Kawasaki FH641V Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost

Kawasaki FH641V Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost

Kawasaki FH641V oil type: Making sure you maintain your Kawasaki FH641V engine using the correct oil type capacity, size, And filter is vital for optimal performance and durability. 

Utilizing regular changes of the oil recommended by your manufacturer and replacing it often will ensure that your engine is protected from damage and wear so that it is running smoothly for a long time.

In this article, I’ll explore the details of Kawasaki FH641V maintenance of oil and provide you with important information you need to ensure your engine is in top state of repair. I’ll discuss the recommended oil filter, type, And capacity and provide costs for oil change.

If you’re an experienced DIY enthusiast or are a newbie to the world of engine maintenance This guide will give you the necessary information to keep the Kawasaki FH641V engine as professional.

Kawasaki fh641v Oil type

The most recommended type of oil to use for The Kawasaki FH641V Engine is one of the following: 10-W-40 or 20W-50 motor oil. The oil you select should be in the API service category: SL or SM. 

The API service categories guarantee it is that your chosen oil is designed to shield Contemporary gasoline engines from wear And wear And tear.

Here is an overview of the Recommended type of oil as well as the API service category for the Kawasaki FH641V engine:

Oil TypeAPI Service Category
10W-40SL or SM
20W-50SL or SM

Kawasaki fh641v Oil Capacity

The search’s findings indicate that the Kawasaki FH641V has a 1.8 quart (1.7 liters) capacity.

This engine should be lubricated with SAE 10W-40 or 10W-30. 3 . The engine is equipped with a spin-on oil filter and full-pressure lubrication.

Kawasaki fh641v Oil Filter

This Kawasaki FH641V engine is equipped with An oil filter that has numbers 49065-7010. number 49065-7010. The filter is in addition Compatible with these Kawasaki engine models:

  • FH601V
  • FH680V
  • FH721V
  • FH770D

It is the Kawasaki FH641V engine oil filter is one of the spin-on filters that is found on the bottom of the motor. For Replacing the filter it is Recommended that you will require a 3/4″-16 socket Wrench.

Change Oil in Kawasaki fh641v engine

A regular oil change is essential to maintain the Kawasaki fh641v’s engine. Here’s an easy step-by-step guide for changing the engine oil:

  1. Prepare Equipment: Check that the engine cools and that it is on an even surface. Gather all necessary materials, including an oil filter, drain pan, and oil recommended.
  2. Locate the oil drain plug and place a drain pan underneath. Remove the plug. Allow the old oils to drain.
  3. Replace the Oil Filter. Remove the old filter and install a new oil one. You should lubricate any gaskets of the new filters with fresh oil prior to installation.
  4. Install Drain Plug: Replace old oil with new oil after it has been drained completely. Pour the recommended engine oil type through the oil-filler port. The dipstick can be used to check oil levels and add extra if necessary.
  5. Dispose Of Old Oil Properly: Dispose of The Used Oil And Oil Filter At A Designated Recycling Facility. Avoid pouring oil down drains or in the trash.

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The right type of oil is crucial to the performance and longevity of your Kawasaki engine fh641v. 

Following the manufacturer’s recommendation, considering factors such as API ratings and viscosity while performing regular maintenance will ensure optimal engine performance. 

Keep in mind that proper care will ensure you get the maximum performance out of your Kawasaki Fh641v.

FAQs – kawasaki fh641v oil type

What kind of engine does a Kawasaki FH641V have?

The Kawasaki FH641V is a 0.68 l (675 cc, 41.19 cu-in) V-twin 90° air-cooled 4-stroke internal combustion small gasoline engine with a vertical shaft, manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., for general-purpose applications. The FH641V has a V-twin 90° design with cast iron cylinder liners and overhead valves (OHV).

What is the bore size of a Kawasaki fh661v?

The cylinder bore and the piston stroke is 72.5 mm (2.85 in) and 76.0 mm (2.99 in), respectively. The compression ratio rating is 8.1:1. The Kawasaki FH661V produced 22.3 PS (16.4 kW; 22.0 HP) at 3,600 rpm.

How can I change the oil in my Kawasaki engine fast?

To make changing your oil fast, easy, and clean, get yourself a Kawasaki Oil Drain Hose! Part# 51044-0902. Use the quick reference chart below to find the right oil for your Kawasaki Engine quickly.

What kind of engine does a Ford FH661V have?

The FH661V has a V-twin 90° design with cast iron cylinder liners and overhead V-valves (OHV). The engine is equipped with a twin-barrel, float-type carburetor with a fixed main jet; pulse-type fuel pump, and flywheel magneto transistor type ignition system.