Mack E7 Engine Specs 2023

Mack E7 Engine Specs

Its Mack E7 engine has been a staple in the world of heavy-duty trucks over the years, well-known for its reliability, power, and capability to tackle tough tasks. Let’s take a deeper look at its specifications:

Horsepower Range250-460 HPVariable based on model and configuration
Torque Range975-1660 lb-ftVariations depending on the horsepower
Displacement12.0L (728 cu in)Inline 6-cylinder
Engine TypeHeavy-duty dieselIntercooled, 24-valve
Bole and Stroke4.875 inches x 6.5 inches (123.83 x 165.10 millimeters)
Compression Ratio16.5:1 (up the 375HP mark); 15.3:1 (above 375 HP)
Capacity for Oil16 quarts (15.1 liters)The exact amount may vary based on the model
Oil TypeDiesel oil with heavy-duty properties (API at CI-4 and higher)Check with the manufacturer for recommendations on the specific type of oil and viscosity
The type of oil filterVariable based on the model and the year.Consult the owner’s guide or the parts catalog for specific filter part numbers.
Oil Change Cost (Estimate)$250-$400 (DIY)$350-$500+ (Shop)


The Mack E7 engine is a sturdy And durable engine that has been the core of Mack Trucks for over three decades. 

The engine first came into use in 1988 to replace the ENDT 676 Mack engine and has seen numerous variations throughout the decades and has included the E7 PLN, E7 Etech, and the E7 ASET engines. 

The engine comes in a variety of power configurations, ranging between 250 and 500 horsepower, And comes with the option of a four-valve engine and fuel injection with high pressure which helps improve the efficiency of fuel along with overall performance. I hope you find this article useful And thank you for taking the time to read it!