Oil type for 1955 ferguson to35 [Update 2023] ❤️

Oil type for 1955 ferguson to35 [Update 2023] ❤️

The capacity of the TO35 and the FE35 is 8 US gallons or 6.6 Imperial gallons or 30.28 liters. We use any good universal tractor oil in both the engine and transmission.

If in a very hot climate, you could consider using, for the transmission, a 90-gear oil but not an EP. Recommended oil change for the transmission is every 750 hours on a normal farm …

1955 Ferguson up to 35 Oil Type

This 1955 Ferguson TO35 tractor typically requires engine oil that has an SAE viscosity rating of 10W-30 or SAE15W-40. T

These kinds of oils are widely utilized in agricultural machinery and provide sufficient lubrication for engines and their components.

It’s a good idea to read the manual for your tractor or call an auto dealer in your area to get specific recommendations for oil depending on the operating conditions and the climate.

1955 Ferguson to 35 Oil Capacity

The capacity of oil in the 1955 Ferguson TO35 tractor can vary little depending on the particular model as well as any changes that have been implemented over the decades. However, the typical capacity of oil for this model is usually about 6.5 quarters or around 6.15 liters.

It’s essential to inspect the dipstick and consult the owner’s manual to determine the exact amount of oil that is recommended for your particular tractor model. This will help you keep the correct oil level and avoid any damage to the engine.

Recommendations for Types of Oil Types to Use with the 1955 Ferguson TO35

Based on the factors previously mentioned Based on the above, the following oils are typically suggested in the year 1955 Ferguson TO35 tractor:

Conventional Motor Oil

Traditional motor oils, often known as mineral oil is a standard option for older tractors such as those of 1955 like the Ferguson TO35. It offers adequate protection and lubrication for the engine, assuring smooth operation.

Synthetic Blend Oil

Synthetic blend oil blends conventional motor oils along with base stock synthetic. This blend provides better performance and protection when compared with traditional oil. 

It offers better resistance to extreme temperatures and decreases engine deposits, increasing the life of the tractor’s engine.

Full Synthetic Oil

The fully synthetic oil is a top alternative that provides superior safety and superior performance. It is a great lubricant even at extreme temperatures, reduces engine wear, and improves the efficiency of your fuel. 

Although it is more expensive, it comes with extended intervals between oil changes and is a good economical choice over the long term.

1955 Ferguson to 35 Oil Filter

In 1955, the Ferguson TO35 tractor is commonly equipped with an oil filter in order to aid in removing contaminants from the engine oil, and keep it clean.

The model of the oil filter that you will need for your TO35 will vary based on the manufacturer and any modifications that have been made to the tractor through time. The most commonly used oil filter for this model is the Fram PH8A or a similar model.

It is crucial to confirm that the filter you choose complies with the specifications and is suitable for the tractor’s engine.

You can refer to the manual for your tractor’s owner or visit the local dealer of your tractor to get more advice regarding the right oil filter to fit your Ferguson TO35.

Proper Oil Change Procedure

To ensure that you are getting the most out of the efficiency of the 1955 Ferguson TO35 tractor, it is crucial to follow the proper procedure for changing the oil. The steps to follow are:

  1. Get the necessary tools: Before starting the oil change, make sure you have the right tools which include the oil filter drain pan, wrench, and the right quantity of fresh oil.
  2. Remove the old oil: Find the drain plug on the engine and then place the drain pan underneath it. Remove the drain plug with a wrench, and let the oil that was previously used to completely drain.
  3. Replace the oil filter: Find the oil filter and take it off with the wrench oil filters. Install a brand new oil filter, and make sure it’s tightly pressed.
  4. Incorporate the new oil: Consult the owner’s guidelines to determine the recommended oil capacity and slowly add the new oil to the engine through the funnel.
  5. Examine the level of the oil: When you’ve added the new oil and let the engine run for a couple of minutes before checking the level of the oil with the dipstick.  Verify that the oil level is within the manufacturer’s suggested range.


The selection of the right engine oil to match your Ferguson TO35 tractor is crucial for ensuring high performance and increasing the life of your engine. 

Be aware of factors like the specifications of your engine, the viscosity of your oil additions, and the recommendations of the manufacturer. 

Regular inspections of your oil and scheduled oil changes together with regular maintenance, will ensure that your tractor is operating efficiently for many years to come.