Ryobi 5500 Watt Generator Oil Type [Update 2023] ❤️

Ryobi 5500 Watt Generator Oil Type: Are you wondering what kind of oil to use how much oil to use, and how often you should replace the oil on your Ryobi 5500-watt generator? Do not look further! In this complete guide, I’ll go over all the necessary about how to keep your generator operating well and effectively.

Oil Type: To operate the best performance of your Ryobi 5500-watt power generator you’ll need to choose an oil that is of high quality for 4-strokes. It is synthetic oils are the most suitable choice since it offer greater performance and protection for all weather conditions. However conventional oil can be acceptable as long as it’s approved for use in engines that have four strokes.

Oil Capacity: This Ryobi 5500-watt power generator features a capacity for oil of 1.2 Quarts. To make sure you don’t overfill or fill the generator, you need you use a dipstick determine the level of oil.

Filter: It is also essential to clean the filter on your oil regularly to get rid of dirt and dust from the engine. This can extend the lifespan of the engine in your generator. It is the Ryobi 5500-watt generator that utilizes the Ryobi 999023 oil filter.

Oil Change Cost: The price of an oil change on an Ryobi 5500-watt power generator is likely to differ based on the cost of the oil and filters in the area. But, you should expect to pay between 20 to 50 dollars for an oil replacement.

Oil Change Frequency: The Ryobi 5500-watt generator’s oil needs to be replaced each 50-hour period of use. If you only use the generator a few times, you may replace the oil every six months or so.

Ryobi 5500 Watt Generator Oil Type

Best Oil To Use For An Onan 5500 Generator?

If you’re looking for the ideal engine oil to use with your Onan 5500 engine, Onan recommends using an oil that’s 10W40.

It’s crucial to note that they suggest this oil for moderate to hot temperatures. It is because campers are used most often in the summer months.

If you’re in search of oil to run your engine, you might have noticed that it is available in diesel and gas engine performance. Onan 5500 generators require diesel oil of high quality because they are powered by diesel.

Even though 10W40 would be the most recommended oil, numerous users have reported that they’ve had excellent results also from Mobil1 20-50, a synthetic oil.

However, we only advise doing this if you can’t get high-quality oil.

Onan 5500 Generator Oil Capacity

Onan 5500 generator can hold 2 Quarts of oil. It is approximately half the size of an average car’s oil tank. 

When you change the oil in the Onan generator, it is recommended to always utilize a dipstick in order to determine the amount of oil in the tank. This will allow you to know when the oil has been completely empty, as well as when you refill it.

Check that all old oil has gone out of the tank prior to filling it with fresh oil. It is important to be sure that there’s no remaining oil, as it may make the new oil sour.

In order to fill up your oil tank, It is important to fill it up toward the highest point of your dipstick. There should be oil visible close to the cap once it’s filled.

The generator also comes with also an oil filter. It is possible to alter this towards the close of the season to ensure that your Onan 5500 generator will be as expected next year.

Just as important as using the proper oil is making sure you are keeping up with maintenance.

Tips for Changing Generator Oil

 Regular maintenance

A regular oil change is essential to ensure the correct functioning that your generator. Follow the maintenance schedule as laid out within the instruction manual in order to make sure that your generator is operating at its peak in the long run.

 Clean the Old Oil in a Proper Way

Before adding new oil, be sure to take care to drain the old oil. After letting the generator cool down, place it on a level surface and then take off the drain plug so that the old oil is out completely.

Selecting the Best Oil Filter

In addition to changing the oil, it’s recommended to change the filter on your oil. Check the manual of your generator to determine the appropriate filter type for your specific model.


The selection of the appropriate oil for the Ryobi 5500-watt power generator is essential to ensure its efficiency and long-term durability. 

Following the manufacturer’s guidelines and knowing the importance of API classes, you will be able to ensure that your generator functions optimally. 

Regular maintenance and appropriate oil handling can also be a significant contributor to overall efficiency and performance.

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FAQ Ryobi 5500 watt generator oil type

The oil I should choose for my Ryobi 5500 generator?

In general, any SAE 15W-40 oil is recommended in Ryobi generators. Ryobi generator. It is recommended to use 4-stroke motor oil. 2-store oil or non-detergent could cause damage to the engine in the future.

How much oil will this Ryobi 5500-watt power generator store?

Its Ryobi 5500-watt power generator has the capacity to hold two Quarts of oil.

What kind of engine is this Ryobi 5500-watt generator come with?

It is the Ryobi 5500-watt power generator that comes with a heavy-duty OHV engine of 420cc.

How often do I need to clean the motor oil of my Ryobi 5500 Generator?

You should change your oil for the Ryobi 5500-watt power generator after your first twenty hours in operation, and every 100 hours after that.

Do I need to make use of non-detergent or 2-stroke oils with my Ryobi 5500 power generator?

You should not apply non-detergent or 2-stroke oils on the Ryobi 5500-watt power generator, as they may cause damage to the engine in the near future.

Is there a certain oil brand that I should be using for my Ryobi 5500-watt generator?

There isn’t a specific oil type that is suitable for a Ryobi 5500-watt generator. Ryobi 5500-watt power generator. However, it is suggested to make use of SAE 15W-40 four-stroke motor oils.

What are the best synthetic oils for my Ryobi 5500-watt generator?

Yes, you can use a synthetic oil to power the Ryobi 5500-watt power generator. It is however advised to make use of SAE 15W-40 4-stroke motor oil.

What is the best way to change the oil on my Ryobi 5500-watt generator?

The owner’s manual to find out what to do when changing the oil for the Ryobi 5500-watt power generator. You can also view instruction videos from YouTube for step-by-step directions.