5.3 LS Engine Specs 2023


5.3 LS Engine Specs

Here’s a table that summarizes the specifications that are available for the 5.3 LS engine, complete with a picture for reference:

Displacement5.3L (325.1 cu in)
HorsepowerVariable based on model year (315-355 HP)
TorqueVariable based on model year (315-383 lb-ft)
Bore3.78 inches (96 mm)
Stroke3.62 inches (92 mm)
Compression RatioModel year varies (9.23:1 9.23:1 – 11.0:1)
Fuel TypeUnleaded Gasoline
Oil Capacity6 quarts
Change Cost$50-$75


The 5.3 LS engine is a popular and versatile choice for many enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Its standard specifications include the factory-specified rating of 350 hp and 340 lb-ft of torque is A solid And powerful choice.


With A few simple adjustments, it can be improved to deliver incredible torque And horsepower such as when it reaches 415 horsepower and 396 lb-ft by making the correct modifications.

If you’re thinking about the engine as a part of a project or just interested in its capabilities it is a must-have 5.3 LS engine offers a remarkable combination of speed And convenience.


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