John Deere 2640 Hydraulic Oil Type, Capacity & Engine Specs


John Deere 2640 Hydraulic Oil Type: To ensure optimal performance of the hydraulic system for your tractor John Deere 2640 involves having the correct oil, knowing the capacity, And making regular maintenance of your filters. 

This manual, compiled from the official John Deere sources And updated to 2024, equips you to make informed choices about the health of your tractor’s hydraulics. 


Written in a concise And clear Table format, this guide will help you keep your 2640 running in peak condition for many years to come.

John Deere 2640 Hydraulic Oil Type

John Deere recommends using John Deere Hy-Gard Low Viscosity Hydraulic Oil (LV HO) for the 2640 tractor. 


This oil, formulated specifically for John Deere tractors and hydraulic systems, delivers optimal performance across a broad range of operating temperatures and conditions.

Hy-Gard LVHO is great wear protection, decreases friction, And increases the lifespan of your components.

John Deere 2640 Hydraulic Oil Capacity

The oil capacities of hydraulics on John Deere 2640 Are dependent on the model year and the model’s configuration. 

Consult the operator’s guide to determine the capacity of your tractor. For A general rule of thumb, 2640 models typically Are equipped with hydraulic oil capacities that range from 18-22 gallons (68-83 liters).

John Deere 2640 Hydraulic Oil Filter

John Deere recommends using the John Deere RE50080 Hydraulic Oil Filter for the tractor 2640. The filter is designed to eliminate contaminants from the hydraulic oil, thus protecting the system against wear And wear And tear. 

It is essential to change the filter on your hydraulic system often, under the recommended intervals for maintenance in the operator’s manual.

John Deere 2640 Hydraulic Oil Change Cost

The cost of a hydraulic oil change for a John Deere 2640 varies based on factors like location, the oil type, and whether you perform the task or hire an authorized dealer.

Anticipate spending between $100 and $200, encompassing filter oil and labor charges, when seeking services from dealers.

John Deere 2640 ENGINE Specs

Its John Deere 2640 tractor, manufactured from 1976 until 1982, was a well-known machine in its time. The reliable engine, A diesel 4-cylinder powerhouse, played An important part in its success. For a deeper understanding of the capabilities of this engine, I’ll look at its primary features:

John Deere 2640 Engine Specifications

Engine MakeJohn DeereJohn Deere Technical Manual TM1299
Engine Type4-cylinder, vertical, liquid-cooledJohn Deere Technical Manual TM1299
Displacement276 cubic inches (4.5 Liters)John Deere Technical Manual TM1299
Bore and Stroke4.19 inches x 5.00 inches (106 mm x 127 mm)John Deere Technical Manual TM1299
Rated RPM2,500 RPMJohn Deere Technical Manual TM1299
Compression Ratio16.7:1John Deere Technical Manual TM1299
Gross Power77 horsepower (57 kW)John Deere Technical Manual TM1299
Drawbar Power62 horsepower (46 kW)Nebraska Tractor Test 1157
Fuel SystemBosch injection pumpJohn Deere Technical Manual TM1299
Cooling SystemPump is driven by gears and thermostatically controlled fanJohn Deere Technical Manual TM1299
Lubrication SystemFull-flow, pressure-lubricated, with disposable cartridge filtersJohn Deere Technical Manual TM1299

FAQs – John Deere 2640 hydraulic oil type

What kind of tractor is a John Deere 2640?

The John Deere 2640 is a 2WD utility tractor from the 2040 series. The John Deere 2640, part of the 2040 series, is a 2WD utility tractor produced in Dubuque, Iowa, USA. The first generation spans 1976-1979, and the second generation covers 1980-1982.

What grade of hydraulic oil does John Deere use?

In contrast, low-viscosity Hy-Gard boasts an ISO 32 viscosity grade, unlike its counterparts with ISO 46 and 68 grades. John Deere exclusively developed both hydraulic oil types for their equipment; however, many owners of other machines use them for non-John Deere equipment.

Can I refill my John Deere tractor with hydraulic fluid?

To ensure optimal performance, always use recommended fluids when refilling or topping off fluid levels in your John Deere tractor. The choice of hydraulic fluid depends on the specific type of machine you own.

What kind of hydraulic fluid do I need for 2640?

But, you will need quite a bit of hydraulic fluid and it needs to be “premium “. I do not recall the JD fluid spec but don’t buy cheap stuff. In 2640, the cap of the dipstick is usually Red from the factory. I can’t remember seeing one with a Blackcap, but anything is possible.

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