Toyota RAV4 All Models Engine Oil Capacity [Update 2024]

Toyota RAV4 All Models Engine Oil Capacity [Update 2024]

Toyota RAV4 All Models Engine Oil Capacity: Ensure the vitality of your Toyota RAV4’s engine with the right oil capacity for all models.

Navigating the complex realm of oil changes can be challenging, with numerous questions about capacity, type, filters, and costs. Be assured, RAV4 lovers! 

This guide, packed with reliable sources And current details, helps you take on the task of changing the oil confidently. 

Take A look at our concise And clear table format to discover the specifications for your model And optimize your search engine navigation.

Toyota RAV4 All Models Engine Oil Capacity, Type, Filter & Change Cost

The engine oil capacity, type, filter, and changing costs for Toyota RAV4 models differ depending on the vehicle’s year and engine specifications.

Model YearEngineCapacity (quarts)Oil Type (SAE)Filter Part NumberAverage Change Cost (USD)
20242.0L 4-cylinder4.60W-2090915-YZF21$80-$120
20242.5L 4-cylinder4.50W-2090915-YZF21$80-$120
20232.0L 4-cylinder4.60W-2090915-YZF21$80-$120
20232.5L 4-cylinder4.50W-2090915-YZF21$80-$120
20222.0L 4-cylinder4.60W-2090915-YZF21$80-$120
20222.5L 4-cylinder4.50W-2090915-YZF21$80-$120
20212.0L 4-cylinder4.60W-2090915-YZF21$80-$120
20212.5L 4-cylinder4.50W-2090915-YZF21$80-$120
20202.0L 4-cylinder4.60W-2090915-YZF21$80-$120
20202.5L 4-cylinder (A25A-FKS)4.80W-2090915-YZF21$80-$120
20202.5L 4-cylinder (A25A-FKB)4.50W-2090915-YZF21$80-$120
20192.5L 4-cylinder4.50W-2090915-YZF21$80-$120
20182.5L 4-cylinder4.60W-2090915-YZF21$80-$120
2017-20162.5L 4-cylinder5.05W-2090915-YZZF1$70-$110
2015-20122.5L 4-cylinder4.55W-209091

Toyota RAV4 All Models Engine Specs

The Toyota RAV4, a popular small SUV, is renowned for its performance And versatility. With various engines across model years, choose based on driving needs and preferences. Explore this comprehensive guide to Toyota RAV4 engine specifications for all models.

Toyota RAV4 Engine Powerhouse (All Models)

Model YearEngineHorsepowerTorque (lb-ft)Transmission
20242.0L 4-cylinder2031848-speed Automatic
20242.5L Hybrid219 (combined)179 (combined)CVT
20232.0L 4-cylinder2031848-speed Automatic
20232.5L Hybrid219 (combined)179 (combined)CVT
20222.0L 4-cylinder2031848-speed Automatic
20222.5L Hybrid219 (combined)179 (combined)CVT
20212.0L 4-cylinder2031848-speed Automatic
20212.5L Hybrid219 (combined)179 (combined)CVT
20202.0L 4-cylinder2031848-speed Automatic
20202.5L 4-cylinder (A25A-FKS)2031848-speed Automatic
20202.5L Hybrid219 (combined)179 (combined)CVT
20192.5L 4-cylinder2031848-speed Automatic
2018-20162.5L 4-cylinder1761726-speed Automatic
2015-20132.5L 4-cylinder1761726-speed Automatic
2012-20092.5L 4-cylinder1781844-speed Automatic

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