Cat 3126 Engine Specs 2024 ❤️


Cat 3126 Engine Specs

The Cat 3126 was an engine that is turbocharged 7.2L diesel engine inline with six cylinders produced by Caterpillar and was first released in the year 1995. 

It’s the successor of that engine and was upgraded to be Caterpillar C7. Caterpillar C7 engine in 2003. 


It’s a medium-duty engine and is used in dump trucks as well as long-haul trucks. buses, ambulance vessels, RV cranes, fire trucks, cranes, and many more.

Here are a few of the Cat 3126 engine specifications:

TypeTurbocharged, Inline 6-cylinder Diesel Engine
Displacement7.2 Liters (439 cubic inches)
Bore and Stroke4.33 inches (110 millimeters) 4.33 inches (110 mm) 5.0 inches (127 mm)
Compression Ratio16:1
Horsepower170-420 HP (127-313 kW)
Torque420-1,050 LBFt (570-1,420 Nm)
Weight1,250 pounds (567 kg)
Engine Oil Capacity17 L (18.5 US qt)
Oil Filter TypeFull-flow Lube Oil Filter
Oil Filter Change Cost$ 10-20 USD (varies on the brand and the type of filter)
Oil Change Cost50-100 USD (varies according to the type of oil as well as labor costs and the location)


The Caterpillar 3126 engine can be described as A strong well-built diesel engine that is employed in A variety of applications like heavy-duty And marine vehicles. 

Despite initial problems with the engine, Caterpillar resolved these concerns which is why the engine has improved its standing. 

The engine’s remarkable specs including its horsepower As well As torque make it A preferred choice for people in need of A powerful engine. 

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