Kawasaki FR691V Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost

Kawasaki F691V Oil Type: Kawasaki F691V engines are extremely powerful engines that are found in lawn and gardening equipment. Oil changes are necessary to keep the engine running smoothly.

This article explains the type of engine oil capacity and filter as well as the cost of changing oil for a Kawasaki FR691V.

Types recommended of oil for Kawasaki FR691V: SAE 10W-40 and 10W-30 are both recommended. The oil is specially designed to provide protection in a wide range of temperatures.

Capacity for oil: The Kawasaki FR691V’s engine has a 1.9 Quart oil capacity with the filter.

filter for oil cleaning: A Kawasaki FR691V filter is available in standard dimensions. This filter is available at most auto parts shops.

Oil-change cost: The Kawasaki FR691V engine oil-change cost can vary depending both on where you are located and what oil is used. However, the cost for oil and filter will be between $20 to $30. Additional labor costs of $20 to $30 are also included.

kawasaki fr691v oil type

Kawasaki FR691V Oil Type

In order to use Kawasaki Fr691v, it is required to use engine oil that is 4-stroke as well as an alternative. Remember that these oils must be in the category of a class SJ at least. In the majority of cases, SAE 10W-40 and 10W30 oils will perform perfectly.

If the temperatures are extremely high then you might require another type of oil. Particularly, 20w50 is ideal for temperatures over 104 5w20 can be used for temperatures between 320 and below.

Be aware that Kawasaki is very strict about making sure you use the right oil for lawnmowers and does not warrant any warranty when an oil that is not MA is used. It is a requirement that you must use oils that meet the MA standards to use on the FR691V. 

Additionally, if the machine is covered by warranty, you should make sure to use OEM products. If you do, your dealer shouldn’t be able to void the warranty.

kawasaki fr691v oil Type

kawasaki fr691v capacity for oil

The oil capacity for the Kawasaki FR691V engine can vary depending on the model and year.

Kawasaki FR691V oil capacity is approximately 2.1 Quarts. Consult the owner’s guide of your engine to find out the exact amount of oil.

Kawasaki Fr691v Oil Filter

kawasaki fr691v oil Filter

Kawasaki Genuine Oil Filter is the Kawasaki FR691V Oil Filter. (Part number 49065-7007) This filter was specifically designed to protect the FR691V engines from wear and tear.

The following oil filters are compatible with the Kawasaki FR691V:

  • Kawasaki 49065-0721
  • Fram PH6017A
  • Wix 57057
  • ACDelco PF47E
  • Mobil 1 M1 108A

Not all oil filters have the same quality. Choose an oil filter that is designed specifically for your Kawasaki engine, and meets manufacturer recommendations.

Kawasaki FR691V Engine Review

The Kawasaki FR691V engine stands out as a robust and dependable choice for powering larger residential lawn mowers. Here’s a detailed assessment of its advantages and considerations:


  • High Power: With a robust 23 HP, the FR691V delivers substantial power suitable for managing extensive yards and challenging mowing conditions.

  • Durability: Kawasaki’s reputation for durability is upheld with the FR691V, featuring a cast-iron cylinder liner and other heavy-duty components designed for longevity.

  • Ease of Starting and Operation: Engineered with conveniences like an automatic compression release for easier starts and an internally vented carburetor that ensures smooth operation.

  • Reliable Mowing Performance: Includes a rotating metal grass chopper screen to prevent debris accumulation and a high-performance lubrication system that reduces wear and tear.


  • Cost: Due to its power and advanced features, mowers equipped with the FR691V engine typically come at a higher price point compared to models with less potent engines.

  • Overkill for Small Yards: The engine’s high power may be excessive for smaller lawns, where a less powerful engine could suffice more economically and efficiently.

  • Maintenance Requirements: Regular maintenance is crucial, and some users have reported potential issues such as head gasket leaks or worn cylinder bores, necessitating periodic attention.

kawasaki fr691v oil change interval

Based on the results of the search the recommended interval for oil changes for the Kawasaki FR691V engine differs based on usage, as well as other aspects. Here are a few important points to be considered:
  • The Kawasaki FR691V Owner’s Manual for the engine recommends changing the oil within the initial 25 hours of operation after which it should be changed every 100 hours, if necessary.
  • Some sources suggest replacing the engine oil often like every 30-40 days to increase the durability and effectiveness of the engine.
  • In the event that your engine will be utilized to serve commercial purposes, it will require periodic oil replacements like each 50-hour period.
  • It’s essential to check the levels of oil regularly and use only Genuine Kawasaki 4 Stroke Engine oil.

In sum the recommended oil change interval for a Kawasaki FR691V is every 100 hours, if needed However, it might be advantageous for you to replace the oil more often according to the use and other variables. 

kawasaki F691v Oil Change kit

kawasaki fr691v oil change Kit

If you’re in search of one of the kits for changing the oil to fit the Kawasaki FR691V engine there are several alternatives to think about:

  1. Stens Engine Oil Change Kit 785-746:
    • This product contains 20W-50 engine oils.
    • Replacing OEM numbers: Kawasaki 49065-0721,49065-2076 49065-7002 49065-7007.
  2. Stens Engine Oil Change Kit 785-744:
    • It contains 20W-50 engine oil.
    • Replacement OEM Part Numbers Kawasaki 49065-0721,49065-2076 49065-7002 and 49065-7007.
  3. Kawasaki Oil Change Tune-Up Kit:
    • Includes 20W-50 K-Tech Engine Oil (2).
    • Compatible with FR651V and FR691V engines and FR730V engines.
  4. The GL Tune-Up Kit includes 10W-40 oil:
    • Included is 10W-40 oil.
    • Compatible with FR651V and FR691V engines and FR730V engines.
  5. Service Kit Kawasaki FR & FS Engines:
    • Complete engine maintenance kit.
    • Two Quarts of 10W-40 engine oil, filter for the engine, and two BPR4ES spark plugs.

The kits include the oil and other components needed to perform an oil change on a Kawasaki Engine FR691V. Check for compatibility with the specific model of your engine prior to buying.

KAWASAKI FR691V Engine Specifications

Type4-stroke, OHV, V-twin 90°
Displacement726 cm 3 (44.3 cu-in)
Max. horsepower20.9 PS (15.4 KW; 20.6 HP) at 3,600 rpm
23.4 PS (17.2 KW; 23.0 HP) at 3,600 rpm
Max. torque (crank PTO)53.7 Nm (5.5 kg·m; 39.6 ft·lb) at 2,000 rpm
53.6 Nm (5.5 kg·m; 39.6 ft·lb) at 2,000 rpm
CarburetorInternally vented with fuel shut-off solenoid
Cooling systemAir-cooling
Ignition systemElectronic spark ignition
Lubricating systemFull pressure with spin-on oil filter
Starting systemBendix type starter
Charging system13A or 20A charge coil (option)
Fuel usedUnleaded gasoline (octane number 86 or higher)
Fuel consumption245 g/HPh
Cooling systemPressurized forced circulation type

kawasaki fr691v oil change

Follow these steps in order to replace the oil for Kawasaki’s FR691V Engine:

  1. Set the engine to a temperature that allows the oil to flow more freely.
  2. Stop the motor, and let it cool down for a few moments.
  3. Locate and install the under-mount drain pan on the engine bottom.
  4. Remove the drain plug, and then allow the old oil to drain out.
  5. After the oil drains, replace the drain plug and tighten it to the torque specification recommended by the manufacturer.
  6. Remove the oil filters using the wrench that comes with the oil filter.
  7. Only a tiny amount of fresh oil should be used to lubricate a gasket.
  8. Replace the filter manually and tighten it according to the torque specification specified by the manufacturer.
  9. Be sure to use the correct amount of oil and the right type for a Kawasaki FR691V. This is usually around 2.1 Quarts.
  10. Start your engine, then check for leaks around the drain plug and the oil filter.
  11. Stop the engine. Check the oil level using the dipstick. Adding more oil is necessary.

Refer to the owner’s handbook of your car for detailed instructions and recommended oil change intervals.

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The right oil to use for the Kawasaki FR691V motor is vital to ensure the engine’s performance as well as its longevity.

Things like the operating environment, climate, and OEM recommendations must be considered when selecting an oil.

Synthetic oils provide better performance however, they’re more expensive than conventional oil. Regular oil replacements are vital to ensure that the engine is in good condition.

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FAQs – kawasaki fr691v oil type

What kind of engine does a Kawasaki fr691v have?

The FR691V engine is a commercial-grade powerplant that meets your yard’s toughest demands. This 4-cycle engine features an automatic compression release and an internally vented carburetor. Pros trust Kawasaki Power for dogged toughness in their machines, year after year.

What kind of oil does a Kawasaki fs730v take?

Although 10W-40 engine oil is the recommended oil for most conditions, the oil viscosity may need to be changed to accommodate seasonal temperature changes. Click to see the full answer. Similarly one may ask, what kind of oil does a Kawasaki fs730v take?

What kind of oil do you use in a Kawasaki?

For the ultimate performance in low and high-temperature applications, use Kawasaki Genuine 10W-30, 10W-40 or 20W-50 synthetic blend. Although 10W-40 engine oil is the recommended oil for most conditions, the oil viscosity may need to be changed to accommodate seasonal temperature changes.

What are the specs of a fr691v?

Engine Specifications Model FR691V Type 4-stroke, OHV, V-twin 90° Displacement 726 cm 3 (44.3 cu-in) Max. horsepower 20.9 PS (15.4 KW; 20.6 HP) at 3,600 rpm … Max. torque (crank PTO) 53.7 Nm (5.5 kg·m; 39.6 ft·lb) at 2,000 … 9 more rows …

What kind of engine oil do I use for the Kawasaki FR691V engine?

The solution is Kawasaki advises using a 10W-30 oil or 10W-40 oil to cover the vast majority of operating temperatures. However, it’s essential to consult the owner’s handbook of your car to get precise instructions from the creator.

Can I make use of synthetic oil in my Kawasaki F691V engine?

Yes, synthetic oil is possible to use in Kawasaki engines with FR691V, however, be sure to select an oil that conforms to the specifications of the manufacturer.