4.3 Volvo Penta Oil Type [Update 2023] ❤️

What oil does a Volvo Penta engine take? SAE 30 Synthetic Engine Oil (SAE 10W-40 Synthetic Engine Oil) Volvo Penta has discontinued the straight 30-weight oil and now recommends SAE 10W-40 synthetic.

Volvo Penta states that the straight 30-weight oil and the new 10W-40 multi-grade can be used together with no issues.

4.3 Volvo Penta Engine Oil Capacity

The oil capacity of the 4.3 Volvo Penta marine engine varies depending on the engine model. In general, the oil capacity of the 4.3 GL, 4.3 GXi, and 4.3 OSi models is approximately 4.5 quarts (4.3 L). Check the owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer to get the exact oil volume and type suggested for your engine model.

It is also essential to adhere to the recommended oil change intervals for your engine to guarantee optimum lubrication and engine protection. Check the oil level before each usage and replace the oil and oil filter at least once a year or every 100 operating hours.

4.3 Volvo Penta Engine Oil recommended

The suggested type of oil for the 4.3 Volvo Penta marine engine is a detergent-free, ashless-dispersant lubricant with an API service classification of CF-4, CF, or CG-4 for diesel engines.

The oil should comply with the Volvo Penta standard for lubricants (VDS-3), and it is advised to use oils with API CF-4, CF, or CG-4 ratings.

Consult the owner’s manual or contact Volvo Penta directly for the correct oil type and viscosity for your engine’s individual model.

They will also propose oil change intervals for the engine, and it is essential to adhere to these recommendations to ensure the engine is properly lubricated and protected.

Specifications for the 4.3 Volvo Penta Engine

The 4.3 Volvo Penta marine engine is a 4-stroke, V6 engine with 4.3 liters of displacement (262 cubic inches). It comes in both gasoline and diesel models.

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The gasoline engine produces approximately 191 horsepower (142 kW) at 4,000 RPM. In contrast, diesel engines produce 220 horsepower (164 kW) at the same time.

The engine is designed to be used in marine applications and comes with various technologies to guarantee reliability including the fuel injector and electronic ignition and closed cooling systems. The engine is also built to meet pollution regulations and includes a catalytic converter.

The 4.3 Volvo Penta engine is available in a variety of versions; precise attributes vary depending on the model and year of production; please see the owner’s handbook or contact the manufacturer directly for further information.

FAQ 4.3 volvo penta oil type

What kind of oil does a Volvo Penta take?

Depending on the engine model and operating circumstances, Volvo Penta marine engines require particular types of oil. A high-quality, detergent, ashless-dispersant lubricating oil with an API service classification of CF-4, CF, or CG-4 for diesel engines and SF, SG, or SH for gasoline engines is what Volvo Penta generally advises using.

To find out the required oil type and viscosity for the particular engine model, it is preferable to refer to the owner’s manual or get in touch with Volvo Penta directly.

In order to maintain adequate lubrication and the protection of the engine, they will also propose the frequency of oil changes for the engine.

What are Volvo Penta parts?

Volvo Penta oils, coolant, and paints are the OEM parts used on your engine from new. Genuine Volvo Penta parts guarantee that your engine and gearbox remain safe and reliable when out at sea. Volvo Penta VDS oil is specially formulated, and of such high quality, that it is specified in many Saildrives and gearboxes.

What kind of oil does a 1997 Volvo LK take?

The Volvo Service Manual for 1997 “LK” Models ( which are both of ours) specifies SAE 30W oils that meet General Motors Standard GM-6094-M for operation above 32′ F. It also says the use of multi-viscosity oils (such as 10W-30) is not recommended.

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Is Penta VDS oil the same as VDS 3?

Penta VDS oil and VDS 3 oil are not interchangeable.

VDS is a Volvo Penta lubrication specification for marine diesel engines. VDS stands for “Volvo Penta Diesel Standard,” and the number after it, such as VDS-3, shows the level of performance of the standard. VDS-3 is the most recent marine diesel engine lubricant standard, and it is higher than VDS-2, VDS-1, and others.

Penta VDS oil is a lubricant produced and recommended by Volvo Penta for use in their marine diesel engines that meet the VDS-3 specification. It is designed to suit the stringent performance and protection requirements of Volvo Penta engines.

To ensure adequate lubrication and engine protection, use the correct type of oil and the one advised by the engine’s manufacturer.

Non-Synthetic Engine Oil and Sterndrive Oil

Volvo Penta is no longer making their 30-pound engine with non-synthetic oil. Invest in 30 pounds of high-quality oil, as that is what we advise. The Valvoline oil sold by NAPA is a non-synthetic, heavy-duty mineral oil of 30 weight. As used in gasoline engines manufactured prior to 2002.

After the break-in period, switch to synthetic oil as directed by the service manual or to non-synthetic if your engine was built before the year 2000.

Volvo Penta filters should be used as part of routine upkeep. In addition, Royal Purple’s SAE30 synthetic motor oil is available as an aftermarket option (quart size).

Check your owner’s handbook or give Marine Parts Express a ring to find out how much oil you should put in your engine.

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