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Massey Ferguson 65 oil type: The original oil for the gearbox recommended for temperate regions is the SAE50 grade, with a move to SAE40 and then SAE30 as the temperature decreases and a similar move the other way as temp goes up.

Nowadays we would suggest a move to a tractor universal oil ( 15w/40 or 15w/30) for climates like ours (UK).


The Basics of Massey Ferguson 65 Oil Specifications

To determine the appropriate oil type to use on the specific oil type for your Massey Ferguson 65, it is crucial to know the specifications for the oil recommended by your manufacturer.

The specifications usually include the viscosity, standards for performance, and other additives that must be used to meet the engine’s particular requirements.


Massey Ferguson 65 Oil Type

It is a Massey Ferguson 65 tractor that typically needs different kinds of oil for different components. Here are a few common types of oil employed in the Massey Ferguson 65 tractor.

  1. Engine Oil: To maintain the engine, it’s advised to use high-quality diesel oil, which is in line with the requirements from Massey Ferguson. Depending on the climatic circumstances, the oil’s viscosity (thickness) level will change. The most common viscosities are SAE 15W-40 and SAE 10W-30.
  2. The Transmission Oil and the: Hydraulic Oil The hydraulic and transmission systems that are part of the Massey Ferguson 65 tractor often make use of similar oil. It is important to use a good quality universal tractor transmission oil (UTTO) or hydraulic/transmission fluid (HTF) that meets the manufacturer’s specifications. The most commonly used viscosities are SAE 10W-30 and SAE 80W-90.

When you are choosing oils for the Massey Ferguson 65, it is essential to read the owner’s guide or talk to a Massey Ferguson dealer to ensure that you are using the recommended oils and viscosities that are appropriate for your particular model and the climate.

Massey Ferguson 65 Oil Capacity

The capacity of oil for a Massey Ferguson 65 tractor can differ depending on the specific type and model. Here are some general guidelines regarding the oil capacity of various components:

  1. Engine Oil The capacity of engine oil of a: Massey Ferguson 65 tractor is generally between 6 and 7 liters (or roughly 6.3 to 7.4 Quarts). The capacity can vary according to the specific engine model, as well as any additional coolers or oil filters that are present.
  2. Fluid Transmission, Hydraulic Oil: Transmission, and Hydraulic Oil hydraulics that make up the Massey Ferguson 65 tractor often have the same reservoir of oil. The capacity of the oil reservoir for this combination system is usually 40-45 liters (or roughly 42-47 quarters). However, this amount could differ based on the particular tractor model and other features.

It is crucial to remember that these capacities of oil are approximate and could differ. To obtain the most exact information on your specific Massey Ferguson 65 tractor, it is advised to read the owner’s manual or call a Massey Ferguson dealer. They can provide you with specific information about the oil capacity for the specific model of tractor you have.

 The Recommended Oil Types to Use with Massey Ferguson 65

There are two types of engine oils that are suitable to be used on Massey Ferguson 65 tractors: traditional engine oil and engine oils made of synthetic.

Conventional engine oil

Conventional engine oils are derived from crude oil and provide an affordable solution to engine lubrication.

It meets the essential specifications for all engines but could be limited in extremely harsh conditions or for heavy-duty applications.

Synthetic Engine Oil

Synthetic engine oil On the other hand is engineered artificially to offer better efficiency and security. It has higher viscosity stability as well as better resistance to oxidation and improved lubrication at extreme temperatures.

Synthetic oil is a great option for applications that require a lot of pressure or for those who require extended times between changing oil.

Massey Ferguson 65 Oil Filter

It is the Massey Ferguson 65 tractor typically requires an oil filter to get rid of impurities in the oil of your engine. 

The specific part number and design may differ in accordance with the engine model and any modifications that are made to the tractor. 

It is crucial to read the owner’s manual or speak with a Massey Ferguson dealer to obtain the proper engine oil filter that is suitable for the specific tractor.

Here are a few of the most frequently used oil filters that are suitable for Massey Ferguson 65 tractor:

  1. Massey Ferguson OEM Oil Filter: Massey Ferguson produces its own line of oil filters specially made specifically for their tractor. The filters are made in accordance with the specifications recommended by Massey Ferguson and ensure the highest quality of filtering. To get the correct Massey Ferguson oil filter, you should contact a Massey Ferguson dealer with your tractor’s model number and serial number.
  2. For aftermarket oil filters: There’s a myriad of aftermarket manufacturers that sell oil filters compatible with Massey Ferguson 65 tractors. They are engineered to be able to meet or exceed OEM (OEM) requirements. The most popular brands that are available aftermarket include WIX, Baldwin, Fleetguard, and Donaldson. When choosing an oil filter that is aftermarket be sure to compare the part’s number to the specifications of the manufacturer, or speak with a reliable parts dealer.

Be aware that it is vital to select a top-quality oil filter specifically specially designed for your particular tractor model, to ensure fitting and efficient filtering. It is recommended to replace the oil filter regularly at regular intervals of maintenance will ensure the effectiveness and durability of the Massey Ferguson 65 tractor.

Change the oil within Your Massey Ferguson 65

A regular oil change is essential to ensure the condition and performance of the Massey Ferguson 65’s engine. Here’s a step-by-step guide to guide you through the procedure:

 Collect the Tools You Need

Before beginning make sure you have the equipment needed to perform an oil change, such as an oil wrench funnel and drain pan. a new oil filter, as well as the recommended type of oil.

 Clean the Old Oil

The drain pan should be placed under the drain plug for oil and then loosen it so that your old oil completely drains. Make sure you dispose of the old oil in a responsible manner.

 Refill the Oil Filter

Take off the old filter by using the wrench for the oil filter, then change it out with a fresh one. Check that the new filter has been securely adjusted.

Incorporate the Oil of New

Utilizing a funnel, you can pour the type of oil recommended for the engine. Follow the recommended capacity for oil by the manufacturer. After filling, test the level of oil using the dipstick and adjust as needed.


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Selecting the correct oil type for the type of oil you use on your Massey Ferguson 65 tractor is crucial for its overall performance as well as long-term durability.

By taking into consideration factors such as the climate, viscosity, and manufacturer guidelines to ensure that your engine is operating at its peak and is protected from wear and wear.

Be sure to make regular oil maintenance with the recommended type of oil to ensure your tractor’s performance.

FAQ Massey Ferguson 65 oil type

What kind of engine does a Massey Ferguson 65 have?

Launched in 1958, the Massey Ferguson 65 fell into the background as the 35 gained popularity when it had the Perkins engine fitted. The 65 also was fitted with a Perkins engine, the first one being the A4-192, followed by the A4-203 in the 65 MK2.

What equipment do I need to restore a Massey Ferguson 65?

Keep in mind that if the brakes need doing, you’ll need a good hydraulic crane as the whole axle needs removing and while you are doing the brakes you might as well do the oil seals, so the whole axle needs stripping, which isn’t a five-minute job. I’ve been fortunate to restore a few Massey Ferguson 65s, these being the MK2 fitted with the A4-203.

Does a Massey Ferguson 65 need a dash and cowl?

Luckily, you can buy complete cowl assemblies or individual sections so if you find a Massey Ferguson 65 with tinwork bent or rusting away, don’t be deterred. In fact, every bit of tinwork except for the dash is available for the MF 65, and you’ll rarely find one needing a dash.