John Deere 185 Hydro Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost


John Deere 185 Hydro Oil Type: The maintenance of the condition of your John Deere 185 tractor’s hydraulic system is vital to ensure its maximum performance and long-lasting use. 

This includes using the appropriate kind of oil for hydraulics, filling it up to the proper capacity, and changing the filter frequently. 


In this article, I’ll go over the details of John Deere’s 185 hydraulic oils, including their capacity, type filter, and costs.

Oil type: Choosing the right hydraulic oil is vital to ensuring that your tractor’s hydraulic system functions efficiently and smoothly. We’ll advise the particular kind of hydraulic oil suggested by John Deere to model 185.


Capacity Of Oil: Accurately determining the capacity of hydraulic oil is essential in avoiding overfilling or subfilling that could cause damage to the system. We’ll give you the exact hydraulic capacity for the John Deere tractor model 185.

Oil Filter: Removing and replacing the oil filter for your hydraulic system frequently is crucial to remove contaminants and maintain the system’s cleanness. We’ll recommend the appropriate hydraulic oil filter that is suitable for John Deere tractor 185.

Oil change cost: Knowing the estimated cost of an oil change on your hydraulic system can assist you in budgeting for this crucial maintenance job. We’ll offer an estimate for John Deere’s Hydraulic oil replacement for 185.

John Deere 185 hydro oil type

The type of hydro-oil needed for the John Deere 185 lawn mower is dependent on your tractor’s serial numbers. For tractors that have serial numbers up to 475000, you’ll require SAE 30 motor oil. For tractors that have serial numbers of 475001 or higher then you’ll require John Deere Hydrostatic Transmission Fluid.

Here is a table that summarizes the hydro oil required for the various John Deere serials:

Serial Number RangeHydro Oil Required
Through 475000SAE 30 Motor Oil
475001 and upJohn Deere Hydrostatic Transmission Fluid

John Deere 185 hydro Oil Capacity

The capacity of oil of the John Deere Hydro 185 Hydro is different according to the model And the year. 

As an overall guideline, the hydrostatic Transmission system used by the John Deere 185 Hydro Typically is able to hold between 3 And four Quarters (2.8 to 3.8 Liters) in oil. 

It is Recommended that you read the manual of the owner or call a John Deere dealer to determine the exact oil Capacity of your particular model And the year for this John Deere 185 Hydro. 

The manufacturer’s suggestions for the capacity of oil will ensure the proper functioning And performance of the hydraulic transmission.


John Deere 185 hydro oil Filter

The John Deere Hydro oil filter 185 is an item that is crucial to the optimal operation of your lawn mower. It assists in removing dirt debris, dirt, along other contaminants, from the hydraulic fluid which protects the equipment from damage and wear.

These are the parts numbers for John Deere’s Hydro oil filter 185:

  • AM107423
  • AM101054
  • 16097-1069
  • 49065-2060
  • 49065-2068

John Deere 185 hydro oil Change

The regular change of the oil of the John Deere 185 Hydro is vital for maximum performance and a long-lasting engine. Make sure to follow these guidelines in order to make sure you have a successful oil change:

  1. Set up the equipment and collect the tools needed.
  2. Remove the oil that is in use.
  3. Change the filter in your oil.
  4. Make sure to fill the engine with the recommended type of oil and amount.
  5. Examine for leaks and check the oil levels.


The selection of the correct oil for the John Deere 185 Hydro is essential for optimal performance and durability. 

If you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and regular oil changes, and keep the right oil levels, you will ensure that your equipment runs effectively and efficiently for a long time to come.

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FAQs – John Deere 185 hydro oil type

What kind of oil do you use in a John Deere?

Plus-50™ II Engine Oil. Designed and tested by John Deere engineers. Recommended by engineers who design, develop, and test John Deere engines. Formulated to perform up to 500 hours in your John Deere engine*. Reduces downtime. Next-generation low ash CK-4 formula. Meets performance and emission requirements for all four-stroke diesel engines.

What are the different models of John Deere tractors?

John Deere 5D series includes PowerPro models and Value+++ models, offering our customers a wide range of tractors to select from. John Deere 5E Series tractors are available from 50HP to 75HP.

How much horsepower is a John Deere 5D tractor?

John Deere 5D series tractors range from 36 HP to 55 HP. The 5D series tractors are multi-utility in nature and efficient in both agricultural applications as well as heavy-duty haulage.

What kind of engine does a John Deere 102 have?

The John Deere 102 lawn tractor is equipped with a 0.5 L single-cylinder gasoline engine and gear-type transmission with 5 forward and 1 reverse gear. The John Deere 102 lawn tractor used the Briggs & Stratton 31 engine.