454 Engine Specs By Year 2023


454 Engine Specs By Year

The Chevrolet 454 is a legendary big-block V8 engine manufactured from 1970 until 2001. It was a very popular choice for automobiles, trucks, And SUVs. It remains a favorite among fans of performance today.

Here are the specifications for the 454 year by year:

YearHorsepower (HP)Torque (lb-ft)Compression RatioEngine Oil Capacity (qts)Engine TypeOil FilterChange Cost (USD)**
1970-1973365-450500-55010.25:17High-Compression (Mark IV)PF45$40-$60
1974-1975360-400470-5108.5:17Low-Compression (Mark IV)PF45$40-$60
19762454007.5:17Low-Compression (Mark IV)PF45$40-$60
1977-19802303857.5:17Low-Compression (Mark IV)PF45$40-$60
1981-19862103407.0:17Low-Compression (Mark IV)PF45$40-$60
1987-1995230-2554058.0:17Throttle Body Injection (Mark IV)PF47$45-$65
1996-2001230-290410-4558.5:17Vortec 7400 (Mark IV)PF47$45-$65
2009-Present495-505500-5159.5:17454 HO Crate Engine (Mark IV)PF47$50-$70


The engine 454 has developed throughout the years, as well as its specs have changed. From its inception until the present it has experienced modifications in torque, power as well as other aspects of performance. 


Understanding these changes will aid owners and enthusiasts to appreciate the development of this legendary engine. 


If you’re a classic vehicle enthusiast or a mechanic knowing the precise specifications for each year can help your knowledge of the historical background and its performance. 

Thanks for spending the time to learn about the specifications of the 454 engine according to the year. 

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