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Honda Generator EU1000I Oil Type: Fuel Type Regular unleaded gasoline with an ethanol content of no more than 10% and a pump octane rating of 86 or higher Engine Oil Type SAE 10W-30, API SJ or later (or equivalent), for general use (see page 48) Maximum oil capacity: 8 oz (0.25 L) Spark Plug Type NGK: LR4C-E Electrode Gap 0.024–0.028 in (0.6–0.7 mm) Maintenance Before each use

FAQ honda generator eu1000i oil type

What is the oil capacity of a Honda eu2000i generator?

The Honda EU2000i has an oil capacity of. 42 quarts. Bring the oil level to the upper limit of the oil fill tube neck. Also, what is the best oil to use in a generator?


What kind of oil does a Honda generator use?

what kind of oil does my Honda generator use? Honda generators that operate with a 4-cycle engine require a 4-stroke motor oil that is rated API service class SJ or a later equivalent. 10-W-30 is the standard all-temperature motor oil recommended by Honda for its generators.

How much oil does a Honda eu3000is take?

Half A Quart of New Oil The Honda EU3000 is what the owner’s manual calls for. 58 US quarts of new oil are to be poured into the oil filler. That’s equal to about 18.56 ounces, 2.32 cups, or 549 mL. The manual recommends 10W-30 for moderate climates, 30 weight for tropical climates, and 5W-30 for colder climates.


How do I connect two Honda eu1000i generators for parallel operation?

These outlets are used for connecting two EU1000i generators for parallel operation (see page 30). A Honda-approved parallel operation cable (optional equipment) is required for parallel operation. This cable can be purchased from an authorized Honda generator dealer.

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