Nissan Type S PAG Oil Equivalent [Update 2024] ❤️


Nissan Type S PAG Oil Equivalent: SUPERCOOLTM PAG OIL REFERENCE CHART Ounces Milliliters Acura Nippondenso 10P ND8 PAG 46 6-7 177-207 Alfa Romeo Sanden SDV SP10 PAG 46 4 118 Audi Diesel Kiki/Zexel DCW ZXL100 PAG 46 5-6 148-177 … Nissan Calsonic Rotary Type S PAG 46 6-7 177-207 Nissan Diesel Kiki/Zexel DKS / Rotary Type S PAG 46 7-8 207-237 Nissan Diesel Kiki/Zexel …

FAQ nissan type s pag oil equivalent

What type of oil do you use in your Nissan?

The Nissan Hood Sticker specifies “NISSAN LUMINOUS OIL TYPE DH-PS (KLH00-PAGS0)” oil to be used. I think this may also be called “Type S” oil. Denso, per this link and chart below, calls out different oils to be used for their rotary, piston, and through-vane type compressors (either PAG46 or PAG100, their brand NDoil 8 or NDoil 9)


Is there a universal PAG oil?

Because the various PAG oils all have different viscosities, it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to have a single oil formulation with the same viscosity characteristics as the original PAG 46, PAG 100 or PAG 150. The universal oil will be a compromise blend that fails to meet anyof the OEM specifications.


Can I use Pao instead of PAG oil in a compressor?

In fact, the main reason for a newly installed A/C compressor to fail is using the wrong type of compressor oil. PAO (Polyalphaolefin) oil can sometimes be used as a substitute for certain PAG oils if the compressor manufacturer approves it.


Will Pag 50 and 46 work in a piston-type compressor?

And the compressor is clearly a piston type too. If that is a five instead of an ‘S’ in the (KLH00-PAGS0) then may mean PAG 50 and 46 work fine there. The autolink there in red in post #2 clearly calls for Pag 100 in that compressor………………. Hmmm. And the compressor is clearly a piston type too.

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