Troy Bilt TB525CS Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost

Troy Bilt TB525CS oil type: Maintaining the Troy-Bilt string trimmer TB525CS is vital for optimal efficiency And longevity.

The most crucial Aspect of keeping this machine in good condition is to select the right oil, make sure that you are using the proper lubrication of the engine, And Also make sure you don’t cause the possibility of damage.

But, with the variety of types and capacities for oil And capacities, figuring out the different choices can Be confusing.

Do not worry, I’ve put together A comprehensive guide founded on Troy-Bilt’s official sources providing the latest details on the TB525CS’s model of capacity for oil, filter size, And the price of change that Are laid out in A straightforward And SEO-friendly format.

Troy Bilt TB525CS Oil Type

Troy Bilt Tb525cs Oil Type

The Troy-Bilt TB525CS trimmer is A gas-powered trimmer that requires a specific type of oil in order to ensure that it is properly lubricated.

The oil suggested to be used with this TB525CS trimming machine is a two-cycle engine oil, specially made for air-cooled engines.

It is suggested to use premium oil created for small engines such as oil that has a two-cycle cycle that meets the JASO ISO-L-EGD specifications or FB specifications.

When purchasing oils for the Troy-Bilt trimmer, make sure you purchase oils made specifically for air-cooled 2-cycle engines.

This will make sure that you’re using the correct kind of oil to guarantee maximum lubrication as well as safety for the trimmer’s engine.

Troy Bilt Tb525cs Oil Capacity

The capacity of oil for the Troy-Bilt trimmer TB525CS is roughly 3.04 fluid pounds (90 milliliters). When changing the oil as well as adding fuel, be sure not to fill the engine too much.

Be sure to verify the level of the oil with the dipstick or the oil level indicator in the trimmer. To minimize engine damage and maximize performance, follow the manufacturer’s oil application requirements.

Troy Bilt TB525CS Engine Specs

The Troy-Bilt TTB525CS is a flexible and powerful string trimmer. However, knowing the specifications of its engine is essential for optimum use and upkeep. This is a comprehensive overview of the main specifications of the engine:

Engine Type4-cycle OHV
DisplacementIt is not appropriate (estimated 25cc-30cc)
HorsepowerNot applicable
The Fuel TypeUnleaded gasoline that contains ethanol (up to 10 percent of ethanol)
Capacity of Oil15.8 fl oz (470 ml)
Recommend Oil TypeSAE 10W-30
The type of oil filterDisposable
oil change frequencyEvery oil change
DIY oil change cost$10-$15
Professional Cost of Oil Change$25-$40
Diameter of Cutting Diameter17″
Shaft TypeStraight
Engine StartPull to start
Line Type0.080″ trimmer line
Line Feed SystemBump feed
WeightAround 14 pounds

How to Change the Oil in Troy Bilt TB525CS

The process of changing the oil in the Troy Bilt TB525CS Trimmer is an easy process. This is A step-by-step procedure:

  1. Begin by finding the reservoir for oil on the trimmer. It’s usually marked And located near the engine.
  2. Install A drain pan or A container under the reservoir of oil to collect any old oil.
  3. Remove the cap of The oil reservoir and then gently tilt the trimmer in order to drain the oil from the pan.
  4. After the oil is completely drained then replace The reservoir cap in A secure way.
  5. Responsibly Remove the old oil, observing the local rules.
  6. Fill the reservoir using the two-stroke recommended engine oils, be sure not To overfill it.
  7. Secure the Cap of the reservoir onto the cap tightly.
  8. Clean up any drips or spills And make sure there aren’t any leaks prior to cutting.

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Selecting The correct type of oil And ensuring That the oil is properly maintained in your Troy Bilt TB525CS trimming Machine is crucial for maximum Performance And durability.

If you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and guidelines, you Can ensure the trimmer is Operating smoothly And efficiently And allows you to complete your Trimming chores easily.

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FAQs – Troy Bilt tb525cs oil type

What kind of oil does a Troy Bilt 4-cycle trimmer take?

What kind of oil does a Troy Bilt 4-Cycle Trimmer take? (60 ml) of SAE 30 oil into the filling hole. Consequently, what kind of oil does a 4-cycle trimmer take? Ryobi’s four-cycle gas trimmers use SAE 30-weight oil, which also is used for other equipment with small engines, such as some lawnmowers.

What grade oil does Kohler use in Troy Bilt?

For Kohler Courage® and Kohler Command®, Honda®, and engines identified solely as Cub Cadet®, Troy-Bilt® or Powermore®, use the oil grades below. • Summer – 10W30 (0? to 100?F.) • Winter – 5W30 (-22? to 50?F.)

Why choose Troybilt fuel treatment?

And keep your engine running smoothly with in-season fuel treatments. A clean fuel system results in improved performance and off-season stabilizers keep fuel fresh during storage. TroyBilt has the oil for 2- and 4-stroke engines, plus lubricants and grease for all your power equipment.

Can You saute onions in Troy Bilt trimmers?

If you can saute an onion in it, it should work great on your hair clippers. Consequently, who makes Troy Bilt trimmers? Craftsman’s gasoline-powered string trimmers are based on those of manufacturer MTD, which makes Troy-Bilt and other brands.