Ford Coyote Engine Specs 2024


Ford Coyote Engine Specs

The Ford Coyote engine is A robust and flexible 5.0L V8 engine that has gone through numerous variations since its introduction in the year 2011. For completeness, I’ll break down the specs generation by generation:

Here are the various generations of Coyote engines:

SpecGeneration 1 (2011-2017)Generation 2 (2018-2023)Generation 3 (2024-present)
Horsepower360-385 hp460-480 hp480 hp (std.) / 486 hp (active exhaust)
Torque380-410 lb-ft420-418 lb-ft415 lb-ft (std.) / 418 lb-ft (active exhaust)
Displacement5.0L (302 cu. in.)5.0L (302 cu. in.)5.0L (302 cu. in.)
Bore x Stroke3.63″ x 3.65″3.63″ x 3.65″3.63″ x 3.65″
Engine Oil Capacity10 quarts10 quarts10 quarts
Engine Oil TypeFord Motorcraft or Ford Motorcraft synthetic oilFord Motorcraft or Ford Motorcraft synthetic oilFord and Motorcraft synthetic oil
Oil Filter TypeFord FL-5W or an equivalentFord FL-5W or similarFord FL-5W or an equivalent
Oil Change Cost (DIY)~$50-75 (oil + filter)~$50-75 (oil + filter)~$50-75 (oil + filter)
Oil Change Cost (Shop)~$75-150+~$75-150+~$75-150+


Its Ford Coyote engine is A sturdy And reliable engine that is A popular option in Mustang GT and F-150 models.


With a powerful performance of 486 HP and 418 pounds of torque, it’s not surprising that this engine is an absolute favorite with automobile owners and enthusiasts alike.


If you’re interested to know the background of the Coyote engine or are simply interested in its specifications I hope that you find this article informative And entertaining.

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