2018 Honda Accord Engine Oil Type, Capacity & Engine Specs

2018 Honda Accord Engine Oil Type, Capacity & Engine Specs

2018 Honda Accord Engine Oil Type: Inspecting And maintaining your Honda engine with the correct oil And frequent changes is vital to ensure long-term performance and durability. 

But, the world of filters And engine oils can be A bit confusing. Be assured your dear fellow Accord driver! 

This complete guide, which is taken directly from the official Honda sources, And augmented with current information, has everything you require to keep your vehicle well-lubricated And satisfied.

2018 Honda Accord Oil Types

Each engine requires synthetic oil with 0W-20. This ensures optimal Lubrication over A broad temperature range And is particularly important when the engine is cold. The wrong type of oil could cause premature wear And tear to the engine.

2018 Honda Accord Oil Capacity

The capacity of the oil is contingent on the transmission you have in your Accord. Automatic transmissions have a little more fluid (6.3/6.2 Quarts) when compared with manual transmissions (4.5 4 quarts).

2018 Honda Accord Oil Filter

Utilize authentic Honda oil filters specifically, that of the 90915-YZZZC1 to suit the 1.5L turbo engine and the 90915-YZZA1 for the 2.0L naturally aspirated engine. 

The filters are made to seamlessly integrate with the engine of your Accord for the best filtration and protection.

2018 Honda Accord Oil Change Cost

The cost of changing oil at dealerships and service centres will vary based on the where you are located and other factors. 

Expect to be charged approximately $45-$75 for a 1.5L turbo, and $35-$60 for those with the 2.0L naturally-aspirated engine. 

It is possible to save money by doing an oil replacement yourself but make sure you get rid of the old oil in a responsible manner.

2018 Honda Accord Engine Specs

In 2018, the Honda Accord offered two gasoline engine options as well as an electric hybrid engine each with their particular set of specifications.
Engine TypeDisplacementHorsepower (Net @ RPM)Torque (Net @ RPM)Transmission Options
1.5L Turbocharged I41.5L (1498 cc)192 @ 5500 rpm192 lb-ft @ 1600-5000 rpmCVT 6-speed manual (Sport trim available only)
2.0L Turbocharged I42.0L (1997 cc)252 @ 5500 rpm273 lb-ft @ 1500-4500 rpm10-speed Automatic
2.0L Atkinson-Cycle I4 (Hybrid)2.0L (1997 cc)212 hp (combined)232 lb-ft (combined)CVT

2018 Honda Accord Change

  1. Place the car on A level surface And activate the brake for parking.
  2. It is important to warm up the engine for A couple of minutes to warm the oil. This will Allow it to run more smoothly.
  3. Stop the engine, And lift the hood.
  4. Find the drain plug for oil at the lower part of the pan. It’s typically 14mm in diameter. The drain pan should be placed under the plug.
  5. Remove the drain plug using the wrench. Let the oil drain completely. It could take several minutes.
  6. After the oil has gone down, take out the old oil filter by using the wrench for the oil filter. Be cautious not to spill any oil.
  7. Apply a thin coating of oil on the gasket of the fresh oil filter.
  8. Attach the New oil filter with your hands until it’s tight And then tighten it for another 1/4 turn using the wrench. Be careful not to over-tighten.
  9. Change the drain pipe, And tighten it to the required torque (22 Ft-lbs for the 1.5L engine And 18 ft-lbs for those with the 2.0L engine).
  10. Add the new oil via the oil And then fill the valve’s cover. Use the funnel to prevent spills.
  11. Pour in oil until the level is At the maximum level on the dipstick. Don’t overfill.
  12. Replace the cap for oil And begin the engine.
  13. The engine should be running for A couple of minutes And then look for leaks in the oil filter And drain plug.
  14. Switch off the engine And examine the level of oil Again. Verify that it’s At its full level.

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