Jeep 4.0 Engine Specs 2023

Jeep 4.0 Engine Specs

The Jeep 4.0L engine, which is Also referred to as “the AMC/PowerTech I6, is a well-known engine renowned for its reliability And long-lasting.

The Specifications vary A bit based on the model And year, but this is A basic overview:

Displacement4.0L (242 cu in)
Bore3.88 In (98.4 mm)
Stroke3.41 inch (86.7 mm)
Compression Ratio8.8:1
HorsepowerBetween 129 and 200 horsepower (depending on the year and model)
Torque131-235 pounds (depending on the year and model)
Block MaterialCast iron
Cylinder HeadsCast iron
CamshaftOverhead valve with pushrod (OHV)
Valve Train2 valves per cylinder
Fuel InjectionElectronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
Engine Oil Capacity4.5-5 quarts (4.3-4.7 liters)
Oil TypePremium synthetic or conventional oils (5W-30 or 10W-30 is recommended)
Oil FilterMopar 5013346 or similar
Oil Change Cost$30 to $80 (depending on the area, location the price of oil and filters as well as DIY in comparison to. professional assistance)


The Jeep 4.0L engine is a well-known engine that was used in Jeeps from 1987 until 2006. It’s a six-cylinder engine that generates around 190 HP at 4600 RPMs And the torque is 235 lb-ft. It has a 3.8-inch bore And a 3.41-inch stroke, with twelve overhead valves.

This engine of the Jeep 4.0L engine proved to Be A mighty And appealing option for the consumer And Also had an impressive amount of torque.

While it was taken off the market in 2006, it is an extremely popular engine for Jeep enthusiasts. I hope this post will Be useful to you.

I appreciate you taking the time to Read the article And I hope you have many enjoyable Experiences with the Jeep 4.0L engine.