Scag turf tiger 2 Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost


Scag turf tiger 2 Oil Type: To keep the Scag Turf Tiger 2 mower in top condition is a constant process of maintenance. oil changes are an essential component of this. 

However, navigating different types of oil capacity, filters, And costs can be like walking across a bumpy surface.


This guide, which is fueled by official Scag sources, provides you with the most up-to-date information about Turf Tiger 2 oil changes and is presented in a simple And easy-to-search engine-friendly table format.

With this information you’ll be able to operate your mower confidently, being confident that it’s prepared to take on any terrain.


Scag Turf Tiger 2 Oil Specifications

Engine ModelOil TypeCapacity (Quarts)Filter Part NumberRecommended Change IntervalApproximate Change Cost
Kawasaki FX801VKawasaki Genuine 10W-30 Oil2.0 (with filters changed)16097-000850 Hours or Annually$15-$25
Kawasaki FX921VKawasaki Genuine 10W-30 Oil2.0 (with the filter changed)16097-000850 Hours or Annually$15-$25

Scag turf tiger 2 Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost

Scag turf tiger 2 Oil Type

This Scag Turf Tiger 2 lawn mower is made to work with 10W-30 or even 15W-50 engine oil according to the temperature range of the environment it is operated. 

It is important to choose a detergent oil of high quality that is in compliance with or surpasses API Service Classification SJ, SL, or greater. 

When adding or changing the oil, make sure to consult the owner’s manual for specific guidelines and suggestions.

Scag Turf Tiger 2 Oil Capacity

The capacity of the oil in the Scag Turf Tiger 2 mower differs based on the model of the engine. The table below shows the capacity of the oil for each model of engine:

Engine ModelOil Capacity (qts)
Kohler Command Pro 25 HP2.3
Kohler Magnum Pro 27 HP2.3
Vanguard EFI 25 HP2.3
Vanguard EFI 27 HP2.3
Kubota D902 25 HP5.2

Engine Information For The Scag Tiger 2

Engine Information For The Scag Tiger 2

Commercial-grade zero-turn mowers include the Scag Turf Tiger 2. The engine’s specifications are as follows:

  • Either a Kohler or a Kawasaki engine
  • Engine horsepower: 27 HP for the Kohler EFI 747cc or 31 HP for the Kawasaki FX850V 852cc
    gasoline as a fuel
  • 9 gallons of fuel capacity (34 liters)

Note: Depending on the Scag Turf Tiger 2 mower’s model and year, these characteristics may change. The manufacturer’s manual will almost always provide the most precise and recent information.

scag turf tiger 2 oil filter

The oil filter on the Scag Turf Tiger 2 is an on-spin type filter that is situated on the bottom of the block, near the drain plug for oil. 

It is accountable for capturing dirt and debris as well as metal particles in the engine oil. This aids in keeping your engine in good condition and well-lubricated.

Here are a few of the most effective oil filters to use with the Scag Turf Tiger 2:

  • Scag 49065-7007
  • Kawasaki 49065-7007
  • Oregon 484862-01
  • Wix 57356XP
  • Fram PH8966

The filters for oil are constructed using high-quality materials and constructed They are designed to ensure superior protection and filtration to your vehicle.

scag turf tiger 2 oil change kit

scag turf tiger 2 oil change kit

If you are seeking an oil replacement kit that will fit on your Scag Turf Tiger II mower Here are some options you can think about:

  1. Scag Turf Tiger II Oil Change Kit: This kit is available on and includes the necessary items for an oil change. This kit is available for purchase at $29.99.
  2. SCAG Genuine OEM Hydro Oil Change Kit For Tiger Cat, Tiger Cat II, V-Ride: This kit is available on and It is made specifically for Scag Tiger Cat, Tiger Cat II V-Ride, and Tiger Cat II models however, it may be compatible with Turf Tiger II. Kit includes 4 Quarts of Scag 20W50 oil, as well as an OEM hydro-filter.
  3. Scag Turf Tiger II Tune-Up Kit: This kit includes a prefilter air filter and an oil filter as well as a fuel filter, and spark plug. It is made specifically for models such as the Turf Tiger II model and is available at

It is important to read the Scag Turf Tiger II mower’s instruction manual. You can also speak to a Scag dealer to ensure that you choose the right oil change kit to match your model. 


In addition, Scag offers a range of top lubricants for their mowers, such as 20W-50 hydro system oil as well as gearbox lubricant.

Remember to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines to change the oil and changing filter of the Scag Turf Tiger II tractor.

Scag turf tiger 2 Oil Type

How to Change Oil in Scag Turf Tiger 2

For changing the oil of the Scag Turf Tiger 2, you’ll require the following equipment and tools:

  • New oil filter
  • Oil drain pan
  • Use a socket or wrench to get rid of the drain plug
  • Funnel
  • New engine oil


  1. Place the mower on a level surface.
  2. Shut off your engine, and allow it to rest for a minimum of about 15 minutes.
  3. Place the drain pan beneath the plug for draining oil.
  4. Make use of the wrench or socket for removing the plug for draining oil.
  5. Let for the oil that was used to evaporate out of the pan to drain oil.
  6. After the old oil has been drained replace the drain plug, and then tighten the bolt up with the socket or wrench.
  7. Take the oil filter off.
  8. Spread a fine layer of engine oil that is new to the gasket on the brand-new oil filter.
  9. Attach the fresh oil filter on the block using a screwdriver until it’s comfortable.
  10. The funnel must be removed from the neck of the oil filler and then add fresh motor oil into the engine.
  11. Replace the cap on the oil filler and begin your engine.
  12. The engine should be running for a couple of minutes to circulate the oil.
  13. Verify the level of oil and add oil if required.
  14. Switch off the engine and remove the old filter and oil in a proper manner.

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The right oil to use for the Scag Turf Tiger 2 mower is vital to ensure maximum performance and long-lasting.

It is essential to choose an excellent synthesized blend engine oil 20W-50 that is compliant with the requirements of the API Service Classification SG, SH, SJ, SL, and higher, as well as JASO MA and greater.

Furthermore, selecting the most suitable oil is contingent on a variety of aspects, including the age of the engine operating conditions, as well as the climate.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and make sure to replace the mower’s oil to keep it operating efficiently for many years to come.

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FAQs – scag turf tiger 2 oil type

The SCAG turf tiger is what amount of oil?

What type of oil is suitable one for the Scag Turf Tiger? What kind of oil is best for the Scag Turf Tiger?

The oil that is used for the drive mechanism that powers Scags’ hydraulics is motor oil 20W-50. What kind of oil should be used on Scag lawnmowers?

If you go to the Scag website, you can download the guidelines. My Scag advises Sae 30 for conventional oils, and 10w30 for synthetic oils depending on the type of oil.

How often do I need to change the oil on my SCAG turf, Tiger?

Scag Turf Tiger: How to Test and Change your Hydraulic oil. Also, it is suggested to change your oil every 500 hours or at least once a year. 

If the oil appears to be dark or black with a rancid odor it is time to change it. This indicates the oil overheating.

What type of oil is recommended to be used on the SCAG mower?

SAE 10W-30 or SAE10W-40 motor oils is the most popular oil to be used for SCAG mowers. It is recommended to use premium engine oil with a brand name that is compatible the SCAG requirements. You should look up the instruction manual of the specific model of your equipment to obtain more specific directions and guidelines.

What type of spindles do the SCAG turf Tiger own?

This deck comes with Scag’s extremely tough cast-iron spindles with roller bearings that are tapered and top-mounted grease fittings with relief valves to stop over-greasing. Another reason why that the Turf Tiger is the King in the Jungle.