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2014 Ford Fusion Oil Type: For the 2014 model year Ford Fusion we have found 7 trims and their corresponding recommended oil types.

Click on the name of the trim to open up the panel and learn more about the oil type, volume, and change period.


Being the proud proprietor of a 2013 Ford Fusion, you want to make sure that your car performs smoothly and effectively. Oil selection is crucial to car performance.

It’s hard to choose a car oil from the many options. This article will help you understand all you must know about choosing the right oil type for 2014. Ford Fusion oil type.

2014 Ford Fusion Oil Type

For 2014, the Ford Fusion requires SAE 5W-20 fully synthetic motor oil. Here are a few specific products that could be used:

  • Mobil 1 – Extended Performance 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 Quart (Part No. 14977)
  • 5W20 motor oil
  • Signature Series 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil
  • XL 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil

The oil capacity of the Ford Fusion 2014 is 5.7 quarts. Ford Fusion is 5.7 quarts. The recommended interval for changing the oil in the engine is each 7,500 miles to ensure the car is in good condition.

2014 Ford Fusion Oil Capacity

This year’s Ford Fusion oil capacity is 5.7 quarters. It is important to know the fact that different 2014 Ford Fusions have the same weight of oil. The 2.0 engine is powered by 5-30w and the three other engines utilize 5-20w.

2014 Ford Fusion Oil Filter

The oil filter on the Ford Fusion in 2014 Ford Fusion is typically the Motorcraft FL-910S or a comparable filter that works with the engine of the vehicle.

Understanding Oil Types: Conventional vs. Synthetic

Before diving into choosing the right 2014 Ford Fusion oil type, it’s essential to understand the difference between conventional and synthetic oil.

  • Conventional Oil: This is the standard oil type that most cars use. It’s made from crude oil and contains various additives to enhance its performance. Conventional oil is the cheaper option compared to synthetic oil, but it requires more frequent oil changes.
  • Synthetic Oil: This oil type is made from chemical compounds and has a more consistent molecular structure than conventional oil. It offers better performance and longer-lasting protection for your engine. Although it’s more costly synthetic oil is less frequent in oil changes, which makes it an economical choice over the long term.

People to take into consideration when selecting the right oil type

After you’ve mastered the difference between conventional oil and synthetic oil types, we will provide a few aspects to be considered when choosing the best 2014 Ford Fusion oil type:

  • Owner’s Manual: The initial and most essential resource to refer to is the owner’s guide for your car. The manual contains guidelines on the type of oil and viscosity as well as the timing of changing oil according to the car’s model and model.
  • Driving Habits: Your driving behavior will affect the type of oil you require. If you often drive in stop-and-go or extreme conditions, you might require a performance-oriented oil such as synthetic oil.
  • Climate: The climate you reside in may also impact the oil type you select. If you reside in an area that experiences extreme temperatures, you might require an oil that can stand up to harsh conditions.

The Decoding of Viscosity- What is it and how to choose the Best One

Viscosity refers to the thickness of the oil or the resistance to flowing. The US Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) developed a numerical code-based viscosity indicator. The code is usually displayed in two figures separated by a “W” (e.g. 5W-30).

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The first number represents the oil’s viscosity at low temperatures (W is for winter) The degree of viscosity at high temperatures is indicated by the second number.

Higher numbers mean the oil is denser and flows slower, while lower numbers mean it flows faster.
To determine the appropriate viscosity to match your 2014 Ford Fusion oil type, go through the manual for your vehicle’s owner.

The manual will give the recommended range of viscosity based on the vehicle’s engine and the operating environment.

What happens if you don’t replace the oil on the 2014 Ford Fusion

Motor oil also has numerous different functions and benefits that include:

  • Helps protect the engine’s components from corrosion. The additives found in the majority of oils are designed in reducing oxidation and preventing corrosion.
  • Maintains your Ford Fusion’s 2014 Ford Fusion engine clean – This is essential to ensure that the engine is operating efficiently. The oil catches debris and dust particles and then transports them to the filter where they get caught. This decreases the chance of dirt accumulation inside the engine and leads to wear and tear on the engine.
  • Helps prevent engine knocking. Because elements, such as the pistons of your engine, aren’t touching the oil. It acts as a lubricant and keeps elements from coming into contact. This prevents issues or wears that are caused by engine noise.
  • To increase fuel efficiency. The less slipper the engine’s components, the less force is required to move them, meaning less fuel is consumed to power the motor.
  • Reduces heat. Aside from explosions that result from gasoline and spark plugs The source of heat is the friction of the engine components and this can cause massive wear and tear on important engine components. As the oil circulates through the engine, heat is transported away to cooler components. The dissipation of heat signifies that the engine’s components in no part of the engine will get too hot.

2014 Ford Fusion Oil Change

To perform one of the essential oil changes in the 2013 Ford Fusion, follow these steps:

  1. Get the essential items like an oil filter (Motorcraft FL-910S and similar) and the right amount and type of oil (5W-20 synthetic blend) and drain pan to store the oil, as well as the oil filter wrench and an appropriate socket or wrench to remove from the drain pipe.
  2. Be sure that your engine is cool and that it’s parked on level ground. Apply the parking brake for safety.
  3. Locate the drain pipe to drain oil beneath the motor. Put the drain pan for oil under it, to capture the oil.
  4. Use the socket set or wrench in order to remove the plug prior to drainage. Let the old oil completely drain into the drain pan.
  5. As the oil drains, it’s time to locate the oil filter. Utilize a wrench for the oil filter and remove it. Be cautious because the oil that remains could escape.
  6. Prior to installing the filter, apply an oil-thin coating on the gasket of rubber on the outside that is the surface of your oil filter.
  7. The new filter should be installed using your hands and move it clockwise until you feel comfortable. Don’t over-tighten.
  8. When the previous oil has been drained, put in the drain plug, then tighten it.
  9. Locate the cap on the oil filler that is located in the front of your engine and remove it.
  10. Add the necessary amount of oil into the engine with funnels to stop the spills. Consult the owner’s manual to determine what is the capacity of the oil.
  11. After you’ve put in the oil place it back in the filler to put it back into the correct position.
  12. Get the motor started and then let it run for a few minutes to circulate the new oil.
  13. After stopping the engine, wait a bit for the oil to settle.
  14. Verify the amount of oil with the dipstick. If needed you need to add more oil, do so until it is at the proper level.
  15. Eliminate the oil that is used as well as the filter from a recycling facility or auto shop that can take the old oils.
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Thank you! You’ve completed an oil change on the 2014 Ford Fusion. Be sure to follow guidelines for maintenance routines recommended by Ford for regular changes of oil.

How to change the oil on a 2014 Ford Fusion

2014 Ford Fusion oil change

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Selecting the best choice for the 2014 Ford Fusion oil type is vital to ensure the performance of your vehicle and extend its life span.

If you take into consideration factors such as your routines, your climate, and viscosity you can select an oil that is suitable for the requirements of your vehicle.

Always refer to your owner’s guide and adhere to the recommended frequency of oil changes to ensure the best performance.

By using the correct type of oil and regular maintenance the Ford Fusion 2014 Ford Fusion can continue to provide you with years of service to come.

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FAQ 2014 Ford fusion oil type and amount

What kind of oil does the 2014 Ford Fusion take?

Ford recommends using only engine oil licensed to the proper SAE viscosity grade of 5W-20 for the 2014 Ford Fusion. The 2014 Ford Fusion Engine oil capacity is 5.7 Quarts (5.4 Liters). I have a 2014 Ford Fusion and I only use mobile1 full synthetic in this car.

How often should you change the oil in a 2013 Ford Fusion?

Ford recommends not exceeding this interval and if the monitor stops working, then change oil at 5000 miles or six months frequency. It also mentions changing the oil within a week or 500 miles when the Change Oil message comes on. Best Oil for 2013 Ford Fusion

How often do I need to check the level of oil inside the 2014 Ford Fusion?

The interval to change oil for 2014. Ford Fusion is typically every 7,500 to 10,000 miles, or at least every twelve months depending on what comes first. But, consult the owner’s manual to find specific instructions.

Can I switch to full synthetic oils, instead of a non-natural blend?

Yes, it’s possible to switch to full synthetic oil if would like to. It’s more secure and last longer, however, it’s important to ensure it’s conforming to the specifications of the manufacturer.

How many quarts of oil will the 2014 Ford Fusion require?

The capacity of oil for the 2014 Ford Fusion is approximately 5.7 quarters (or 5.4 Liters) when you replace the oil filter, as well.

What engine oil filter do I choose for the 2013 Ford Fusion?

The most recommended oil filter for the 2013 Ford Fusion is the Motorcraft FL-910S or an equivalent filter that works with the engine of the vehicle.

Do I have to reuse the oil filter after the oil-changing process?

It is usually recommended to change the filter on your oil tank at every oil change. The old filter could cause a reduction in performance and even damage to the engine.

Are there alternatives to using the aftermarket oil filters in place of Motorcraft?

Yes, you are able to use aftermarket oil filters compatible with Ford Fusion. Ford Fusion. Be sure that they conform to the requirements and specifications, and are of good quality.

How do reset the reminder for oil changes in the event of an oil change?

To reset the reminder for oil changes in 2014. Ford Fusion, navigate to the settings menu of your vehicle and look for your oil change warning and follow the directions on how to set it. Consult the owner’s manual for the specific steps.

Are there any oils or additives on the 2014 Ford Fusion?

It’s generally not necessary to add additives or treatments to modern vehicles such as the Ford Fusion. Ford Fusion. Follow the manufacturer’s suggestions regarding the type of oil and stick to the regular maintenance schedules to maintain maximum performance.