2JZ Engine Specs 2023


2JZ Engine Specs

It is the Toyota 2JZ engine is an iconic 3.0-liter engine with An inline-six-cylinder that was made from 1991 until 2002. 

It is renowned for its endurance And reliability as well as its tunability which makes it A preferred option for car Enthusiasts As well as tuners. Here are a few essential specifications That Are Available for the 2JZ engine: 

Spec2JZ-GE (Naturally Aspirated)2JZ-GTE (Twin-Turbocharged)
Engine TypeInline-6Inline-6
Displacement3.0L (2997cc)3.0L (2997cc)
Bore x Stroke86mm x 91.5mm86mm x 91.5mm
Power215-230 horsepower (158-169 kW)267-320 horsepower (206-239 kW)
Torque209-220 lb-ft (283-298 Nm)318-315 lb-ft (431-430 Nm)
Compression Ratio10:18.5:1
Fuel SystemMulti-point injection (MPI)Direct injection (DI) with twin turbochargers
Oil Capacity5.5 Quarts (5.2 liters)6.0 Quarts (5.6 liters)
Recommended Oil Type5W-305W-30, or 10W-30 (Depending on the climate And driving conditions)
Oil Filter TypeZ90990915-YZZF1
Oil Change Cost (Estimated)$40-80$50-100


The 2JZ engine can be described as a legendary engine that has earned its place in automobile history. 


Its incredible specs, like its inline-six configuration, twin-turbo system, And sturdy construction make it a popular choice for car enthusiasts and tuners alike. 


If you’re planning to build an extremely powerful street car or a track-specific car The 2JZ engine can provide the power And dependability you require. 

I hope that this article has been instructive And useful to you in your research about this famous engine. I appreciate you reading my blog!