2012 Toyota Camry Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost


2012 Toyota Camry Oil Type: Maintaining the health of your car’s engine is essential for a smooth and enjoyable ride regular oil changes are an essential aspect of this maintenance. 

This guide will give you all the details you require to conduct the oil changes on the 2011 Toyota Camry, including the recommended type of oil, the capacity, filter, and price.


Recommendation Oil Type: A recommended kind of oil to use for the 2012 Toyota Camry is 0W-20 full-synthetic oil. This kind of oil offers the best protection for your engine in various driving conditions. It will also improve the efficiency of your fuel.

The capacity of Oil: The oil capacity for the 2012. Toyota Camry is 4.7 quarts.


Oil Filter: A recommended filter to use for the 2011 Toyota Camry is the Toyota Genuine Oil Filter 90915-YZZF1.

Price of Oil Change: The price of changing your oil on 2012. Toyota Camry will vary depending on the kind of oil you pick as well as the labor costs in your region. But it is possible that it is possible that you can anticipate you to pay between $30 to $50 for a basic oil change.

2012 Toyota Camry Oil Type

2012 Toyota Camry oil type

The oil type recommended for 2012. Toyota Camry is SAE 20W 0W. It is synthetic oil that is specifically formulated for use in the most modern Toyota engines. 

It is low in viscosity which permits it to flow easily throughout the engine and even in cold temperatures. This improves the efficiency of fuel and lessens stress on your engine.

If you are in a position to not find SAE 0W-20 oil then you can make use of SAE 5W-20 oil for an interim replacement. But it is recommended that you should return to SAE 0W-20 as soon as you can.

Here is an overview of the oil recommended types and the capacity of this year’s Toyota Camry:

EngineOil TypeOil Capacity
2.5L (153 ci)SAE 0W-204.5 quarts
3.5L (211 ci)SAE 0W-206.4 quarts

2012 Toyota Camry Oil Capacity

The capacity of oil for 2012. Toyota Camry with a 2.5L 4-cylinder engine is around 4.5 quarters (or 4.3 Liters) for changing the oil filter, as well.

It is recommended to refer to the owner’s manual or a Toyota dealer for the exact oil capacity for the specific model of your vehicle because there could be small variations depending on the engine’s model and other aspects.

Top Oil Brands 2012 Toyota Camry

A variety of reputable oil brands provide high-quality products that meet the requirements for the Toyota Camry. They include:

  1. Mobil 1
  2. Castrol
  3. Valvoline
  4. Pennzoil
  5. Royal Purple

A trusted brand of oil assures you that you’re using the highest-quality oil that meets the requirements for your car.

2012 Toyota Camry Oil Filter

The most recommended oil filter for the 2011 Toyota Camry is the Toyota 04152-YZZA1. This is an authentic Toyota oil filter which is why it is the ideal option for your vehicle. 

It is made to fit the requirements of the Camry engine. It will assist in keeping your engine operating effortlessly and effectively.

Here are the other oil filters that are compatible with this year’s Toyota Camry:

  • Mobil 1 M1C-251A
  • K&N HP-1006
  • Wix 51334
  • Bosch 3300
  • Fram Tough Guard TG3506

These filters are top-quality and will offer excellent protection to the Camry engine. The Toyota 04152-YZZA1 is the most suitable overall option for your car.

2012 Toyota Camry Oil Change

For changing the oil in 2012. Toyota Camry, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that the engine is running cool and parked on an even surface.
  2. Take off the cap on the oil filler and the drain plug that is located on the lower left of the oil pan, allowing it to run off.
  3. After the oil has gone down completely, remove the drain plug, and install an oil filter that is new.
  4. Be sure to ensure that the engine is filled with the quantity of oil suggested (4.5 4 quarts for engines with 4 cylinders or 6.4 quarters for a six-cylinder engine) with funnels to avoid spills.
  5. Replace the cap on the oil filler and then start the engine to look for leaks.
  6. Switch off the engine and then check the level of oil using the dipstick. Make sure to add more oil if needed.
  7. Get rid of the old filter and oil correctly at a recycling center or at an auto parts store.

We recommend that you change the oil and filter every between 5,000 and 7,500 miles or once every six months, whichever is first, to ensure maximum performance of the engine.

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Selecting the correct type of oil that is suitable for 2012. Toyota Camry is crucial to its longevity and performance. 

Be sure to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines, think about how you drive and the conditions, and select the right viscosity and additives for your oil. The routine of changing your oil is essential.

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FAQs – 2012 Toyota Camry oil type

How much is an oil change for the 2012 Toyota Camry?

The cost to have the oil changed in the 2012 Camry at a dealership is $100 to $120, including labor. The approved engine oil type for the 2012 Toyota Camry is the Toyota Genuine Motor Oil or equivalent to the 0W-20.

What kind of oil does a Toyota Camry take?

Camry (6-Cyl) 3.5L made in 2012 or later (0W-20): Best Quality – Mobil 1 Extended Performance Full Synthetic Motor Oil 0W-20. Best Value – Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 0W-20 Motor Oil. This includes 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 Toyota Camry (3.5L – 6-cyl).

What type of transmission fluid does a 2012 Toyota Camry use?

Toyota Camry 2012, ATF Type TLS-LV Automatic Transmission Fluid by Idemitsu®. This product is made of high-quality components to meet and exceed strict quality requirements. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers…

What do the numbers mean on a Toyota Camry oil change?

Changing Oil in a Toyota Camry. What Viscosity is Right for Me? When you see the numbers on the bottle like “5W-30”, very simply, the first number corresponds to the viscosity when the oil is cold (think “W” for “winter”). The number before the “W” refers to the viscosity rating at 0°C.