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Aw55-51sn Transmission Oil Type: Repairing an AW 55-50SN or AW 51SN was typically not difficult. issues with the AW55 50sn transmission.

Hydraulics are another issue with automatic transmissions; they started to fail after 100–150 000 km. Regular …


FAQ aw55-51sn transmission oil type

When to replace the oil pan of an aw55-50sn transmission?

Damaged or leaking AW55-50SN oil pans should be replaced. When repairing an engine, replacing the oil pan allows you to check and clean the inside before reassembling. If the transmission works well with the correct oil and the pan isn’t broken or leaking, it’s not necessary to change it. If you have worries regarding the pan, see a mechanic or transmission expert.

What kind of transmission does the AW 55-50sn-51sn have?

The transmission underwent a redesign that altered the gear algorithm and ironed out all the kinks in the hydraulics. The result is an enhanced Aisin AW 55-50SN-51SN automatic transmission, made possible by all of the aforementioned factors.


What kind of transmission fluid does a Volvo aw55 50 51sn take?

Volvo AW55-50/51SN P/N 1161540-8. Nissan RE5F22A Nissan Matic “K” Fluid capacity 8.2 qt. (7.8L) Synthetic. Exxon/Mobil manufactures a specific synthetic mineral fluid for this transmission simply called “3309”.


What kind of transmission does the aw55-50sn have a B4 brake band?

Volvo and Saab use the AW55-50SN automatic transmission. It uses a B4 brake band to slow or stop the gearbox using a hydraulic system and valves. The B4 brake band wraps a transmission drum or pulley. The B4 brake band is applied to the drum or pulley when the transmission is in “park” or “neutral” When braking or decelerating, the B4 brake band slows or stops the transmission.

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