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Type Of Oil For Troy Bilt TB320 Mower: The right choice of motor oil can boost the efficiency of your engine. There are numerous types of motor oils available on the market. What kind of oil is suitable for your Troy-Bilt lawn mower?

Based on the troy-bilt lawnmowers engine and the climate conditions of your locale and the climate of your area, the Synthetic SAE-5W30 engine oil is secure for use and works well in temperatures of less than -40 degrees, and more than 120 degrees F.


There isn’t an official brand of oil for Troy-Bilt and they’re selling different brands of motor oils on their website. However, my first suggestion is that prior to deciding on a brand of motor oil, you should always check the manual for your mower.

Do not be worried because they’re not suggesting you buy lawn mower oils. But based on the weather, the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) suggests different kinds of oil based on the typical temperature range. 


This is why we suggest SAE-5W30 oil. It is suitable for an array of temperatures, ranging from between -40 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are three kinds of engines that utilize troy-bilt to create their lawn mower.

  • Briggs & Stratton engines
  • Kohler engines
  • Honda engines

We also know that troy-bilt has two varieties of mowers.

  • Riding lawn mower
  • Push lawn mower.

The type of mower used by both differs. If you select a specific motor oil temperature and type, it will improve the efficiency of your lawn mower. In this article, I will go over all types of oils that are suitable for the Troy-Bilt engine.

Oil Type for Troy Bilt TB320 Recommendation:

SAE 30 detergent oil is the suggested oil type for the Troy Bilt TB320. This kind of oil offers excellent lubrication and defense against engine wear and tear because it is specially made for small engines like the one in the TB320.

It’s important to note that because automotive motor oil doesn’t have the same additives as small engine oil, you should never use it in a lawn mower.

Troy Bilt TB320 Mower Oil Types:

SAE 30 Weight Oil:

Small engines like the Troy Bilt TB320 lawn mower typically run on SAE 30-weight oil. It is appropriate for use in both hot and cold climates and offers good lubrication in hot temperatures. However, it is not advised to use SAE 30-weight oil below a temperature of 40 °F.

Synthetic Blend Oil:

Combining conventional and synthetic oils results in synthetic blend oil. It is advised for use in high-performance engines because it performs better than conventional oils. Additionally, synthetic blend oil reduces deposits in engines, increases engine life, and offers better protection against wear and tear.

Full Synthetic Oil:

The best product available, full synthetic oil is made to provide the highest level of performance and protection. It is made from premium synthetic base stocks and cutting-edge additives, which ensures a long engine life and excellent engine protection. For use in high-performance engines and in regions with frequent extreme temperatures, full synthetic oil is also advised.

Troy Bilt TB320 Oil Change Instructions:

Your Troy Bilt TB320’s oil change is a quick and easy process that only requires a few simple steps. This is how you do it:

  • Warm up the engine: Run the engine for a few minutes before changing the oil to warm up the oil. When you drain it, this will make it flow more readily.
  • Find the oil drain plug on the engine’s side, and set an oil pan underneath it to drain the oil. Drain the oil completely by removing the drain plug.
  • Replace the oil filter: Take out the old oil filter and put in a new one while the oil is draining.
  • Refill with oil: After the oil has completely drained, replace the drain plug and top off the engine with the recommended type of oil, filling the dipstick all the way to the “Full” mark.

After adding more oil, use the dipstick to check the level and make sure it is at the proper level.


How many Quarts of Oil Should A Lawn Mower Use?

If you’re interested in how much oil a Bilt Pony lawnmower uses oil You can learn the details here. How much oil is needed depends on the model of the lawn tractor and the engine’s size.

The capacity of oil used in stroll-behind mowers is between 15 and 18 Oz (0.47 Qt or 0.56 qt) The oil needs to be changed every 50 minutes or every year, or when it is the first.

The capacity of oil of the riding mowers is between 48 and 64 inches (1.5 or 2 quarts) The oil must be replaced each 100-hour period or every year, or when it is the first.

Don’t fill too much of the lawn tractor with oil while filling it up.

It is best to follow the recommended intervals for oil changes since they are different for each type of engine. 

You might need to consult the manual for the manufacturer to determine what is recommended for lawnmowers with big engines or employed in lawnmowers that have small engines.

You can see the type of oil used and the amount of oil you need to add. It will vary depending on how much oil is added or if you wish to know the amount of oil the engine needs after you change and drain the oil, and also replace the oil filter on the push mower or ride-on mower.

FAQ type of oil for troy bilt tb320 mower

What kind of oil does a Troy Bilt lawn mower take?

The Synthetic SAE-5W30 motor oil is commonly used depending on the Troy-Bilt lawn mower engine and the climate conditions in your region. The motor oil is safe t works smoothly in degrees ranging from -40 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the best oil for a Troy-Bilt 208cc engine?

The best oil for these engines is SAE 10W-30, which has a temperature range of 0-100 degrees Fahrenheit. If searching for an oil suitable for summer temperatures above 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit, SAE 30 is best. How Much Oil Does a Troy-Bilt 208cc Take?

What kind of oil do you put in a Briggs Stratton lawn mower?

Yes, you can make use of the Briggs Stratton SAE 10W30 kind of oil instead of the SAE30 in your Lawn Mowers. You’ll find that older engines use the SAE30 type of oil, while a mower manufacturer recommends often the 10W 30 types of oil on modern mower engines.

Is Troy Bilt Bronco oil the same as Pony?

Although Troy-Bilt does not have an official oil brand, they sell different motor oil brands, and thus a Troy-Bilt Bronco oil type can be the same brand as a Troy-Bilt, Pony motor oil type. A different kind of oil will work at different temperatures and getting the oil level wrong can have an enormous impact on engine performance.

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Maintaining the performance of your Troy Bilt TB320 requires using the proper oil and changing it frequently.

You can get the most out of your lawn mower for many years to come by using the recommended oil type, changing the oil and filter, and performing routine maintenance.

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