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Johnson Outboard Lower Unit Oil Type: Re: What type of outboard oil and lower unit grease/oil for johnson 70? I would personally go to your local dealer and pick up a bottle of the Hi-Vis Gearcase Lube and the needed oil.

Don’t forget to get some new crush washers for behind the drain and vent screws. They are cheap and need to be changed every time they are removed.

FAQ johnson outboard lower unit oil type

What kind of oil do you put in a Johnson outboard?

For older Johnson/Evinrude outboards (1962-72) with electric shift, you’ll need Premium Type C Lube. Changing the Lower Unit Oil The lower drain/fill plug screw is usually located on the starboard side of the lower unit, beneath the “bullet-shaped” portion of the lower unit housing.

Are Johnson/Evinrude lower units interchangeable?

It is true that Johnson / Evinrude lower units can be interchanged however, you can’t rely on visual comparison alone. I want to share with you two things in this blog:

What type of lower unit Lube should I use on my Boat?

Your Owner’s Manual will recommend the manufacturer’s proprietary lower unit lube and that is always a safe choice. We can recommend our West Marine and Pure Oceans brand Lower Unit lubes, which meet all engine manufacturer’s specifications and warranty requirements.

How do I change the lower unit oil on my motorhome?

Changing the lower unit oil. Snatch it away as the oil begins to slowly drip out. Then remove the upper vent plug screw, usually located above the cavitation plate on the starboard side of the lower unit, and the oil will gush rapidly out of the drain hole. Give the oil plenty of time to drain completely, ideally for an hour or more.

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How To: Changing Your Outboard Motor Lower Unit Gear Oil

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