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Having an oil leak from your washer sounds inconvenient and it is best to get this oil back in the machine I will be happy to help.

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FAQ washing machine transmission oil type

What type of oil is used in a washing machine transmission?

Thanks for an excellent question: what sort of oil is used in a washing machine transmission? The exactly-correct transmission oil for your washing machine may be specific to the washing machine brand and model, but a typical example would be Whirlpool 350572 Gear Case Oil. Watch out, however.

Why do I need to change the transmission oil in my washer?

Over time, the oil that lubricates the transmission becomes dirty. In order to ensure the long life of your washing machine, change the oil periodically. If the operation of your washer deteriorates, changing the transmission oil can help. Maintenance instructions like this are applicable to most common brands of washing machines.


How do you change the oil in a whirlpool washing machine transmission?

Remove the washer transmission from the washing machine motor. Drain the oil from the transmission housing into an appropriate container for disposal later on. Fill the housing to the top with SAE 90-weight gear oil in the same hole you previously drained. Keep the oil drain/fill hole upright and fill the transmission completely.


Where does transmission oil leak from a washing machine?

Conversely, I think that most transmission oil leaks (from a washing machine) drip to the space below the appliance. On some washer transmissions such as Whirlpool, there are two transmission seals, a top transmission cover seal, and an input shaft seal – both of which can be replaced.

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