Mbe906 Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost


Mbe906 oil type: Maintaining the health of your Mbe906 engine requires the right oil. Selecting the correct type of oil is essential for maximum performance, durability as well and fuel efficiency. 

This guide offers official recommendations as well as up-to-date information regarding Mbe906 types of oil, laid out in a simple table format to make it easier to reference.


Mbe906 oil type

It requires synthetic diesel oil that is heavy-duty and durable. The suggested viscosity level is 15W-40. You could also try 5W-40 if you wish to boost the cold-starting performance.

Here are some specific oil suggestions for the MBE906 engine:

ViscosityOil TypeBrandRecommended ForAPI Service Rating
10W-40SyntheticAMSOIL Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel OilApplications for heavy-duty, enhanced cold-start performanceCJ-4, CI-4+
10W-40ConventionalCastrol Syntec 10W-40Oil specifications meet MBE906 standards.CJ-4, CI-4+
10W-40SyntheticMobil 1 High Mileage 10W-40 Full Synthetic Motor OilOlder engines, better efficiency of fuel, less wear on the engineCJ-4, CI-4+
10W-40ConventionalMercedes-Benz AGRISYNTH LSP ULTRAThe oil that was used in the original version for Mercedes-Benz to run Mbe906 enginesCJ-4, CI-4+

Mbe906 Oil Capacity

There is a Mbe906 engine’s capacity for oil is 30.6 Quarts (28.8 Liters) comprising the filter for oil. It is crucial to keep in mind that this is merely an approximate reference. The actual capacity of the oil can differ slightly based on the following factors:

This table summarizes the capacity of oil for various configurations:

Engine ConfigurationOil PanOil CentrifugeOil Capacity (quarts)Oil Capacity (liters)
6-cylinderRear sumpYes35.333
6-cylinderRear sumpNo33.832

Mbe906 Oil Filter

The Mbe906 engine needs different oil filters, based on the engine’s configuration as well as the model year. Here’s the breakdown:

EngineModel YearsOEM Filter NumberAftermarket Alternatives**
4-cylinder2002-2010985 020 01 00Baldwin B7122, Wix 57122, Napa 1567
6-cylinder2002-2010985 020 02 00Baldwin B7106, Wix 57106, Napa 1568

Steps to Change Mbe906 Engine Oil

Changing the oil in the Mbe906 engine is an essential maintenance job. The steps during the process of changing oil:

  1. Get the required tools and equipment, such as the oil filter that you have just replaced drain pan, wrench, and the correct Mbe906 oil.
  2. Place the car on a level area and apply the brake for parking.
  3. Find the drain plug for oil beneath the engine, and then place the drain pan underneath it.
  4. Unscrew the drain fitting with a wrench, and allow that old oil to completely drain.
  5. Clean the old oil filter. Replace it with a fresh one.
  6. Close the drain plug, then place the new filter in place.
  7. Incorporate the recommended amount and the type of Mbe906 oil into the cap for the filler.
  8. Start the engine and run it for a few minutes to circulate new oil.
  9. Make sure the oil level is checked with the dipstick and adjust it if needed.
  10. Clean up the used oil and filter in a responsible manner.

The following steps can aid in ensuring a correct oil change and help maintain the performance of your Mbe906 engine.


The selection of the correct Mbe906 oil is vital to ensure optimal engine performance. Understanding the composition characteristics, properties, and compatibility can help you make informed choices regarding the lubrication requirements of your engine. 

Following the manufacturer’s guidelines and regularly ensuring the oil is maintained and obtaining professional assistance as needed, you can make sure that the Mbe906 engine runs smoothly and efficiently.

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FAQs – mbe906 oil type

Can I use synthetic oil in my MBE 900 engine?

Synthetic oil may be used in MBE 900 engines, provided they are of the correct API designation and viscosity, as required for non-synthetic oil. Synthetic oil offers improved low-temperature flow properties and high-temperature resistance to oxidation. However, it is generally more costly than non-synthetic oil.

Do MBE engines have an oil centrifuge?

The MBE six-cylinder engines (906/926) have an oil centrifuge. NOTICE: Both the primary lube oil filter (front of engine) and the oil centrifuge cartridge (side of engine) must be replaced at each oil drain interval.

Where is the oil level sensor on an MBE 900?

Figure 21 Sensor Location on the MBE 900 Non-EGR Engine NOTE: The 6-cylinder engine is shown; sensor locations are similar to the 4-cylinder engine. NOTE: The Engine Oil Level Sensor, if used, is located at the bottom of the oil pan. 30 All information is subject to change without notice. (Rev. 04/08)

What are the parts of an MBE 900 non-EGR engine?

Fuel Filter 3. Alternator Pulley 12. Fuel Prefilter 4. Oil Filter 13. DDEC-ECU 5. Turbo Compressor Out 14. Air Compressor (optional) 6. Intake Manifold Inlet 15. Power-Steering Pump 7. Crankcase Breather 16. Oil Dipstick 8. Oil Fill Cap 17. Coolant Pump Pulley 9. Intake Manifold Figure 7 Front View of 6–Cylinder MBE 900 Non-EGR Engine