2018 Honda Accord Engine Oil Type [Update 2022] ❤️

The owner’s manual for the 2018 Honda Accord lists full synthetic type motor oil at SAE 0W-20. The 1.5L 4-cylinder engine has an oil capacity of 3.4 quarts with a filter change.

The oil capacity for the 2.0L 4-cylinder engine varies by engine code from 4.6 quarts to 4 quarts. Check the manual to confirm which engine you own.

How much oil does a 2018 Honda Accord need?

The type of vehicle and engine size will determine how much oil you need. A 4-cylinder passenger car uses less oil and has a consistent use of conventional oil. This is in contrast to a V-8 high-performance engine that may need full synthetic motor oil.

The average engine requires between 5 and 8 quarts of oil. A 4-cylinder engine, for example, will need at least 5 quarts and a 6-cylinder engine around 6 quarts.

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What happens if your 2018 Honda Accord doesn’t get its oil changed?

Motor oil also has many other benefits and functions.

  • Protects engine parts from corrosion. – A majority of oils contain an additive that helps to reduce oxidation.
  • Prevents engine noise – because parts, such as your engine pistons don’t touch each other, oil provides lubrication that prevents them from touching. This prevents engine knocking-related problems and damage.
  • Reduces heat – Other than the ignitions of gasoline and spark plugs, heat is generated from friction between engine parts. Excessive heat can cause severe damage to engine components. Heat is carried away from the engine by oil moving around. This heat dissipation means that the engine is not too hot in any one place.
  • To improve fuel efficiency, the more slipper the engine parts are the better. This means that less force is required to move them and the engine uses less fuel.
  • Maintains the 2018 Honda Accord engine clean – This is essential to ensure maximum engine efficiency. The oil collects dirt and particles from the engine and transports them to the oil filter, where they are trapped. This helps reduce the chance of dirt building up and causing engine damage.
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