Mower 2 10W-30
Troy-Bilt Pony 42 Riding Mower 1.5 10W-30
Troy-Bilt TB105 0.625 10W-30
Troy-Bilt TB675 EC 0.09375 10W-30
Troy-Bilt TB146 EC Gas Cultivator 0.09375 10W-30
Troy-Bilt TB400 XP 0.625 10W-30
Troy-Bilt TB410 XP 0.625 SAE 30W
Troy-Bilt TB270 XP 1 10W-30
Troy-Bilt TB42 Riding Mower 1.5 10W-20
Troy-Bilt TB240 0.375 10W-30 at (0° to 100°F) / 5W-30 at (-22° to 50°F)
Troy-Bilt TB280ES 0.625 Synthetic 5W-30
Troy-Bilt TB230xp 0.625 10W-30
Troy-Bilt TB130XP 0.625 10W-30
Troy-Bilt TB230 0.625 10W-30
Troy-Bilt TB210 0.625 10W-30
Troy-Bilt TB115 0.625 10W-30
Troy-Bilt TB130 0.625 10W-30
Troy-Bilt TB160 0.5625 10W-30
Troy-Bilt TB30 1.5 10W-30
Troy-Bilt TB100 0.46875 10W-30
Troy-Bilt TB30R 1.5 10W-30
Troy-Bilt TB110 0.46875 10W-30
Troy-Bilt TB200 0.46875 10W-30
Troy-Bilt TB230 0.625 10W-30

What kind of oil do you recommend using to run the Troy Bilt TB110 lawnmowers?

The Troy Bilt lawnmower is a gas-powered push-mower that requires the use of four-cycle motor oil. 

The most suitable kind of oil for this type of mower will be SAE 30, which is an oil of a single grade that is suggested for temperatures of 40degF or more. 

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If you reside within an area in which temperatures drop below 40 degrees, you must make use of SAE 5W-30 which is multi-grade motor oil that provides superior cold-weather performance.

How often do you need to replace the oil on the Troy Bilt lawn mower?

To ensure that your lawn mower is running at a high level, replace the engine oil on your Troy Bilt TB110 at least every 50 hours or at least once during the lawnmowing season. 

If you are using the mower regularly or in conditions that are dusty it’s best to alter the oil more frequently. 

It’s an ideal idea to change your oil at the beginning of the season to make sure that your mower runs using fresh oil.

Troy Bilt TB110 Walk-Behind Mower Specification

Starting System Recoil w/ ReadyStart
Shipping Weight 64 lbs.
Speed Control N/A
Wheels 7″ front, 11″ rear
Fuel Capacity .2 gal
Displacement 140cc*
Cutting Height Range 6 settings – 1.25″ to 3.75″
Deck 21″ TriAction Cutting System
Shipping Dimensions 17.5″ (H) x 36.56″ (L) x 23.88″ (W)
Handle Style Adjustable Loop w/indent
Warranty 2 year limited
Drive System Push
Engine Briggs & Stratton 550ex Series OHV
Grass bag Capacity 1.9 bushel
Oil 15oz SAE 30 (included)
Discharge Type 2-in-1, side discharge or mulch (bagger optional)
Deck Height Adjustment Dual-lever

Do you know how to replace the oil of your Troy Bilt lawnmowers?

Change the oil in the Troy Bilt lawn mower is an easy process that can be completed in just a few simple steps:

  1. Get the engine ready with a mower that you can run for a couple of minutes.
  2. Turn off the engine, then remove your spark plug from its wire.
  3. Find the oil drain plug and then place an oil pan beneath it.
  4. Take off the drain plug for oil and pour the oil out of the pan.
  5. Install the new drain pipe and secure it with a secure.
  6. Take off the cap for oil fill and then add the amount of oil that is recommended.
  7. Replace the cap that fills the oil and wipe off any oil spilled.

General tips to maintain your Troy Bilt lawn mower

Apart from using the correct kind of oil and changing it often there are other ways to keep your Troy Bilt TB110 lawnmowers:

  • Make sure the air filter is clean A dirty air filter could affect the efficiency of your mower. It can also result in it using more oil. Cleaning or replacing the air filter frequently to ensure your mower runs at its peak.
  • Examine the spark plug The worn or dirty spark plug could result in your mower being unable to operate badly or not starting in any way. Make sure to check the spark plug frequently and replace it when needed.
  • Sharpen the blade Sharp blades could cut grass rather than cutting it neatly and can cause damage to the lawn and cause it to become brown. Sharpen the blade at a minimum once a year or more frequently if required.
  • Maintain your mower’s storage properly If you’re not making use of your mower, put it in a dry, cool area to shield it from weather and other elements. Use a cover like a tarp, or a lawn mower cover in order to maintain it tidy and dry.
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Change the Oil, Spark Plug & Air Filter. Briggs & Stratton 550EX, Troy-Bilt TB110 Push Mower

How to Change Your Lawnmower Oil | Troybilt TB110 Push Mower | Briggs and Stratton 550EX | Easy DIY

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The right oil and replacing it frequently is vital for keeping this Troy Bilt lawnmower operating efficiently. SAE30 is the most recommended oil for this particular mower, however, if reside in a warmer environment, you can choose SAE5W30 instead.

Make sure to change the oil each 50-hour period or at minimum once per season. Follow the guidelines in the above paragraphs to ensure you are doing it right.

Alongside changing the oil in addition, there are other tasks you can do to keep your mower to ensure it will last for a long time to be.

Cleaning the air filter as well as inspecting the spark plug and sharpening the blade are essential steps to make your mower run in its top form.

Remember to properly store your mower when not in use to shield it from weather and other elements.

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FAQ troy bilt tb110 oil type

What kind of oil does a Troy Bilt riding mower take?

Standard SAE-5W30 motor oil is safe for most Troy-Bilt lawnmowers and works in a wide range of temperatures. In respect to this, how much oil does a Troy Bilt riding mower take? Refill the engine with 1-1/2 quarts of new oil, then check the oil level with the dipstick. Also Know, what oil should I use in my Briggs and Stratton engine.

Why buy a Troy-Bilt?

The TB110 has improved traction and maneuverability on hills and over rough spots in the lawn with 11″ high rear wheels. A 21″ steel deck provides durability that’s built to last with mulching and bagging capability. Count on Troy-Bilt to help make yard work easier.

Why is Troy Bilt operator’s manual broken down?

Troy-Bilt, its parents, affiliates, and subsidiaries are concerned about the safety of its customers and others. Due to the size of the Operator’s Manual, some Operator’s Manuals are broken down into two or more segments so that the entire Operator’s Manual can be downloaded easily.

What are the specs of Troy Bilt decking?

A 21″ steel deck provides durability that’s built to last with mulching and bagging capability. Count on Troy-Bilt to help make yard work easier. 11″ high rear wheels provide added traction to make navigating uneven terrain easier.

What is the best synthetic oils in my TB110 lawn mower?

You can indeed use synthetic oil so provided that it meets the same requirements as the oil type that is recommended.

How often do I need to clean the engine in my TB110 lawnmowers?

You should change the oil at least every 50 hours or at the start of each mowing season.

How much oil can the TB110 lawn mower contain?

The capacity of engine oil is around 20 pounds.

Do I need to check the level of oil when the engine is cold or hot?

It is advisable to check the level of oil in the engine is cold prior to putting the mower in motion for the day.

How can I determine the level of oil in my lawn mower TB110?

Examine the oil level by taking the dipstick out of the oil and wiping it clean and re-inserting it. Remove the dipstick once more to verify the level of oil.

What do I do if my levels of oil are low?

Make sure to add the oil of your choice until the level is at the mark of the dipstick.

Do I have to use multi-weight oil on my TB110 lawn mower?

It is not recommended to use multi-weight oil. is not advised as it can affect engine performance and extend the life of the engine.

Do I have to use non-detergent oils in my TB110 lawnmowers?

The use of non-detergent lubricants is not suggested since it may cause engine harm.

If I put the wrong type of oil on my lawn mower TB110?

The wrong type of oil could negatively affect engine performance and durability, and could even invalidate the warranty. Always make sure to use the recommended type of oil.