What type of oil to use 2018 grand cherokee [Update 2023] ❤️

What type of oil to use 2018 grand cherokee: If you have the year 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee, you are aware of the importance to maintain it in a proper manner to ensure its long-term durability and efficiency. 

A major and important aspect of maintaining is to ensure that you’re using the right type of oil for yours. 

This post will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to the new Jeep Grand Cherokee oil type, including the top oil types when you should change the oil and some maintenance advice for your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Importance of Using the Right Oil Type for Your Jeep Grand Cherokee

The correct type of oil to type of oil you use for your Jeep Grand Cherokee is vital for a variety of reasons. 

The oil inside your engine helps to lubricate the moving parts, which reduces wear and friction. It also aids in regulating the temperature of your engine and eliminates dust and other contaminants.

The wrong type of oil could cause engine damage, decreased efficiency in fuel consumption, and other problems. 

Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of the recommended oils that are suitable for the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

What Is the Best Oil Type for the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

This year’s Jeep Grand Cherokee owner’s manual suggests using SAE 0W-20 or 5W-20 oil for engine oils. These oils are synthetic and conform to the API SN ILSAC GF-5 and ACEA A5/B5 requirements.

It is crucial to know that the recommended oils can differ depending on the conditions of the driving and climate. 

It is therefore recommended to refer to your owner’s manual or an authorized Jeep mechanic to make sure you have the correct oil kind.

2018 capacity of oil in jeep grand cherokee

The capacity of the oil in a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee varies depending on the type of engine. Here are the capacities for every engine variant:

  • 3.6L V6 engine: 6 quarts (5.7 liters)
  • 5.7L V8 engine: 7 quarts (6.6 liters)
  • 6.4L V8 engine: 7 quarts (6.6 liters)

It’s always recommended to refer to your owner’s guide or talk to an experienced mechanic to confirm that you’re using the right oil and filling up to the right amount.

2018 jeep grand cherokee oil filter

The specific oil filter for a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee also depends on the engine type. Here are the recommended Mopar part numbers for the different engines:

  • 3.6L V6 engine: Mopar Oil Filter MO-349
  • 5.7L V8 engine: Mopar Oil Filter MO-899
  • 6.4L V8 engine: Mopar Oil Filter MO-041
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It’s important to use the correct oil filter for your engine to ensure proper fit and function. Other reputable brands, such as Fram or K&N, may also have compatible oil filters for your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Synthetic Vs. Conventional Oil: Which Is Better for Your Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Synthetic oil is usually thought superior to conventional oil due to a variety of reasons. Synthetic oil is designed to give more performance, greater efficiency in fuel consumption, and longer life of engines.

However conventional oil is more affordable and widely accessible. However, it might not offer the same degree of protection or performance as synthetic oil.

If you are unclear about the kind of oil to use with the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee, consult the owner’s handbook or an authorized Jeep technician.

How to Change the Oil in Your Jeep Grand Cherokee

If you’re confident in performing simple car maintenance, you could replace the engine oil on the Jeep Grand Cherokee yourself. This is an oil change guide.

  1. Make sure you have the equipment and tools, such as the wrench, the wrench for oil filters, a brand new oil filter, and the suggested oil type.
  2. Find the drain plug to the oil underneath the engine, and then place the oil trap pan under it.
  3. Remove the drain plug for oil by using a wrench. Allow for the drain of oil out of the drain pan.
  4. Take off the old filter using the wrench for oil filters, and change it out with a brand new one.
  5. Install the new filter, and tighten it according to the manufacturer’s directions.
  6. Replace the drain plug for oil and tighten it in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer.
  7. The engine should be filled with the type of oil that is recommended and use a funnel to keep spills out.
  8. Start the engine for two minutes to circulate the oil.
  9. Verify the level of oil on the dipstick, and increase it if necessary.

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Selecting the right oil and changing it on a regular basis are critical to maintaining the efficiency and lifespan that you can anticipate from your new Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Your Jeep Grand Cherokee can operate well for many years if you adhere to the advice in this article and consult your owner’s manual or a certified Jeep technician.

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FAQ What type of oil to use 2018 grand cherokee

How much oil does the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee take?

An oil change should be obtained every 10,000 miles, or 12 months, whichever occurs first. The 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee uses synthetic oil. The 3.0L V6 runs on SAE 5W-40 and can hold 8.1 quarts. The 3.6L V6 prefers SAE 0W-20 and has the capacity to hold 5.9 quarts.

What’s the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Oil type?

The 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee oil type and capacity iS5w-40 and 8.1 quarts. Your oil needs to be changed eventually. 5,000 to 10,000 kilometers apart is a decent general guideline. If You don’t change it, there will be problems with the engine.

How to perform an oil change on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

With the engine off, open your Grand Cherokee’s hood and search for the dipstick, and then pull it out from your car engine and wipe away excess oil. Carefully insert it back into the designated tube and push it slowly. Pull it out and check the oil level and quality. If the oil is too dark, almost black, it signifies that you need an oil change.

How many quarts of oil does a Ford F-150 take?

The 3.6L V6 prefers SAE 0W-20 and has the capacity to hold 5.9 quarts. The 5.7L V8 engine uses.5W-20 and holds 7 quarts. The 6.2L V8 runs on 5W-20 and has a capacity for 8.2 quarts of oil.

What type of oil should I put in my Grand Cherokee 2018? 

It is best to use synthetic oils with a viscosity of 5W-20.

Why should I choose synthetic oil over conventional oil? 

Synthetic oils offer better lubrication and are more protective of the engine in high temperatures and extreme conditions.

Can I use conventional lubricant instead of synthetic lubricant? 

Synthetic oil provides better engine protection and performance than conventional oil.

How often do I need to change the oil on my 2018 Grand Cherokee? 

 The interval between oil changes can be affected by driving conditions, oil type, and other factors. Follow the maintenance schedule in your vehicle’s owner manual.

Can I switch my conventional oil to synthetic oil?

Switching from conventional to synthetic is generally safe. Consult the owner’s guide or a qualified mechanic to get specific advice.

Can I prolong the oil change interval using synthetic oils?

Synthetic oil provides better protection and is more durable. This allows longer oil change intervals. It’s still important to stick to the manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule.

I use any type of synthetic oil?

It is usually recommended to use high-quality synthetic oils that comply with the requirements outlined in your owner’s manual. It is best to choose reputable brands that meet all the standards.

Can I mix different brands?

In general, it is not recommended that you mix different brands. To ensure consistency, use the same viscosity and brand.

Where can my oil be changed?

Oil changes can be done at Jeep service centers, automotive repair shops, or quick-lubrication facilities. Be sure that the oil used is the right type for your vehicle and that the procedure followed is correct.