2011 Yamaha Stryker Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost


2011 Yamaha Stryker oil type: Inspecting and maintaining your Yamaha Stryker is essential to maintaining its durability and performance. The most crucial aspect of maintaining your motorcycle is the regular change of oil in the engine. 

This guide will provide you with current, accurate information regarding the type of oil, capacity, and filter, as well as the typical oil change costs for your Yamaha Stryker.


Oil Type: Yamaha suggests using high-quality SAE 10W-40, JASO MA motorbike oils for your 2011 Stryker. The oil is specially formulated specifically for motorcycles and offers the best lubrication and protection for your engine.

Capacity Of Change: The capacity of the oil in this year’s Yamaha Stryker is 3.7 liters (3.9 US quarts). It includes oil inside the engine, filters, and the lines.


Oil Filter: Yamaha suggests that you use their Yamaha Genuine Oil Filter (part number 5GH-13440-00) for your 2011 Stryker. Making sure you use the right oil filter will ensure the proper filtration of your engine from harmful contaminants.

Oil Change Cost: The price of an oil change in 2011. Yamaha Stryker can range from $80 to $120. The price can vary based on the area, the type of filter and oil employed, as well as labor costs.

2011 yamaha stryker oil type

The oil type recommended for 2011, Yamaha Stryker should be 10W-40 motorcycle oil. There is however some flexibilities based on your driving conditions. Here’s how:

Oil TypeRecommended ViscosityAPI Service RatingJASO StandardNotes
Yamalube 10W-4010W-40SG or higherMAThis is the oil that has been recommended by Yamaha.
10W-40 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil10W-40SG or higherMAAn excellent synthetic choice to enhance performance and protection.
15W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil15W-50SG or higherMAIt is a great option for hot climates and racing with high performance.
Other types of motorcycle oil10W-40 or 15W-50SG or higherMACheck that the oil meets that oil’s API service rating as well as the JASO standard.

2011 yamaha stryker oil Capacity

Unfortunately, I don’t have the details to answer your question definitively. To provide you with the most accurate capacity data regarding your model year 2011 Yamaha Stryker, I’ll need to know the exact engine’s size.

Here are the capacities of oil for the various Yamaha Stryker engine sizes:

Engine SizeCapacity for Oil (with filter)Capacity for Oil (without filter)
1300cc4.2 liters (4.4 quarts)3.7 liters (3.9 quarts)
950cc3.5 liters (3.7 quarts)3.0 liters (3.2 quarts)

2011 yamaha stryker oil Filter

Here Are Some Suitable Oil Filters To Fit The 2011. Yamaha Stryker:

BrandPart NumberFilter TypeLength (mm)OD (mm)ID (mm)Price (USD)

2011 Yamaha Stryker Oil Change 

A regular oil change is vital to ensure the longevity of Your Yamaha Stryker. Here’s a step-by-step guide to guide you through changing your oil efficiently:

  1. Get the instruments and accessories: drain pan socket wrench and oil filter wrench funnel and fresh oil.
  2. Get the engine warmed up Begin the engine and then let it idle for a while to heat up the oil. This makes the process easier for draining.
  3. The drain pan should be placed in the right position. The drain pan should be placed under the plug for draining oil.
  4. Remove the oil by increasing the drain plug with a socket wrench, and let the old oil completely drain.
  5. Change the filter on your oil Make use of an oil wrench to get rid of the old filter. Place a layer of new oil on the seal of the filter prior to installing it.
  6. Refill the oil with new Utilize funnels to pour the required amount of fresh oil into the motor.
  7. Verify the level of oil After you have added your new oil test the level of the oil using the dipstick. Adjust the level if needed.
  8. Get rid of the old filter and oil correctly: Take the old filters and oil to an appropriate recycling facility or a collection site that is authorized.

Make sure you follow all safety precautions throughout the oil change process, for example, wearing gloves and making sure the motorcycle is placed on a level surface.

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The most recommended oil for the 2011, Yamaha Stryker bike will Be Yamalube 10W-40. It is specially designed specifically for use on Yamaha motorcycles And offers excellent protection and lubrication to the engine.

To guarantee the motor’s optimal performance And long-term durability, it is essential to pick the right kind of oil And to change it as the manufacturer directs.

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FAQs – 2011 yamaha stryker oil type

What kind of engine does a 2011 Yamaha Stryker have?

2011 Yamaha Stryker, 1304cc (80 cubic inches), liquid-cooled, short stroke, SOHC, 4-valve per cylinder, fuel injected, 60° V-twin powerplant pumps out … Heads Up… This purchase agreement is solely between you and the vehicle dealer.

How much does a Yamaha Stryker cost?

General information Model: Yamaha Stryker Year: 2011 Category: Custom/cruiser Price as new: US$ 11240. MSRP depends on country, taxes… 44 more rows …

What is the yoke offset on a Yamaha Stryker?

The engineers at Yamaha will not sacrifice handling for styling, so they have developed a 6-degree yoke offset angle combined with a 34-degree steering head for a total fork angle of 40 degrees. The “Stryker” provides light “athletic handling and easy steering” not normally associated with a custom-styled bike. This bike was designed to be ridden!

Is the Yamaha Star Stryker Yamaha’s attempt to steal the Fury away?

Meet the Star Stryker, Yamaha’s attempt to steal lucrative faux chopper sales away from the Honda Fury.

What kind of engine oil do I use on my 2010 Yamaha Stryker?

The oil recommended for 2011. Yamaha Stryker will be Yamalube 10W-40.

Can I use a different oil brand instead of Yamalube?

It is suggested to utilize Yamalube oil since it was specifically developed for Yamaha motorcycles and offers optimal quality and safety. If Yamalube isn’t readily accessible, it is possible to opt for the highest-quality oil that meets the requirements of the JASO MA2 or MA2 specifications.