Ryobi Generator Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost


Ryobi Generator Oil Type: Do you own you own a Ryobi generator? If yes, you’ll need to be aware of the various kinds of oils that are suitable for them and the capacity, level, and cost to change the oil.

The most recommended type of oil for all Ryobi generators is SAE 10W-30. You must go through the manual of your owner to confirm.


The size of the tank inside of your Ryobi generator will vary based on the type of generator. It is usually approximately 1 one quart. Make sure to examine the oil levels often and add oil as necessary.

The cost to change the engine oil of your Ryobi generator is contingent on the price of oil and the labor costs in your region. It is usually about $20.


Ryobi Generator Oil Type

Ryobi Generator Oil Type

Most Ryobi generators run on 4-stroke oil that is in compliance with or exceeds the standards that are part of the American Petroleum Institute (API) service category SJ or better.

 Look up the owner’s manual or visit the manufacturer’s website to determine the specific oil type that is suggested by the Ryobi generator.

It is essential to use the right type of oil recommended by Ryobi to ensure optimal performance and the longevity of your generator.

The most common kinds of 4-stroke engine oil that are recommended for Ryobi generators are SAE 10W-30 SAE 30 and SAE 5W-30. 

It is essential to test the level of oil often and refill it whenever necessary to ensure the proper application of lubrication to the motor.

ryobi generator oil capacity

The capacity of the oil in Ryobi generators is dependent on the model. Ryobi generator will differ depending on what model it is. 

Ryobi generators are equipped with an oil tank capacity that varies between 20 fluid ounces (0.59 Liters) to 37 fluid ounces (1.1 Liters).

To determine the precise capacity of the capacity of the oil in the Ryobi generator go to the manual of the owner or visit the website that is maintained by the company.

To ensure optimal operation and durability for the long-term life of your engine, you must use the recommended amount and type of oil.

ryobi generator oil filter

Ryobi Generator Oil Filter

The oil filter of a Ryobi generator is different based on what model of the generator. Find the correct oil filter that is suitable for the machine by consulting the manual of the owner.

Here are a few oil filters that work for Ryobi generators:

  • Wix 51352
  • Champion LF1197
  • Fram PH5604
  • Napa 1586

When replacing the filter in the Ryobi generator, make sure to select the right oil filter that is compatible with your model. If you use the wrong oil filter, it could damage your generator.

Change the oil in the Ryobi generator

Regular oil changes are essential to ensure the efficiency and life span of the Ryobi generator. When to make an oil change will vary on the particular type of generator and its usage A guideline is suggested to change the oil every 50 hours once a year, or when it is the first.


To change the oil inside the oil tank of your Ryobi generator, take these steps:

  1. Shut off the generator, and allow it to cool completely.
  2. Take off the cap for filling the oil and dipstick, Then place an oil drain pan under the drain plug that is used.
  3. The drain plug from the oil must be removed and let the old oil fully drain into the pan.
  4. Install the new drain pipe and secure it tightly.
  5. Make sure to fill it with the appropriate kind and quantity of oil. You can use funnels to prevent spills.
  6. Install the cap for oil fill and dipstick. Wipe off any drips or spills.

It is essential to use the kind of oil and the amount that is recommended by Ryobi to ensure optimal efficiency and longevity that your machine. 

Review the manual of the owner or the manufacturer’s site for proper specifications for oil. You might be required to change the filter on your oil when it’s needed during the oil change procedure.

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Selecting the correct oil for the right oil for your Ryobi generator is vital to ensure optimal performance and long-lasting. Understanding the various oil varieties and viscosity scales is crucial.

Adhere to the guidelines in the manual for your owner. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure that your generator is operating efficiently.

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FAQs Ryobi generator oil type

What kind of oil is a Ryobi generator make use of?

The majority of Ryobi generators run on 4-stroke oil that is in compliance with or surpasses the API Service Category SJ, or greater.

Can I make use of synthetic oils for my Ryobi generator?

Certainly, you can use synthetic oils in Ryobi generators, as long as they meet the Ryobi-specified API Service Category SJ or a higher standard.

What are the best products for me to apply to Ryobi Generator?  

The ideal oils suitable for the Ryobi Generator will depend on the model you’ve chosen. Refer to the user’s guide or the site of the manufacturer to determine the type of oil recommended for your model.

How do I know if put the wrong kind of engine oil on the Ryobi generator?

Making use of the wrong oil could result in poor engine performance, increased wear, and eventually engine failure. Always make sure to use the oil type as recommended by Ryobi.

Do I have to mix different oil kinds in the Ryobi generator?

Avoid mixing various oil types in your Ryobi generator as it may alter the oil properties and diminish engine