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Chevy 350 Engine Specs

It is the Chevy 350 engine was A 5.7L (350 cubic inches) smaller-block V8 motor that was made in the United States by General Motors from 1967 to 2004. 

It was among the most well-known engines in American time And was utilized in A range of Chevrolet vehicles, such as Corvette, Camaro Camaro, Corvette, Nova, Impala, and Silverado.


It was the Chevy 350 engine came in a variety of versions and horsepower ratings that ranged from 145 to 370. 

The most commonly used model is called the L35 model, which came out in 1975 And produced 155 horsepower.


Here are a few of the most important characteristics of the Chevy 350 engine.

SpecTypical RangeNotes
Engine Type5.7L (350 cu in.) V8 Small BlockMany configurations throughout its history of production (1967-2004)
Horsepower145-370 hpBased on the year, model, and depending on model, year, and
Torque250-420 lb-ftBased on model, year and the depending on model, year, and
Bore x Stroke4.00″ x 3.48″
Compression Ratio8.0:1 – 11.0:1Varies depending on the engine version
Capacity of Oil (with filter)5-6 quartsMake sure to consult the specific manual of your vehicle for precise information.
Oil TypeAPI SN, GF-6 or an olderThe recommended oil can differ based on the time of year and the climate.
Oil Filter TypeThe engine year is a factor, as well as the manufacturerTypically, spin-on type
Oil Change Cost$40-$100+It depends on the oil you choose costs, labor, and DIY as compared to. professional assistance


The Chevy 350 engine, is A small block V8 engine, with A 5.7L (350 cubic inches) displacement And having a 4.00-inch bore, And A 3.48-inch stroke.

Based on the year, make as well As model vehicle it’s installed in, the engine can produce between 145 and 370 horsepower.

Its Chevy 350 engine was launched in 1967 and was utilized in A variety of Chevrolet automobiles for A long time. It’s an engine that can be modified well to all bolt-on modifications.

I hope that this article given you valuable details about this Chevy 350 engine. Thanks for reading!

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