Fiat Albea Engine Oil Capacity

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If you have any questions How many liters or quarts of engine oil is require for an oil change?

Involving replacement of oil filter for a Fiat Albea .  Engine oil capacity of fiat albea is 3.2 liters or 3.40 quarts and Fiat albea recommanded engine oil 5w-40.

 Fiat Albea

Engine Capacity/Filter Oil change Intervals Service Cost
Albea 1.2 (1996 – 2010) 178A2000 3.7 / 0.4 l 20 000 km / 12 months 254$/439$*
Albea 1.4 (1996 – 2010)  n/a 4.25 / 0.5 l 20 000 km / 12 months 254$/439$*
Albea 1.6 16V (1996 – 2010) 178B3000 3.8 / 0.4 l 20 000 km / 12 months 254$/439$*
Albea 1.7 TD (1996 – 2010) 176A3000 4.8 / 0.4 l 10 000 km / 12 months 254$/439$*

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