Sheetz Car Wash Prices, Hours, Packages & Review

Sheetz Car Wash Prices: Are you looking to clean your car that isn’t expensive? Sheetz Car Washes provides several affordable packages to pick from, allowing you to choose the best one that suits your budget and needs.

In this article, I’ll take a glance at Sheetz car wash costs and the various packages offered. I’ll also offer some advice for getting the most from the Sheetz vehicle wash.

sheetz car wash prices

Sheetz Car Wash Prices List 2023

Here’s the cost of the current Sheetz 3-tier car wash packages. They are also offered in four price tiers of $5 $7, $9, and $12, each with different wash amenities.

The experience you get from purchasing a package can vary according to what’s available at the time of purchase.

Sheetz Car Wash Prices (Touchless 3-Tier)


Package Offerings:



Double pre-soak + Spot-free Rinse + Dryer + Undercarriage + Clear Coat



Protect Package + Triple Foam Polish


Pro Finish

Shine Package + Simoniz Hot Wax


Sheetz Car Wash Packages

Sheetz Car Washes provides several packages to choose the best one that suits your requirements and budget. This is a quick overview of each service:

Basic wash: This Standard Wash is the cheapest choice and is ideal for a quick and simple clean. It comes with the washing, rinse, and dry to get rid of dirt and other debris from the exterior of your vehicle.

Premium Wash: Premium wash is an excellent choice for people who need more than an ordinary wash. It includes a wash dry, rinse wax, as well as tire shine. The wax helps keep your car’s finish protected and will give it a nice shine. The shine of your tires makes your tires appear fresh and new.

The Ultimate Wash: The Ultimate Wash is the most extensive package Sheetz provides. It comprises a wash dry, rinse, wax tire shine, and interior cleaning. The interior cleaning will eliminate dirt, dust, and dirt from your vehicle’s interior.

Pricing: The price for the Sheetz car wash is based on the type of package you select as well as the area where the wash is located. But, you should expect to pay between $5 and $10 to wash your car. $7-$9 for top-quality wash, and $9 to $11 for the most luxurious wash.

Benefits of the Sheetz Car Wash

  • Quick and effective: You won’t have to wait long or waste time washing your car yourself because Sheetz Car Wash finishes in just a few minutes.
  • Environmentally friendly: Sheetz Car Wash uses water recycling systems and eco-friendly detergents to use less water and have a smaller environmental impact.
  • High-quality cleaning: Sheetz Car Wash uses cutting-edge technology and strong equipment to remove even the toughest muck and grime from your car’s surface, leaving it protected and shiny.
  • Convenient payment options: You can choose the payment method that works best for you because Sheetz Car Wash accepts cash, credit, debit, and Sheetz Gift Cards.
  • Additional services: To improve the appearance and longevity of your car’s finish, some Sheetz Car Wash locations also provide detailing services like waxing, polishing, and tire shine.
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Sheetz Car Wash Services Available

The services provided by Sheetz Car Wash range in price and quality. The primary choices are as follows:

  • The most affordable option is the Basic Wash: which includes a pre-wash, high-pressure soap, and rinse cycle and costs around $6. Maintenance and light dirt can be cleaned with it.
  • Ultimate Wash: this starts at around $13, and it includes everything in the Basic Wash plus tri-color foam, an undercarriage flush, a clear coat protectant, and a spot-free rinse. It works wonderfully to eliminate tenacious grime, road salt, and brake dust.
  • The Works: This all-inclusive package starts at around $16 and includes everything in Ultimate Wash plus a wheel cleaner, tire shine, and rain repellent. For maximum cleanliness and defense against the elements, this is the product to use.

How to Use Sheetz Car Wash

Using Sheetz Car Wash is easy and straightforward. Here are the steps:

  • Find a Sheetz Car Wash location near you and choose the wash level that fits your needs and budget.
  • Pull up to the designated entrance and follow the signs and instructions on the screen or speaker.
  • Insert your payment method and select your wash level.
  • Move forward slowly until your car is in the correct position, and the wash cycle will start automatically.
  • Stay in your car and keep your windows and sunroof closed during the wash cycle.
  • Wait for the cycle to finish, and then drive slowly out of the wash bay.
  • If you’re satisfied with the results, you can leave; if not, you can ask for a free rewash within 24 hours.

the launch of Sheetz Car Wash

G. Robert “Bob” Sheets established the first Sheetz franchise in 1952. In Altoona, Bob was successful in converting an old diary shop into a convenience store.

The Altoona store from 60 years ago is now the corporate office. The Sheetz family currently owns more than 550 locations spread across Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and Maryland. Most car wash locations are open every day of the week.

Sheetz Car Wash Review

Sheetz Car washes are usually highly rated by customers. They are well-known for their convenience, affordability, and effectiveness. 

Sheetz car washes employ an untouchable system meaning that there’s no risk of damage or scratches to the paint on your car.

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Here’s a brief review of some of the advantages and disadvantages of Sheetz automobile washes.


  • It’s convenient: Sheetz car washes are found at a variety of Sheetz gasoline stations which means they’re easy to find and make use of.
  • Cost-effective: Sheetz car washes are extremely affordable beginning at just $5.
  • Highly effective: Sheetz car washes do an excellent job of getting rid of dirt, grime, and other car toxins.
  • System that is touchless: Sheetz car washes use an electronic system that is touch-free which means there’s no chance of scratching or causing damage to the paint on your car.


  • A few customers have complained they’ve found that Sheetz car washes don’t always eliminate all dirt and grime that accumulates on their vehicle, particularly in areas that are difficult to reach.
  • Other customers have reported others have reported Sheetz car washes may cause water spots to appear on the vehicle.
  • Sheetz car washes aren’t available in every state.

Sheetz Car Wash Code

I’m unable to offer you an exact Sheetz car wash coupon since these codes are usually created to be distributed through Sheetz on their own. There are, however, a couple of options to acquire the Sheetz carwash code

  • Join Sheetz’s Rewards Program: My Rewards members get exclusive deals and discounts as well as coupons for free car washes at times.
  • Look through the Sheetz application or website for offers: Sheetz often runs promotions that offer discounts or free car washes.
  • Join Sheetz through social networks: Sheetz sometimes gives away codes for car washing through its Facebook and Twitter channels.
  • Ask for a Sheetz employee: Sheetz employees may have access to codes for car washes that they are able to give customers.

If you’re unable to acquire a Sheetz car wash voucher, however, you are able to purchase car washes at Sheetz with your credit or debit card. Sheetz car washes generally cost between seven dollars to ten bucks.

Take note it is important to note that Sheetz car wash coupons usually last for a short period of time therefore, make sure you utilize yours before the expiration date.

Sheetz Car Wash Hours

Here’s what I found about Sheetz Car Wash hours:

Day Hours
Monday 24 hours
Tuesday 24 hours
Wednesday 24 hours
Thursday 24 hours
Friday 24 hours
Saturday 24 hours
Sunday 24 hours

Sheetz Car Wash Near Me

Questions and Answers about Sheetz Car Wash

Is a reservation required at Sheetz Car Wash?

No reservations are necessary; Sheetz Car Wash is a first-come, first-served facility.

My car is safe at Sheetz Car Wash, right?

The majority of cars, including SUVs, trucks, and vans, are safe to wash at Sheetz Car Wash. However, if your vehicle has aftermarket components or add-ons like bike racks, antennas, or spoilers, you should take them off before washing.

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I have a vinyl wrap or a custom paint job on my car. Can I still use Sheetz Car Wash?

It depends on the kind and state of your custom paint job or vinyl wrap. Before using any car wash, seek advice from a qualified detailer or manufacturer.

How thoroughly should Sheetz Car Wash clean my car?

The reply is “it depends,” depending on elements like the local weather and how frequently you drive. To prevent damage to your car’s paint and undercarriage from dirt, salt, and other contaminants, it is advised to regularly wash your car—at least once a month.

Can I use Sheetz Car Wash if my vehicle is extremely dirty or covered in mud?

Yes, Sheetz Car Wash can remove the majority of dirt and grime from your vehicle. However, if your vehicle is particularly filthy or caked with mud, you may need to pre-wash it or select a higher wash level.

Can I receive a refund if I am unhappy with Sheetz Car Wash?

Sheetz offers a free rewash if you are unhappy with the results of your first wash within 24 hours. They do not offer refunds, however.

Final Word

All in all, Sheetz Car Wash is an attractive and affordable outside-only car wash. If you’re looking for a quick and cheap vehicle wash, the services are adequate.

However, you are able to get discounts on car wash services during promotions which are not often since the company is more in line with its catering service.

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