2010 Dodge Grand Caravan Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost

2010 Dodge Grand Caravan Oil Type: Inspecting and maintaining your 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan is essential for its durability and performance to the highest standards. The most important element of maintaining your car is frequent oil changes. 

This guide will give you complete details on the type of oil capacity, filter size, And cost of changing it for 2010.

Dodge Grand Caravan, Empowering you to make educated decisions regarding the Maintenance of your vehicle.

Oil type: It is likely that your 2010. The Dodge Grand Caravan requires 5W-20 motor oil. This kind of oil is Specifically designed to offer optimal protection And lubrication to your engine, specifically in warmer temperatures.

Capacity for Oil: The capacity of your oil for 2010. The Dodge Grand Caravan is 5.5 4 quarts. That means that you will need around 5.5 five quarts of 5W-20 motor oil to complete an oil change.

Oil filter: The recommended oil filter to use in 2010. The Dodge Grand Caravan is Mopar part number 90915A or a similar number. The filter is specifically designed to capture harmful pollutants and protect the vital engine components.

Change Cost for Oil: The cost for an oil change for 2010. Dodge Grand Caravan is between $61 to $75. The price may differ depending on the location and the type of oil employed, as well as labor costs.

2010 Dodge Grand Caravan Oil Type

2010 Dodge Grand Caravan Oil Type

What type of oil is recommended for the 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan depends on the engine that is in the car. Below are two possible engine choices And the suggested oil types:

  1. 3.3L as well as 3.8L V6 engines: For these engines, the Recommended oil type is typically 5W-30 or 10W-30 synthetic or conventional motor oil.
  2. 4.0L V6 Engine: To use this 4.0L V6 engine the Recommended oil type is usually 5W-20 or 5W-30 conventional, or Synthetic motor oils.

Always consult the owner’s guidebook of the vehicle you are using to verify the exact type of oil And viscosity suggested by the company that makes it.

It is essential to Adhere to the guidelines of the manufacturer to ensure The proper performance of your engine and durability.

2010 Dodge Grand Caravan Oil Capacity

The capacity of the oil in 2010. Dodge Grand Caravan depends on the engine’s size. Here is an outline of the capacities of the various engines:

EngineCapacity for Oil
3.3L V64.7 quarts
3.8L V65.0 quarts
4.0L V65.2 quarts

2010 Dodge Grand Caravan Oil Type

2010 Dodge Grand Caravan Oil Filter

2010. The Dodge Grand Caravan uses a 22mm thread-size oil filter. The most popular oil filter that is used for this vehicle is that of Motorcraft FL910S. This is an Illustration of the Motorcraft FL910S oil filter:

The Motorcraft FL910S, designed to remove contaminants from the engine’s oil, features full flow and an artificial plastic filter that traps up to 99 percent of contaminants.

Additionally, it includes an anti-drain back valve preventing oil drainage when the engine is switched off.

Here are the other oil filters that Are Compatible with this year’s Dodge Grand Caravan:

  • Fram PH8A
  • Wix 51364
  • Purolator PL35136
  • Mobil 1 M1-301
  • K&N PS-301

Dodge Grand Caravan oil change interval

The recommended interval to change oil for the Dodge Grand Caravan depends on the year of the car along with the oil type that is used. 

For conventional oil, an appropriate interval is every 3,000-5,000 miles. For synthetic oil the suggested interval is between 7,500 and 10,000 miles.

Here is an overview of the suggested intervals for oil changes on Dodge Grand Caravans.

YearOil TypeThe recommended Interval
2008-2010Conventional3000-5,000 miles
2008-2010Synthetic7,500-10,000 miles
2011-2023Conventional3,500-5,000 miles
2011-2023Synthetic7,500-10,000 miles

2010 dodge grand caravan oil filter

2010 Dodge Grand Caravan Oil Change

  1. Place your vehicle on level ground and allow the engine to fully cool.

  2. Install the drain pan for oil under the plug for draining oil that is situated on the underside of the engine, towards in the direction of.

  3. Make use of the tool for sockets and then ratchet and unlock the drain plug for oil.

  4. Let the oil fully drain into the pot.

  5. When your oil is draining and you are able to see the oil draining, you can begin to take off the old filter. Use a filter wrench to loosen the filter then take it off by hand.

  6. Apply a thin layer of oil to the gasket on the oil filter that has been replaced.

  7. Install the new filter on the motor by making sure it is secure. Do not over tighten.

  8. Replace the drain plug, then tighten it with a secure.

  9. Remove the drainage pan out of the way.

  10. The hood is opened of your van. Locate the cap that fills your oil.

  11. Take off the oil filler cap and then insert the funnel into the hole.

  12. Then slowly pour fresh motor oil in the funnel, until oil level is at what is called the “full” level on the dipstick.

  13. Replace the cap for the oil filler, then make sure it is tightened.

  14. Start your vehicle and allow it to run for a couple of minutes.

  15. Switch off your vehicle and allow it to sit for a couple of minutes.

  16. The oil level should be checked by using the dipstick. If the oil level is low, add oil until it is at that “full” threshold.

  17. Eliminate the old filter and oil in a proper manner.

  18. Set the oil change warning light.


In 2010, the Dodge Grand Caravan typically used 5W-30 viscosity-grade engine oil. It is important to read the owner’s guidebook for your vehicle or speak with an experienced mechanic to confirm the precise oil specifications for your specific vehicle as well as the driving environment. 

Also, be sure to adhere to the manufacturer’s suggested oil change intervals to ensure maximum engine performance and durability.

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FAQs – 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan oil type

How much oil does the 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan take?

The 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan’s 3.3L and 3.8L engine oil capacity is 5 US quarts (4.7 liters). The Questions and Answers on this page are the statements and opinions of their respective authors and not VehicleHistory.com. VehicleHistory.com does not research or authenticate any of the Answers provided.

What kind of oil do you use in your Dodge Ram?

Dodge recommends using SAE 5W-20 engine oil for the 3.3L and 3.8L engines. For the 4.0L engine, Dodge recommends using SAE 10W-30 oil. I use 5w20 Castrol edge synthetic oil and it goes great.

What kind of oil does the Hyundai i10 use?

For the 4.0L, the preferred oil for the car is SAE 5w-30 maximum synthetic, and the 5w-20 use 63.6L and 3.3L. To ensure Your engine is at its optimum output, You can refresh the engine oil and filter every 3000 – 5000.