Volvo Penta 3.0 Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost

Volvo Penta 3.0 Oil Type: The Volvo Penta 3.0 engine is a robust and reliable machine, but it requires regular maintenance to keep Operating at its top. The most essential maintenance tasks is to change the oil.

The oil type: Volvo Penta Recommends using a Synthetic 5W-30 engine oil for The 3.0 engine. The oil is specifically made to safeguard the engine from a broad temperature and operating conditions.

Oil capacity: The capacity of oil in The Volvo Penta 3.0 engine is 6.5 Liters. Make sure you Add the right amount of oil as too much or not enough oil could cause damage to the engine.

Oil filter: The filter for the oil should be replaced at the exact with the oil is changed. This Volvo Penta part number for the oil filter is 21923802.

Cost of change: The cost for changing the oil in Volvo Penta 3.0 engine will differ based on the location and repair shop you go to. You can anticipate to spend between $100 & $200 for the Filter, oil And work.

Volvo Penta 3.0 oil type

Use 15W-40 multigrade oil that complies with API classifications of SJ or higher for your Volvo Penta 3.0 engine.

It is crucial to choose a high-quality oil to ensure optimal performance and durability, so that your engine can last. Regular oil changes and maintenance is essential to maintain the longevity of your engine.

Volvo Penta 3.0 oil capacity

The capacity of the oil used in the Volvo Penta 3.0 engine is contingent upon the year of Manufacture And the model. The average capacity of the oil ranges between 3.5 up to 4.5 Quarts (3.3 to 4.3 Liters).

It is essential to read the manual of your engine, or contact an approved Volvo Penta mechanic to determine the exact capacity of the oil in your vehicle.

Overfilled or insufficient engine oil can cause an injury to the engine, and reduce the performance.

Volvo Penta 3.0 Engine Specs

Here are the specifications for the Volvo Penta 3.0 engine:

Engine TypeInline 4-cylinder
Displacement3.0 liters (181 cubic inches)
HorsepowerTypically ranges from 135 to 150 HP
Fuel SystemCarbureted or Fuel Injected
Cooling SystemRaw water or Closed Cooling System
Compression Ratio9.4:1
Bore and Stroke3.50 in x 3.30 in (89 mm x 84 mm)
Ignition SystemElectronic Ignition
Lubrication SystemPressure lubrication system
Recommended FuelRegular unleaded gasoline (87 octane)
Oil CapacityApproximately 4-5 quarts (varies by model)
Weight (dry)Approximately 550-600 lbs (250-272 kg)
DimensionsVaries by installation and model

These specifications may vary slightly depending on the specific model and year of the Volvo Penta 3.0 engine. For precise details, it is recommended to consult the owner’s manual or visit the official Volvo Penta website.

volvo penta 3.0 Oil Filter

The oil filter of the Volvo Penta 3.0 engine is different based on the year And model that the motor. It is essential to select the highest-quality oil filter that exceeds or meets the OEM (the original manufacturer of the engine) requirements to guarantee the proper filtration and protection of your engine.

A few well-known brands that provide compatible oil filters for Volvo Penta engines are Fram, Wix, and Bosch.

Always check your vehicle’s manual or speak with an experienced Volvo Penta mechanic to determine the exact oil filter number that matches your engine.

volvo penta 3.0 Oil Change

Making sure you Change your oil regularly is vital to ensure the performance And health of the Volvo Penta 3.0 engine. Below are some steps needed to replace the oil on the Volvo Penta 3.0 Engine:

  1. Bring the engine up to a temperature that is operating to aid in to flow of the oil more smoothly.
  2. Switch off the engine, and then locate the drain plug as well as the oil filter. You’ll typically find it in the lower right of the oil pan, while the oil filter can be located on the side, top, or top.
  3. Put the container or oil pan underneath the drain plug to collect the oil that has been used. Utilize a wrench to take out the drain plug, and then let the oil drain completely.
  4. Utilize the wrench for oil filters to take off your old oil filter. Clean the surface of the filter dry with a clean sponge.
  5. Apply a small amount of new oil to seal the gaskets of your new filter to ensure it is sealed correctly. Install the new filter and then tighten it manually.
  6. Change the plug, and then tighten it to the manufacturer’s requirements.
  7. Make sure to fill the engine with the recommended type of oil and quantity, as stated in your manual.
  8. To circulate fresh oil throughout the engine, turn the key to the on position and let the engine run for a few minutes.
  9. Verify the level of oil and add oil, if needed.
  10. Dispose of used oil and filter according to local regulations.

We recommend performing oil maintenance at least once per year or every 50 to 100 hours of service, whichever comes first.

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Final Word

The recommended oil for the Volvo Penta 3.0 engine is a multigrade 15W-40 oil which meets the API classification of SJ or higher.

The engine’s oil capacity varies based on the model and manufacturing year. To determine the specific oil capacity, consult your vehicle’s instruction manual or an approved Volvo Penta mechanic.

To change the oil, you should select the best oil filter that meets or surpasses OEM specifications. Make the change at least once every each year, or every 50-100 hours of operation.

A routine maintenance schedule and regular oil change can guarantee the highest performance and durability over the long term that Volvo Penta 3.0 engine.

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FAQs – volvo penta 3.0 oil type

What kind of engine does a Volvo Penta have?

Penta then designed the four cylinder 28 hp side valve Type DA engine for the Volvo ÖV 4. In 1935, Penta became a subsidiary of Volvo. Volvo Penta introduced innovations to the marine engine market, such as the sterndrive, Duoprop with contra-rotating propellers, and the Forward Drive.

Where can I buy Volvo Penta parts and accessories?

Volvo Penta Shop is the official Volvo Penta group store that offers the most complete list of parts and accessories for Volvo Penta products. Genuine components are designed to embody the inherent qualities of all equipment manufactured by the group’s companies.

Is there a dyno boost for Volvo Penta?

The Volvo Penta 5.7 GXI Dyno-Boost performance chip is engineered to unlock the full performance potential of your factory engine. Blow those sluggish factory settings away with this Magnum Volvo Penta 5.7 GXI performance tuner. Even on an upgraded Volvo Penta 5.7 GXI our fuel programmer adds dramatic horsepower to your daily- or race cruising.

Is Volvo Penta owned by OMC?

In 1994, Volvo Penta formed a joint venture with OMC to produce marine engines and sterndrives. In 1998, Volvo Penta acquired the remaining joint venture assets from a failing OMC including inventory and the plant in Lexington, Tennessee.