Yamaha Zuma 50 Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost

Yamaha Zuma 50 Oil Type: Looking for the right kind of oil to apply to the Yamaha Zuma 50? How much oil is required? Do not look further! In this article, I’ll provide all you must be aware of Yamaha Zuma 50’s oil and the type of oil recommended capacity, filter size, and cost for changing.

Type of oil to be used: Yamaha recommends using 10W-40 synthetic engine oil in Zuma 50. Zuma 50. This oil type provides adequate protection for your engine both in cold and hot weather.

Oil capacity: Zuma 50 Zuma 50 has an oil capacity of 0.9 Liters (0.24 grams). Make sure you include this amount of oil every time you replace the oil and filter.

Filter: Zuma 50 Zuma 50 uses an oil filter that is part number 5XG-13440-00-01. It’s essential to change the filter when you change your oil in order to remove dirt and particles from the oil.

Oil change cost: The cost of changing the oil on the Yamaha Zuma 50 will vary according to the service you visit and the kind of oil you employ. You can anticipate to pay between $20 and $30 when you need to change your oil.

Yamaha Zuma 50 Oil Type

Yamaha Zuma 50 Oil Type

Yamaha suggests using a synthetic 10W-40 oil in Zuma 50. Zuma 50. This type of oil offers adequate protection for your engine both in cold and hot weather.

Here are some well-known synthetic oils 10W-40 which are compatible to the Yamaha Zuma 50:

  • Yamalube Performance 4
  • Motul Scooter Power LE
  • AMSOIL Scooter SAE 10W-40
  • Maxima Extra 4
  • Lucas Oil SAE 10W-40 Motorcycle Oil

It is vital to remember that you must check the owner’s manual to determine the particular oil type and viscosity suggested on your Yamaha Zuma 50.

Yamaha Zuma 50 Oil Capacity 

Yamaha Zuma 50 Yamaha Zuma 50 has an oil capacity of 0.9 milliliters (0.24 Gallons). That means that you’ll require 0.9 Liters of oil to fully fill the crankcase each time you replace the oil.

It is vital to keep in mind that you shouldn’t overfill an engine. The overfilling of the engine can result in the oil leaking out and causing damage to the engine.

If you’re making changes to the oil of the Yamaha Zuma 50, be certain that you use a funnel to fill your new oil. This will stop you from filling up the engine too much.

Yamaha Zuma 50 Oil Filter 

Yamaha Zuma 50 Yamaha Zuma 50 uses an oil strainer screen filter which is located at the bottom of the engine’s case. The filter can be accessed by removing the drain bolt. 

It is a steel screen that helps in the removal of dirt and other debris from the engine. It is essential to change or clean the filter on a regular basis to keep the engine running clean and efficiently.

OEM Part Number for the Oil Filter: 19

Compatible Oil Filters

  • HiFloFiltro HF204
  • K&N KN-104
  • Wix 24135

Yamaha Zuma 50 Oil Change 

  1. The engine should be warmed up for a couple of minutes to reduce the amount of oil.
  2. Place the drain pan for oil underneath the engine.
  3. Use the socket 12mm and ratchet to take out the bolt that drains oil.
  4. Let the oil completely drain.
  5. Reinstall the drain bolt and tighten it up using the ratchet and socket.
  6. Remove the oil filter filter from the lower part inside the motor case.
  7. Cleanse the filter with brake cleaner or any other suitable solvent.
  8. Apply a thin coating of oil that is new to the screen of your filter.
  9. Install the filter screen and tighten it manually.
  10. Make use of this funnel for adding oils to your engine.
  11. Start the engine, and let it run for a couple of minutes to move the oil around.
  12. Look for leaks and add more oil when needed.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this article about the Zuma 50 oil type for the Yamaha Zuma 50 oil type! I hope you find it useful and informative. For any comments or questions, I invite you to comment below.

I understand that selecting the correct oil for your scooter could be a bit confusing However, it’s essential to select the correct oil to ensure that your engine runs without a hitch and avoid premature wear and wear and tear. 

It’s the Yamaha Zuma 50 that uses SAE 10W-30 oil. However, it’s recommended to check the owner’s manual for your model to confirm.

I wish you a very enjoyable day and have fun riding your scooter!

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