Yamaha Blaster Transmission Oil Type, Capacity, & Change Cost

Yamaha Blaster Transmission Oil Type: To keep the performance of your Yamaha Blaster running smoothly and effectively requires regular oil changes for your transmission.
This article will go over the type of oil recommended capacity, level, and the cost of changing it in the case of Yamaha Blasters, as well as some suggestions for changing the oil on your own.
Yamaha Blasters typically use SAE 75W-90 gear oil. This kind of oil is an excellent all-purpose option for a wide range of conditions. If you reside in an area that experiences extreme temperatures, then you might require an alternative kind of oil.

The capacity of the oil inside the Yamaha Blaster transmission varies depending on the year of manufacture. But, the majority of models are able to handle 1.2 Quarts.

The level of transmission oil in the Yamaha Blaster should be between the “full” and “add” marks on the dipstick. If it is below then you’ll need to add oil.

The price for the oil replacement for the Yamaha Blaster transmission will vary depending on where you are located at the center. But, you should expect to be charged between $20 to the price of an oil exchange.

yamaha blaster transmission oil type

Yamaha Blaster Transmission Oil Type

Based on the results of a search There are a variety of choices for the type and type of transmission oils that could be used to power Yamaha Blaster. Yamaha Blaster. These are the choices:

  • ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid)
  • Gear oil
  • Specially engineered motorcycle oil specifically for gearboxes with two strokes, such as Motul Transoil 10w30
  • Lubricants for motorcycles with specific 85W gearboxes

According to research, oil that is thinner is more suitable when wet-classes are used. Some suggested oil viscosity ranges are 10W-30, 10W-40, 20W-40, and 20W-50. 

It is essential to make sure that the type of oil you pick is compatible with the specific Yamaha Blaster type and year.

It is always recommended to check the owner’s manual or a qualified mechanic to determine the exact type of oil and quantity that is needed to run your ATV. 

The Yamaha Blaster owner’s manual recommends taking a look at the oil level in your transmission and then adding oil if needed.

Yamaha blaster transmission oil capacity

It is the Yamaha Blaster is an ATV that requires a certain amount of transmission fluid to achieve the best performance. Here is the capacity information for the Yamaha Blaster transmission:
  • According to this, that the Yamaha Blaster transmission oil capacity is approximately 650ml (0.67 Quarts).
  • We recommend using Yamalube 2-cycle oils as well as 2-stroke oil when using Yamaha Blaster transmission. Yamaha Blaster transmission.
  • The recommendation is to use 22 OZ (650ml) in oil to make this Yamaha Blaster engine oil.
  • The Yamaha Blaster transmission oil capacity is confirmed. Yamaha Blaster transmission oil capacity is 650ml.
  • It also confirms that the Yamaha Blaster transmission oil capacity is 650ml.
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Based on the information given Based on the information provided, it is recommended to apply 650ml of oil to your Yamaha Blaster transmission. Always look up the owner’s guide or a qualified mechanic to determine the exact type of oil and amount needed for your ATV.

Yamaha blaster oil Filter

yamaha blaster oil Filter

To learn more about the oil filter on the Yamaha Blaster I searched for sources that could be relevant. Unfortunately, the results didn’t provide any specific details about the oil filter of this Yamaha Blaster. 

Based on the general knowledge regarding ATV maintenance, it’s most likely the Yamaha Blaster uses a standard oil filter that is easily located and replaced. To locate the right engine filter that is compatible with the Yamaha Blaster, you can follow these steps:

  1. Check the owner’s manual for details: The owner’s manual will give details about the particular oil filter’s component number or the specifications for your Yamaha Blaster.
  2. Find an authorized Yamaha dealer: Yamaha Dealers and authorized Parts dealers will have the expertise and resources to help you locate the right oil filter to fit your Yamaha Blaster.
  3. Online retailers of parts: Websites like Amazon, Powersports, and Honda Powersports Parts offer a variety of oil filters that are aftermarket for different ATV models. You can look up your Yamaha Blaster version and the year in order to locate suitable oil filters.

Make sure that the filter you choose is compatible with the specific Yamaha Blaster type and model. It is highly recommended to purchase authentic or top-quality aftermarket oil filters in order to ensure the proper filtration of your engine and protection.

Yamaha blaster oil change kit

When I searched for information on oil change kits available for the Yamaha Blaster the results did not yield any specific kits to change oil specifically designed for this ATV. There are however generic oil change kits that are suitable for this Yamaha Blaster. Here are a few options:

  1. Tusk 2-Stroke Transmission Oil Replacement Kit: comes with Bel-Ray Gear Saver 75W oil and a funnel that is disposable as well as a drain washer for crushing bolts. It’s available on Walmart.com for about $20.
  2. Kit for Oil Service Change Maintenance: The kit contains 1L Maxima MTL Transmission Fluid and the K&N oil filter as well as an oil drain plug crusher. It’s available at SVSPowersports.com for about $40.
  3. DIY Kit for Oil Change: You could build your own kit for oil changes by purchasing the essential components separately, including the oil and filter the drain plug’s crush washer and the oil filter.
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It is crucial to ensure that the kit for changing the oil you select is compatible with the specific Yamaha Blaster version and model. It is recommended to use premium filtering and oil to guarantee proper protection for your engine.

Yamaha blaster oil change

Below are some steps needed to replace the oil on a Yamaha Blaster based on the results of the search:

  1. Find the equipment and supplies, such as the drain pan, new oil, an oil filter, and a socket wrench.
  2. Find the drain plug in the lower part of the engine. Place the drain pan beneath it.
  3. The drain plug from the oil must be removed and let the old oil fully drain into the pan.
  4. Change the plug, and then tighten it with a secure.
  5. Find the oil filter on the right side of the engine. You can remove it with the socket wrench.
  6. Install the new filter and secure it.
  7. Inject the recommended amount of fresh oil into the motor. In accordance with the Yamaha Blaster owner’s manual, the engine’s capacity for oil will be 1.0 Liter (1.06 US qt) when changing the filter and oil.
  8. Verify the level of oil by using the dipstick. Add more oil if required.
  9. Start the engine and allow it to run for a couple of minutes to circulate the fresh oil.
  10. Shut off the engine, and check the level of oil. If needed, add more oil.

Based on the results of a search It isn’t evident if it is true that the Yamaha Blaster requires a separate oil change for the transmission. According to the Yamaha Blaster owner’s manual, the transmission’s oil capacity of the oil is 0.65 Liters (0.69 US qt). 

If you’re in need of changing the oil in your transmission then follow the same procedures as previously mentioned, but ensure that you find the drain plug for your transmission and fill it up with the appropriate amount of oil.

Changing the transmission fluid in my Yamaha blaster

How to do an oil change on a Yamaha blaster the RIGHT WAY!!!

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The selection of the appropriate transmission oil to use with the specific transmission oil for your Yamaha Blaster is crucial to ensure long-lasting, smooth operation as well as overall efficiency. 

Always consult the owner’s manual or a Yamaha dealer to determine the type of oil that is required by your vehicle. 

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Following the steps to change the oil of your transmission and maintain the health of your vehicle and experience many hours of off-road adventure.

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FAQ Yamaha blaster transmission oil type

How many gallons of oil does a Yamaha Blaster hold?

Yamaha Blaster Oil Capacity: 650ml (0.67 Quarts) Wheelbase: 43.3in. Yamaha Blaster Seat Height: 29.1 inches; Ground Clearance: 4.7in. Fuel Capacity: 2.4 Gallons; Yamaha Blaster Weight: 324 Lbs.

What kind of engine does a Yamaha Blaster have?

The Yamaha Blaster is a 324 lb all-terrain vehicle manufactured by Yamaha Motor Company from 1988 until 2006. It has a 17-horsepower engine and a top speed of 55 MPH. Blaster owners will best remember it for the specs it doesn’t have.

What kind of oil do you use in your 2-stroke transmission?

ATF or gear oil or ideally a specialty motorcycle oil designed for 2-stroke gearboxes like Motul Transoil 10w30. For wet clutches thinner is better, and synthetic has some issues. Do NOT use 10w30 motor oil, especially if it says: “Energy Saving”.

Is the Yamaha Blaster discontinued?

The Yamaha Blaster was a breakthrough for off-road riding, but sadly, it was discontinued in 2006. Fortunately, though, it was such a massive success, and you can find lots of resellers online. Yamaha Blaster parts are also still being sold, too. If you’re considering getting one of these, then here’s what you need to know.

How fast do Yamaha Blasters go?

For a simple ATV, Yamaha Blasters can go pretty fast. At top speed, it can reach about 55 mph. With a little fixing up and maintenance, you can get it to 30 to 40 hp. Modifying enough can help you bump up its horsepower to 45 hp.