Kubota ZD28 Diesel Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost


Kubota ZD28 diesel Oil Type: Making sure the Kubota ZD28 lawnmowers is operating smoothly requires regular maintenance which includes changing the oil in the engine and filter. 

This guide contains essential details about Kubota ZD28’s KUBOTA ZD28’s diesel engine type capacity, capacity, filter, and the cost of changing it Based on reliable sources and current information.


Engine Oil Type: This Kubota ZD28 engine is required to use Kubota Super UDT oil, which meets the API Service Classification of CF-4/SG and more. This oil of high quality is designed specially to be used on Kubota diesel engines and guarantees maximum performance and security.

Oil Capacity: The engine oil capacity on the KUBOTA ZD28 engine is 4.4 US quarts (4.1 Liters). Make sure you fill the right amount of oil to prevent over or underfilling, which could negatively affect engine performance.


Oil Filter: The most recommended oil filter for the Kubota ZD28 engine is one called the Original Kubota oil filter 7000-0163. Utilizing an authentic Kubota filter will ensure that you get the right filtering and shield your vehicle from damaging contaminants.

kubota zd28 diesel Oil Type

The preferred oil type for a Kubota ZD28 diesel is Kubota SUPER UDT (Super Universal Dynamic Tractor Fluid). It is specifically designed for Kubota transmissions and engines and offers the best safety and performance.

Here is a table for here is a table of the Kubota ZD28 diesel oil model:

OilViscosityCapacity (Engine)Capacity (Transmission)Change Interval
Kubota SUPER UDT15W-403.6 quarts (0.9 gallons)3.4 quarts (0.85 gallons)100 hours
Shell Rimula R4 X 15W-4015W-403.6 quarts (0.9 gallons)3.4 quarts (0.85 gallons)100 hours
Mobil Delvac 1300 Super 15W-4015W-403.6 quarts (0.9 gallons)3.4 quarts (0.85 gallons)100 hours
Valvoline Premium Blue 15W-4015W-403.6 quarts (0.9 gallons)3.4 quarts (0.85 gallons)100 hours

kubota zd28 diesel Oil Capacity

Kubota ZD28 diesel Kubota ZD28 diesel features a capacity of 3.4 Liter (3.6 US Quarts, 3.0 imperial Quarts) capacity for engine oil. It will Require the amount to complete the filling of the Crankcase in the engine to the Right level.

Below is the table listing the Capacities of the Kubota ZD28 diesel oil:

ComponentOil Capacity
Engine 3.4 liters (3.6 US Quarts, 3.0 imperial Quarts)
Transmission 3.2 liters (3.4 US Quarts, 2.8 imperial Quarts)
Differential (rear) 1.8 liters (1.9 US Quarts, 1.6 imperial Quarts)
Gearbox (mower decks) 0.4 liters (0.42 US Quarts, 0.35 imperial Quarts)
Cooling system 3.8 liters (4 US Quarts, 3.3 imperial Quarts)
Tanks for recovery 0.25 liters (0.26 US Quarts, 0.22 imperial Quarts)

kubota zd28 Diesel Oil Filter

This Kubota diesel zero-turn mower is equipped with a particular oil filter that keeps the engine in good condition and running smoothly. This is what you need to learn about the ZD28’s oil filter:

Part NumberHH150-32094
Older Part Number15241-32090
Compatible ModelsZD28, BX2200, BX2660, BX2350
Crankcase Capacity3.6 quarts (0.9 gallons)
Oil Change Interval50 hours or more seasonally

How to Check and Change the Motor Oil

To keep the Kubota ZD28 diesel mower’s efficiency, it is essential to maintain a regular check-up and change the oil in your engine. Do these things:

  1. Let the engine cool down.
  2. Find the dipstick for oil normally in the vicinity of the engine.
  3. Dismantle the dipstick, then take it off and clean the area.
  4. Replace the dipstick and remove it to check the level of oil. Make sure it is within the acceptable range.
  5. If the level of oil has dropped or the fluid looks dirty It’s time to change it.
  6. Remove the old oil by taking the drain plug off and letting it drain completely.
  7. Change the plug for the drain, and then refill the engine with recommended motor oil. Follow the instructions in the owner’s guidebook.
  8. Examine the oil level a second time to be sure that it is at a proper level.
  9. Clean up the used oil correctly.

Make sure to consult the Kubota ZD28 diesel mower’s owner’s guide for specific maintenance instructions and schedules.


Selecting the correct motor oil that is suitable for the Kubota ZD28 diesel mower is crucial to keep its performance and prolong its life. 

If you use an oil that is recommended and adhere to proper maintenance protocols and procedures, you can ensure your mower will continue to run effectively and efficiently. 

Be sure to refer to the owner’s manual to find specific guidelines and suggested oil replacement intervals.

Don’t delay any longer to ensure that you provide the Kubota ZD28 diesel mower the care it requires. 

Make sure you purchase the correct motor oil today to enjoy the benefits of improved performance and long-lasting.

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FAQs – what type of motor oil does a Kubota Zd28 diesel take

What Type of Oil to Use in Kubota Diesel? 1 Internal Engine Oil. Engine oil in Kubota diesels should be monitored on a regular basis, and you must have the right oil. It is recommended to use … 2 External Lubricating Oil. 3 Power Steering.

What kind of engine does a Kubota zd28 have?

The Kubota ZD28 is equipped with a 1.1 L three-cylinder diesel engine and hydrostatic transmission with infinite forward and reverse gears. The Kubota ZD28 zero-turn mower used the Kubota D1105 engine.

What happens if you put too much oil in a Kubota?

If improper oil is used, it could become too thick or too thin and cause damage to the engine from overheating. This type of damage typically is not covered by warranties. A well-lubricated Kubota engine will help increase the life of the engine and ensure the best performance.

What kind of engine does a Kubota zero-turn mower have?

The Kubota ZD28 zero-turn mower used the Kubota D1105 engine. It is a 1.1 L, 1,123 cm 2, (68.5 cu·in) three-cylinder natural aspirated diesel engine with 78.0 mm (3.07 in) of the cylinder bore and 78.4 mm (3.09 in) of piston stroke.

What kind of motor oil do I choose for the diesel engine of the Kubota ZD28?

The most recommended motor oil for the Kubota ZD28 diesel engine high-quality diesel engine oil that has the API grade of CF or greater.

Can I use regular gasoline engine oil in my Kubota ZD28 diesel engine?

The answer is no, it’s not recommended to make use of gasoline engine oil in diesel engines like Kubota ZD28. Kubota ZD28. Diesel engines require special diesel engine oils because of their unique operating conditions and specifications.

What grade of viscosity should I pick in the motor oil I use in the diesel Kubota ZD28 engine? 

The proper viscosity for the motor oil used in the Kubota ZD28 diesel engine will be contingent on the operating conditions as well as the conditions in which it is to be operated. The most general advice is to choose an oil with a viscosity of 15W-40.

What is the recommended frequency to replace the oil on my diesel Kubota engine?

The recommended oil change interval for Kubota’s ZD28 diesel engine is generally every 100 hours of use or as per the manual for owners. It’s nevertheless recommended to consult the manual to find the specific recommendations of the manufacturer.