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DT466 vs 5.9L Cummins Life Expectancy. The DT466/DT466E diesel engines were given a life expectancy of 350,000 miles, but with proper maintenance, engine life could extend up to 550,000 miles. Some school bus mechanics claim to have run their DT466-equipped buses for 700,000 miles before requiring an engine rebuild.

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What kind of engine does a Navistar DT466 have?

The Navistar International DT466 7.6L diesel engine also goes by DT466E or the MaxxForce DT. However, many simply know it as The Legend. It’s best known for its use in the International 4300 medium-duty trucks. Uses for the International DT466 are wide, though.

What is the DT466 engine oil capacity?

What Is the DT466 Engine Oil Capacity? The International DT466 diesel engine has a 28- or 30-liter engine oil capacity depending on model. Recommended service intervals for oil changes and filter replacement are 15,000 miles of operation for 30-liter models and 13,000 miles for 28-liter models.

Why is it called a DT466?

Original DT466 engines were built under the name International Harvester. This legendary earns its reputation in part due to excellent strength on paper. Of course, the DT466/MaxxForce DT also backs that up in the real world. Anyways, the name comes from its DT engine family and 466 cubic inch displacement.

How often should you change the oil in a DT466?

The engine’s manufacturer also recommends an oil and filter change after 500 hours of operation for 28-liter engines and 550 hours for 30-liter DT466 models, regardless of the mileage since the last oil-change service.

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