25 HP Kawasaki Engine Oil Type, Capacity, & Change Cost

25 hp Kawasaki engine oil type: The maintenance of an up-to-date Kawasaki bike’s motor is vital to ensure the best performance and longevity. A key aspect of maintaining your engine is regular oil changes. 

Making sure you use the right oil type And capacity, as well as prompt replacement of the oil filter, can ensure that your Kawasaki functions effortlessly And effectively. In this thorough guide, we’ll dive into the intricate details that come with Kawasaki engine oil.

I’ll also explore the recommended type of oil capacity, filter size, And the cost of changing to keep your motorcycle in top performance.

25 HP Kawasaki Oil Type

For a 25HP Kawasaki engine, the recommended oil is generally SAE 10W-30. This type of oil offers adequate lubrication and security for the engine. 

It’s essential to check the user’s manual of your vehicle or call the company directly in order to confirm that you’re using the correct oil for the model you have.

25HP Kawasaki Oil Capacity

The capacity of oil for the 25HP Kawasaki engine varies based on the particular model. But, in general, you can expect the capacity of oil to range between 1.5 to 2.0 Liters (0.40 or 0.53 US gallons). It is always best to check the owner’s manual in order to confirm the exact capacity of oil for your particular model.

Here is an oil table capacities for a few of the most popular 25, HP Kawasaki models:

ModelOil Capacity
KLX2501.5 liters (0.40 US gallons)
KX2501.6 liters (0.42 US gallons)
Ninja 2501.7 liters (0.45 US gallons)

It is essential to choose the right type of oil to suit your Kawasaki engine. Kawasaki suggests using 10W-40, 15W-50 API, or the SL motor oil. It is recommended that you should also consider using a Kawasaki oil filter.

25 HP Kawasaki engine oil filter

This Kawasaki 25HP engine oil filter is an essential part of your engine. It’s which is responsible for eliminating pollutants from oil, and ensuring that your engine operates well and smoothly. The following are some most important attributes included in this Kawasaki 25HP engine oil filter

  • Filter media of high-quality traps dirt, debris, and other harmful contaminants.
  • It is designed to maximize filtering efficiency while minimizing pressure drop
  • Simple to replace and install
  • Compatible with a range of Kawasaki 25 HP engines.

Here is an inventory of engines that are compatible Kawasaki engines with 25 HP:

  • FH451V-FH680D
  • FH200V-FH230D
  • FJ170V-FJ180V
  • FJ170D-FJ220D
  • FR450V-FR691D
  • FR651V-FR730D
  • FX651V-FX730D

If you are not sure the right oil filter is suitable for your Kawasaki engine, you can go through the owner’s guide or speak to the local Kawasaki Dealer.

25 HP Kawasaki engine oil change

The process of changing the oil in the 25HP Kawasaki engine is an extremely simple procedure that can be accomplished at home using a couple of basic tools. Here is the step-by-step instructions:

Materials Needed:

  • Kawasaki 4-Stroke Engine Oil SAE 10W-40
  • Oil filter (Kawasaki part number 49065-7010)
  • Oil drain pan
  • Funnel
  • Socket wrench or Ratchet
  • Paper towels or Rags
  • Safety glasses


  1. Get the engine warmed up by running for a few minutes. This will allow the oil to flow more smoothly.
  2. Shut off the motor and allow it to cool for 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. Place the drain pan for oil underneath the engine.
  4. Use a socket wrench, or a ratchet to loosen the drain plug.
  5. Let the oil fully drain into the drain pan for oil. This may take up to 15 minutes.
  6. After the oil has been gone down then replace the drain plug and secure it.
  7. Clean out the old oil filter. Be cautious not to leak any oil.
  8. Apply a thin coating of oil that is new to the seal of your new filter.
  9. Install the new filter on the motor by using your hands until the filter is comfortable. Do not over tighten.
  10. 2. Add 2 quarts of fresh oils to the motor by using funnel.
  11. Examine the level of oil with the dipstick. The level of oil should be in between and the “full” and “add” marks.
  12. Get the motor started and allow it to run for couple of minutes.
  13. Shut off the engine, and then check for leaks.

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The selection of the right oil for the 25HP Kawasaki engine is essential to keeping it in good condition and long-lasting. 

When you consider the recommended viscosity level, API classification, and the conditions of your operation to ensure the proper fluidity, cooling, and protection. Make sure to read the owner’s manual, and pick top-quality oils from trusted brands. 

Following these tips will boost your engine’s performance, and give you long-lasting reliability for long time to follow.

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FAQs – 25 hp Kawasaki engine oil type

What kind of oil do you put in a Kohler 25hp engine?

 Kohler will recommend 10w30 for a 25hp Command series. If that’s what you choose, I’d want it to be Kohler branded 10w30 or any other 10w30 intended for small air-cooled engines. Similarly one may ask, what kind of oil does a Kohler engine take? Furthermore, how much oil does a Kohler engine take?

 How can I change the oil in my Kawasaki engine fast?

 To make changing your oil fast, easy, and clean, get yourself a Kawasaki Oil Drain Hose! Part# 51044-0902. Use the quick reference chart below to find the right oil for your Kawasaki Engine quickly.

 How often should I check the oil in my Kawasaki engine?

 We recommend you check the oil levels daily and always use Genuine Kawasaki 4 Stroke Engine oil. To make changing your oil fast, easy, and clean, get yourself a Kawasaki Oil Drain Hose!

 What is the oil capacity of a 25 hp Kohler V-twin?

 Kohler V-Twin Oil Capacity. I understand that my 25 HP Kohler Command V-Twin (Model CV25S) is supposed to have a 2-quart oil capacity. Who makes Kohler engine oil? I have heard that the Kohler oil was made by Quaker State. The only Kohler engines that are recommended using 30w are the K and M series.