Kia Rio Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost

Kia Rio Oil Type: The maintenance of your Kia Rio is essential for maximum performance and long-lasting longevity. A major and important element of car maintenance is periodic oil replacements. 

Let’s dive into Kia Rio oil’s world. Kia Rio oil, exploring the recommended type of oil capacity, filtering requirements, capacity, and the costs associated with it.

Oil Type: The Kia Rio engine thrives with synthetic oil specifically 5W-20. This oil of high-quality provides excellent defense against wear and tear so that your engine will run smoothly for years to come.

Capacity for Oil: The oil capacity for a Kia Rio differs based on its model year and the engine size. But, the majority of Kia Rios will require about 3.8 quarters of oil.

Oil Filter: The right choice of oil filter is equally important as choosing the appropriate oil kind. Kia suggests that you use the genuine Kia oil filter or a similar top-quality filter.

Oil change cost: The cost of replacing the engine on Kia Rio Kia Rio can range from $40 to $100. The price is contingent on a variety of factors like the location and the type of oil you use, and whether you decide to perform the work yourself or get it done by mechanics.

Kia Rio oil type

The oil type recommended for the Kia Rio will depend upon the model year and the engine size. However, most Kia Rios require 5W-20 synthetic oil. 

This oil type provides the best security against wear and also assists in keeping your engine running efficiently.

Here is an overview of recommended oils to use on Kia Rios from 2001 to 2023:

Model YearEngine SizeRecommended Oil Type
2001-20041.3LAPI SG 10W-40
2001-20041.5LAPI SG 10W-40
2005-20111.4LAPI SJ 10W-30
2005-20111.5LAPI SJ/SL 10W-30
2005-20111.6LAPI SJ/SL 10W-30
2012-20231.4LACEA A5 5W-30
2012-20231.6LACEA A5 5W-30

Kia Rio oil capacity

The capacity of oil for the Kia Rio varies depending on the model year and the engine size. The majority of Kia Rios will require about 3.8 4 liters (4 4 quarts) in oil.

Here is an overview of the oil capacity of Kia Rio cars by model date and dimension:

Model YearEngine SizeOil Capacity (Liters)Oil Capacity (Quarts)
2001-20041.3L and 1.5L3.03.2
2005-20111.4L and 1.6L3.33.5
2012-20231.6L Gamma (g) Petrol3.84.0
2012-20231.1L U-II Diesel4.85.1
2015-20231.25L Kappa (K) Petrol3.53.7

Kia Rio Oil Filter

The ideal oil filter to use on the Kia Rio depends on the model year and the engine’s size. However, most Kia Rios require a cartridge-type oil filter. Here is a list of the most recommended oil filters for Kia Rio automobiles by model number and dimension:

Model YearEngine SizeRecommended Oil Filter
2012-20231.6L Gamma (g) Petrol26300-35504
2012-20231.1L U-II Diesel26300-29800
2015-20231.25L Kappa (K) Petrol26300-35933

You can make use of a premium oil filter from an established brand, like Fram, Mobil 1, or K&N. Make sure to go through the compatibility chart to make sure your filter selected is the one that is suitable to fit your Kia Rio.

Kia Rio Oil Change Intervals

The recommended interval for oil changes for the Kia Rio will depend upon the model year and the driving conditions. It is however, Kia recommends that most Kia Rios get the oil replaced every 7500 miles, or six months, or when it is the first.

Here is an outline of recommended intervals to change oil for Kia Rio cars by model year of manufacture and operating conditions.

Model YearDriving ConditionsRecommended Oil Change Interval
2012-2023Normal driving conditions7,500 miles or 6 months
2012-2023Extremely dangerous driving conditionsThree months or 5,000 miles

Kia Rio oil change

To conduct an oil swap on the Kia Rio, follow these general guidelines:

  1. Place your car on a level area and activate the brake for parking.
  2. Allow the motor to cool for at minimum of 30 minutes.
  3. Place the drain pan underneath the drain plug for oil.
  4. Use the ratchet or 17mm socket to release the draining plug.
  5. Let the oil be completely drained from the pot.
  6. After the oil has been drained remove the oil drain plug and tighten it tightly.
  7. The funnel should be placed in the neck of the oil filler.
  8. Slowly add the new oil to the engine, ensuring the level of oil as you move.
  9. When the level of oil gets to that “full” level on the dipstick then stop pouring.
  10. Replace the cap for the oil filler, then secure it.
  11. The engine should be started and allow it to run for a couple of minutes.
  12. Shut off the engine, and then check whether there are leaks.
  13. Get rid of the old filter and oil in a proper manner.

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Making sure you use the correct oil is essential in keeping the engine of your Kia Rio in optimum condition.

If you follow the suggested specifications and change the oil at regular intervals, you will benefit from improved engine performance, enhanced efficiency of fuel, and extended engine life. Make sure you refer to the owner’s manual as well as consult a professional if you need advice.

Making the investment in the correct oil now will protect you from engine problems in the near future.

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FAQs – Kia Rio oil type

What is the best oil for a Kia Rio in 2022?  

According to AMSOIL the most recommended oil types for the 2022 Kia Rio include 0W-20, 5W-20, and 0W-30. 5W-30.

What is the best oil for 2022’s Kia Rio?

According to AMSOIL the SAE 0W-20 color is the most preferred option for a 2022 Kia Rio.

What is the capacity of oil for the 2022 Kia Rio?

According to AMSOIL according to AMSOIL, the oil capacity for the 2022 Kia Rio is 4 quarts (with filter).

What is the suggested interval for oil changes for the Kia Rio?

The recommended interval for oil changes for the Kia Rio varies depending on the manufacturer. Based on the Abeloff Kia, Kia proposes getting your filter and oil changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles for regular oil. But other sources recommend more frequent intervals, like every 7500 or 10,000 miles.

What oil brand does Kia recommend for Kia Rio?

According to the Vehicle History, Kia recommends TOTAL QUARTZ brand oil to the Kia Rio. But, any oil with the same viscosity and certificate is suitable for use.

What is the best oil kind for Kia Rio? Kia Rio?

Based on Vehicle History, the recommended oil type for the Kia Rio is 5W-20 or 5W-30.

What is the capacity of an oil filter for Kia Rio? Kia Rio?

The capacity of the oil filter for Kia Rio’s oil filter capacity Kia Rio may vary depending on the source. It is usually about 0.5-0.6 quarters.

Could synthetic oils be employed in the Kia Rio?

Yes, synthetic oil may be utilized in Kia Rio. Kia Rio. But, the time frame to change synthetic oil could be greater than that of conventional oil.

Is conventional oil employed in Kia Rio? Kia Rio?

Conventional oil may be utilized in Kia Rio. Kia Rio. However, the exact time to change conventional oil might be longer than that of synthetic oil.

Blended motor oils can be employed in the Kia Rio.

Yes, blended motor oils are able to be utilized in the Kia Rio. As per K&N Filters, their oil filters for cars are made to be compatible with all conventional, synthetic, as well as blended motor oil.