2023 Toyota Tundra Engine Specs 2023

2023 Toyota Tundra Engine Specs

In 2023, the Toyota Tundra roars onto The scene sporting not just one, but two engines with both fuel-efficient And powerful V6 machines that can take on whatever task you throw At them. Let’s take A look At the specifications of these marvels’ mechanical capabilities:

FeatureStandard i-FORCE V6Hybrid i-FORCE MAX V6
Engine TypeTwin-turbocharged V6Twin-turbocharged V6 + Electric Motor
Horsepower389 hp @ 5200 RPM437 HP (Combined output of the system) At 5200 RPM
Torque479 lb-ft @ 2400 RPM583 lb-FT @ 2400 RPM
Fuel Economy18/24 mpg (city/highway)20/24 mpg (city/highway)
Capacity of Oil (with filter)6.0 Quarts6.0 quarts
Recommended Oil TypeSAE 0W-20SAE 0W-20
Oil Filter TypeToyota 90915-YZF20Toyota 90915-YZF20
Average Oil Change Cost (Parts and labor)$60 – $80$60 – $80


2023’s Toyota Tundra is a powerful full-size pickup truck solely powered by A twin-turbocharged V-6 engine.

The standard model of this engine is available with 348 Horsepower or 379 according to the version, whereas the higher-powered version produces the power of 389 horsepower As well As 479 pounds of torque.

The Tundra comes with A 10-speed auto transmission And A coil-spring rear suspension which offers a smooth ride.

Even though it has An optimum towing capacity of 12,000 pounds, however, it’s not As powerful As the other models offer. I hope that you find this information useful and thank you for taking the time to read it!

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