Kubota RTV 1100 Hydraulic Oil Type [Update 2023] ❤️

The hydraulic system of the Kubota RTV 1100 utility vehicle, which is in charge of running the truck’s lifting and dumping capabilities as well as its hydraulic bed lift, is powered by hydraulic oil.

Manufacturer Kubota advises using premium hydraulic oil that is anti-wear and has a minimum viscosity of ISO 46. Common names for this oil include “hydraulic oil 46” and “AW 46 hydraulic oil.”

The manufacturer’s suggested oil must be used in order to maintain the hydraulic system’s optimal performance and efficiency and to prevent system damage.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for oil type, viscosity, and change intervals, and reference the owner’s manual for details on maintenance needs for your Kubota RTV 1100.

Kubota RTV 1100 Hydraulic Oil Type

Kubota RTV1100 requires an exact kind of hydraulic oil to operate the hydraulics system. The type of hydraulic oil recommended will be Kubota UDT (or Super UDT fluid which is a premium hydraulic transmission fluid that offers outstanding safety and reliability for hydraulics.

It is essential to select the correct type of hydraulic oil for your Kubota RTV 1100, as the incorrect type of fluid could result in an ineffective performance, or even harm to the hydraulics system.

Always consult the manual of the owner for specific instructions and guidelines concerning the type of hydraulic oil and maintenance of your Kubota RTV 1100.

kubota RTV 1100 Hydraulic Oil Capacity

Approximately 3.2 gallons of fluid can be stored in the hydraulic system of a Kubota RTV 1100 utility vehicle (12.1 liters). This is the total capacity of the entire hydraulic system, including the pump, the tank, and the hoses.

The vehicle’s hydraulic lift and dump functions, as well as the hydraulic bed lift, are all powered by the vehicle’s hydraulic system.

For optimal performance, keep the hydraulic oil at the recommended level at all times. Regular checks of the hydraulic oil level, along with replenishment as needed, are recommended per specifications provided by the manufacturer.

For optimal performance and continued cleanliness of the hydraulic system, the oil must be replaced at regular intervals as directed by the manufacturer.

Refer to the owner’s manual or get in touch with a Kubota dealer whenever you have problems or require repairs on the hydraulic system of your Kubota RTV 1100.

Kubota RTV 1100 Hydraulic Oil Change

Regularly changing the oil in the system for hydraulics of Kubota RTV 1100 is essential for maintaining the system properly and making sure that the hydraulic system runs efficiently and smoothly. These are the steps needed to make a change in the hydraulic oil in your Kubota RTV 1100

  1. Turn off the engine and let it finish cooling.
  2. Find the hydraulic oil reservoir located on the RTV 1100. It often sits on the side of the car facing the driver.
  3. Take the drain plug off the reservoir’s bottom by using a wrench or a socket.
  4. Remove the old hydraulic oil into a suitable container, and dispose of it in a proper manner in a recycling center.
  5. Change the plug and secure it tightly.
  6. Make sure to fill the hydraulic system up with the type of hydraulic oil that is recommended that you prefer, like Kubota UDT and Super UDT fluid. Use funnels to prevent spills.
  7. Verify the level of oil using the dipstick on the uppermost part of the reservoir. The level of oil should be in the middle of those “Full” as well as the “Low” mark at the bottom of the dipstick.
  8. Begin the engine, and then run it for a short time to circulate the fresh fluid throughout the hydraulic systems.
  9. Verify the level of oil and increase the amount of oil as needed.
  10. Get rid of old oil as well as any other used items properly at a recycling center.
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Always consult the owner’s manual to find specific directions and guidelines concerning the type of hydraulic oil and maintenance of the Kubota RTV1100. It is crucial to carry out regular changes to the hydraulic oil in order to ensure that the hydraulic system functions effectively and smoothly.

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Final Word 

It is the Kubota RTV 1100 is a utility vehicle that needs hydraulic oil for operation. The manufacturer suggests the use of Kubota genuine hydraulic oil 46HH on this model.

The use of this recommended oil for your hydraulic system will make sure that the vehicle is operating effectively and efficiently since it is developed for use with Kubota RTV 1100. Kubota RTV 1100. Other types of oil can result in damage to the vehicle, and hinder its performance.

It is crucial to remember that regular oil and maintenance are essential to ensure that the vehicle runs smoothly.

Follow the recommendations of the manufacturer for oil changes, as well as the other routine maintenance procedures to guarantee the long-term durability and dependability of the Kubota RTV 1100.

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FAQ kubota rtv 1100 hydraulic oil type

 When was the rtv1100 safety handbook released by Kubota?
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Before servicing and repairing, KUBOTA Corporation 2007 KiSC released 03, 2008 A 3. 1 RTV1100, WSM SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS • Carefully read the directions and safety warnings in this manual as well as on the machine’s safety decals. • Clean the machine and the workspace.

How to check the hydraulic oil level on a G19 rtv1100?

G-19 RTV1100, WSM G GENERAL Checking Hydraulic Oil Tank Level 1. Park the vehicle on a flat surface. 2. Stop the engine and remove the key. 3. Tilt the seat and remove the utility box.

What is the best gear oil for Kubota excavators?

Kubota Gear Oils meet or exceed: Ford M2C108C; Mack GO-H, GO-H, & GO-J; Mil-L-2105E; API Services GL-5, GL-4. Kubota Excavator Gear Oil is formulated and designed to meet the stressful requirements of Kubota’s Excavators. It was developed and approved by Kubota Japan R&D. Its high viscosity index allows use in a wide range of temperatures.

How much oil does a G-9 rtv1100 require?

G-9 RTV1100, WSM G GENERAL NOTE■ • Engine Oil: The oil used in the engine must have an American Petroleum Institute (API) service classification and be the Correct SAE Engine Oil based on the aforementioned ambient conditions. • Transmission oil: The transmission lubricant is also utilized as hydraulic fluid.

What type of hydraulic oil should I use in my Kubota RTV 1100?

Kubota recommends using Kubota Genuine Hydraulic Oil 46HH for the RTV 1100.

Can I use other brands of hydraulic oil in my Kubota RTV 1100?

While it is possible to use other brands of hydraulic oil, it is recommended to use Kubota Genuine Hydraulic Oil 46HH for the best performance and longevity of your vehicle.

How often should I change the hydraulic oil in my Kubota RTV 1100?

Kubota recommends changing the hydraulic oil every 500 hours or every 12 months, whichever comes first.

What should I do if the hydraulic oil level in my Kubota RTV 1100 is low?

If the hydraulic oil level is low, add Kubota Genuine Hydraulic Oil 46HH until the level is in the appropriate range.

Can I mix different types of hydraulic oil in my Kubota RTV 1100?

It is not recommended to mix different types of hydraulic oil as it can cause damage to the vehicle.

How much hydraulic oil does my Kubota RTV 1100 need?

The hydraulic tank capacity for the RTV 1100 is approximately 8.2 gallons.

What is the proper temperature range for the hydraulic oil in my Kubota RTV 1100?

The recommended temperature range for hydraulic oil is between 32°F to 104°F.

Can I use hydraulic oil that is a different viscosity than the recommended Kubota Genuine Hydraulic Oil 46HH?

It is not recommended to use hydraulic oil that is a different viscosity than what is recommended by Kubota.

Where can I purchase Kubota Genuine Hydraulic Oil 46HH for my Kubota RTV 1100?

Kubota Genuine Hydraulic Oil 46HH can be purchased at your local Kubota dealership or online through Kubota’s website.