Vortec 5.3 Engine Specs 2023


Vortec 5.3 Engine Specs

Several Vortec 5.3 engines are available, which are utilized in various GM vehicles from 1999 until 2023. I’ll need to know the specific engine you’re looking for to give you the most precise specifications.

Here are a few of Vortec’s most commonly used Vortec 5.3 Engine:

Engine CodeYears UsedDisplacement (L)Horsepower (HP)Torque (lb-ft)Engine Oil Capacity (QTS)TypeOil Change Cost (USD)
LM71999-20135.32853236Pushrod V850-75
L842014-Present5.33553836.0Direct Injection V860-85
LFX2015-Present5.33083736.0Direct Injection V855-80
LS42008-20135.33643846.0Pushrod V860-85


The juicy information concerning Vortec’s 5.3 engine, laid out as a mechanic shows off the prized toolbox. 


I hope you’ve come away with a better understanding of this formidable machine regardless of whether you’re an experienced gearhead or just beginning your journey to love engines. 


Keep in mind that knowing can be power (or in this instance horsepower! ) Understanding the engine’s workings can enhance your driving experience and make it more comfortable. 

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