Kubota BX23S Oil Type, Capacity Filter & Engine Specs


Kubota BX23S Oil Type: Inspecting and maintaining the condition of your Kubota BX23S small tractor vital to ensure long-term performance and durability. 

The most important aspect of this maintenance is to have regular oil changes that ensure proper lubrication As well As protection for your hydraulic system and engine. 


The right type of oil As well As knowing the capacity, changing the correct filter, And understanding the costs associated with it are crucial aspects of this process.

This complete guide, derived from the official Kubota sources and up to date on Jan. 8, 2024, provides you with the information to navigate the complex world of BX23S maintenance of oil:


Kubota BX23S Oil Types

The recommended type of engine oil to use with the Kubota BX23S engine is SAE 10W-30 API CJ-4 or CJ-4.

It’s an engine oil for diesel engines that is compliant with the most current API standards to safeguard diesel engines from wear And tear.

Here Are A few additional points to be aware of when choosing the engine oil you want to use that will work with your Kubota BX23S:

SystemOil TypeAPI StandardViscosity Grade
Engine OilKubota Super UDT Engine OilAPI GL-4/SJSAE 10W-30 (recommended) or 5W-30 (for colder climates)
Hydraulic SystemKubota Super UDT Hydraulic FluidISO VG 46 (recommended) or ISO VG 32 (for colder climates)

Kubota BX23S Oil Capacities

The capacity of the oil in Kubota BX23S Kubota BX23S engine is 3.3 3 liters (3.5 Quarts), including the filter replacement.

Here’s A photo to refer to:

SystemCapacity (Liters)Capacity (Quarts)
Engine Oil2.42.5
Hydraulic System7.82.1

Kubota BX23S Oil Filter

If you have A Kubota BX23S model, the recommended filter for oil is Kubota Original Oil Filter which is part number 15410-73020. Here’s A photo of it:

SystemFilter Part Number
Engine Oil15492-77560
Hydraulic System90524-12240

Kubota BX23S Change Cost

The cost of changing the oil in your Kubota BX23S will vary based on whether you perform the task yourself or have it done by an expert. Here’s a breakdown of expenses:

ItemEstimated Cost (USD)
Engine Oil (4 Liters)$30-$40
Hydraulic Fluid (8 liters)$50-$60
Engine Oil Filter$10-$15
Hydraulic Oil Filter$15-$20
Labor (if performed by mechanics)40-$60/hour

Kubota BX23S  Engine Specs

It is the Kubota BX23S is an entry-level tractor that is powered by the Kubota D902 liquid-cooled 3-cylinder diesel engine. Here are the engine specifications:

Engine TypeLiquid-cooled, 3-cylinder diesel
ModelKubota D902
Engine Gross HP at 3200 rpm21.6 HP (16.1 kW)
PTO Horsepower at 3200 rpm17.7 HP (13.2 kW)
Displacement54.8 cu.in. (898 cc)
Bore and Stroke3.15 in 3.15 in 3.74 in (80 millimeters x 95 millimeters)
Compression Ratio17.3:1
Starting System12V electric
Cooling SystemLiquid-cooled, with radiator and fan
Fuel SystemCommon rail injection
EmissionsTier 4 Final

Kubota BX23S Oil Change

  1. It is important to warm up the engine for a couple of minutes. This will allow the oil to drain faster and more thoroughly.
  2. Place the machine in an even area and activate your parking brake.
  3. Place the drain pan for oil underneath the drain plug that is on the lower part of the pan for oiling engines to the left of the tractor.
  4. Utilize the 14mm wrench remove the drain plug and allow the oil to run out completely. It could take several minutes to let all the oil go out.
  5. As the oil drains and the filter is being removed, you can use the wrench (or your hands if they’re not tight enough) to take off the old filter. Be cautious in not spilling any oil.
  6. Wipe the oil filter’s surface using the help of a rag.
  7. Apply a thin layer of clean oil to the gasket of the fresh oil filter.
  8. Attach the new filter by hand until it is snug and then tighten it 1/2 turn using the wrench for the oil filter.
  9. Install the drain plug, then secure it using the wrench.
  10. Inject the oil that you have just added, examining the dipstick frequently until the oil level is at the mark.
  11. The engine should be started and allow it to run for a couple of minutes. Look for leaks around the drain plug and the oil filter.
  12. Switch off the engine and test the oil level once more.

FAQs – kubota bx23s oil type

What kind of engine does Kubota Bx23s have?

Kubota has been manufacturing this tractor since 2017. The Kubota BX23S features a 0.9 L three-cylinder diesel engine and hydrostatic transmission, incorporating a High-Low gear shift (2 forward and 2 reverse gears).

What type of oil to use in Kubota diesel?

What Type of Oil to Use in Kubota Diesel? 1 Internal Engine Oil. Engine oil in Kubota diesel should be monitored on a regular basis, and you must have the right oil. It is recommended to use … 2 External Lubricating Oil. 3 Power Steering.

What are the B20 and B5 fuels available from Kubota?

Kubota has released B20 and B5 fuels for certain models. Learn more about Biodiesel Fuels. Kubota has released B20 and B5 fuels for certain models. B5 only for Interim Tier4 and Newer.

What happens if you put too much oil in a Kubota?

Using improper oil may result in the engine overheating, causing potential damage as it becomes either too thick or too thin. Warranties typically do not cover such damage. A well-lubricated Kubota engine will help increase the life of the engine and ensure the best performance.

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