Dodge 360 Engine Specs 2023


Dodge 360 Engine Specs

It is the Dodge 360 engine also referred to by the name of LA 360, is a famous V8 engine that was the power source for a variety of Dodge automobiles from 1971 until 2003. 

It’s renowned for its reliability, endurance, and tunability, which makes it a preferred option for collectors and enthusiasts alike.


Here’s a brief overview of the Dodge 360 engine specs:

SpecCarburetor (Pre-1980s)Fuel Injection (1980s-2003)
Engine TypeV8V8
Displacement360 cu in (5.9 L)360 cu in (5.9 L)
Horsepower170-230 horsepower (varies according to model/year)Between 195 and 230 horsepower (varies depending on the year and model)
Torque300-340 lb-ft (varies depending on the year and model)Between 280 and 340 lbs (varies depending on the year and model)
Capacity of Oil (with filter)5 quarts6 quarts
Recommended Oil TypeSAE 10W-40SAE 5W-30
Oil Filter TypeMopar 1215 (or equivalent)Mopar 1220 (or equivalent)
Average Oil Change Cost (Parts & Labor)$50 – $70$60 – $80


The Dodge 360 engine is a powerful V8 engine that has been a popular choice by enthusiasts of muscle cars for A long time.


With its impressive performance And legendary status, the 360 engine is used in a variety of Dodge models, such as the Charger, Chrysler Fifth Avenue, And the Avenger.

It has an 8.7:1 compression ratio, and it produces the equivalent of 255 horses At 4,400 RPM with a torque figure of 360 lb-ft at 2400 RPM.

Dodge 360’s Dodge 360 engine has a lengthy history And has seen many aftermarket Modifications And upgrades that make it a versatile And powerful engine for every car.

I hope this post was helpful to you. Thanks for reading the article I hope you enjoy many exciting rides on the Dodge 360 engine.